Thursday, November 27, 2014

CBD Oil Effectiveness for Cancer

I am so thankful to the Integrative Health Institute, which I joined several months ago.  The organization continually brings the leaders in alternative oncology to educate members on what they are using for successful remissions of stage four cancer patients, without the use of chemo and radiation. This week Jesse and I had the opportunity to sit down and listen to an interview with alternative oncology MD  - Thomas Lodi, who has a clinic in the Philippines, but also Oasis of Hope Healing Center in Arizona.

Lodi stresses the importance of an alkaline diet and detoxification, but perhaps more importantly he says to, "Be conscience of your thought and changing the pattern."

He mentioned envisioning work he does with his patients, having them draw the cancer smaller and smaller each time they come to see him. Jesse really liked this idea.

We were able to submit questions prior to the webinar... I had submitted three. We were so grateful that as the hour came to a close and he had time for one more question, that one of ours was chosen. Seeing that we live in Wisconsin, I had asked "Is CBD oil (medical marijauna) as effective for cancer without the THC component".  For those unaware, hemp plants offer amazing medicinal properties.  Dr. Lodi assured us that CBD oil, from the industrial hemp plant, is superb for fighting cancer, inflammation and metastasis.  I admit a sense of relief in hearing him say so, since we had invested in the medicine from a company in California that I found another alternative clinic offering on their website.

For those who would like to learn more about medical hemp, here is a link to a women's testimony of stage 4 lung cancer being cured. It seems that she used hemp with the THC component as well, which is not legal in Wisconsin. I have learned so much on this journey, as has Jesse. We both agree, that God has provided a world of medicinal plants to use for our healing. Are there those who abuse that gift? Yes. What is unfortunate is that those who really need it for healing need to uproot their family and move, or leave their family to heal. We are praying the CBD oil will indeed be as effective, and will be patient as we realize it will take longer without the THC component. If you are anti "hemp med", as we were before this journey began, I encourage you to watch the video. We were ignorant, and had no idea there were two types of hemp plants, and that both have medicinal properties.

If you check out the video you will see she is rebounding, which is another recommendation I have repeatedly heard for cancer patients. Rebounding helps lymph nodes to drain, and in combination with the acupuncture, lymph massage and adjustments - the body is able to detox more readily.  Detoxing is so important, as dead cancer cells, which build up with chemo and radiation, can cause much pain and weakness in the cancer patient - per a webinar from the "Cure to Cancer" series I listened to a last month.

May you envision yourself well,
Rita S.

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