Thursday, April 2, 2015

Purely Living Website Is Moving

Many of you have been wtih me at this URL since 2010 - and I think you for your many visits. I want to redirect you to my NEW SITE.

My wellness journey is really taking me on a path I had never imagined, and I officially formed Purely Living Wellness LLC  in November of 2014.

With that, a new website has been created and it is there that I will be posting new articles, recipes, and eventually - transferring much of what is available here - to Purely Living Wellness.

Many of you will be thrilled that recipes are categorized at the new site.  I will try to move the most often requested recipes first. This will take time, which is something I do not have much of as I work on developing a protocol that will help my husband heal from hsi cancer.

In addition to Arbonne, I have expanded to offer hyperthermia sessions using  BioMat far infrared therapy and bio-electro pulse therapy, otherwise known as frequency therapy sessions, using the Wellness Pro 2010+.

Arbonne skincare, alkaline based nutrition (a part of our anti cancer diet protocol), BioMat, Wellness Pro - as well as additional supplements and holistic treatmens are working together towards helping his body to heal. I am happy to share what I have learned with others and am now available for education consultations as well.

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