Monday, July 7, 2014

Embrace the Sun for Its Cancer Protecting Benefits

A common deficiency in breast cancer patients, according to Dr. Russell Blaylock's January 2012 Wellness Report Vitamin D. Vitamin D also plays an important role in preventing prostrate and colon cancers. Dr. Joseph Mercola also discusses the cancer protective benefits of Vitamin D in his article.
Now that summer is here we tend to slather on toxic sunscreen that not only blocks that essential D vitamin from the sun, the ingredients in the sunscreen actually promote cancer cell growth.
We think we are protecting ourselves, when in actuality we are promoting cancer on two accounts.
1. Dumping carcinogens and endocrine disruptors into our body through its largest absorption pathway, the SKIN.
2. Blocking the essential vitamin D from the sun that can kill of existing cancer cells.
Don't be fooled - as adults cancer cells exist because we have spent a life time creating an imbalance by our food and product use choices, and environmental toxins out of our control. The big question for the summer, what are you going to do about it? Fuel those dangerous cells, or fuel your body with pH correct food and products, and get your Vitamin D?
There are safe sunscreens available...but you will need to be wary and make an educated sunscreen choice. My family chooses Arbonne as our safe brand, when in the mid-day sun. As well, all sunscreens don't perform the same and must reapplied as directed, if you are going to spend a day outdoors, whether in the water, or not. But before you apply sunscreen be sure to get 20-30 minutes of unfiltered sun in the morning hours, before the sun becomes too intense, to help your body absorb the essential Vitamin D hormone.
For mid-day, covering up is smart - it not only protects skin from being burned, but it provides an insect barrier as well for those working in gardens and lawns. Wear COTTON clothing, not synthetics.
Vitamin D is essential for hormone balance and nutrient absorption. Check with your local holistic health care provider for options to have hormone levels tested, and include Vitamin D in the panel. My own family has used ZRT Labs, which also provide results with their test kits.
In excess Vitamin D can be harmful, however, an interesting documentary had interviewed a doctor in Florida who finds that most of his patients are deficient. Because we spend so much time indoors during the day, this should not be surprising. Working with a health care provider that understands hormone balance and how to help the body re-balance naturally is ideal for long-term health.
This summer I encourage you to embrace the sun as your friend. Greet it each morning, with an early day walk, or find a place to sit and mediate and pray, read, or enjoy the sound of singing birds.
May you feel great, look great and live great from the inside out,
Rita S.

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