Saturday, October 27, 2012

HGH - Anti-Aging Hormone, What Are the Risks?

My husband said Dr. Oz was promoting HGH on his show the other day for reversing the aging process.  Having heard me question the "doctor knows best" beleif on numerous occassions, Jesse questions Dr. Oz and doesn't take his show verbatim. Afterall, drug companies are the primary advertisers that keep his show on the air.
A quick google lands on an excellent article by the Mayo Clinic - synthetic may have short term benefits for certain patients, but for heatlhy individuals - BEWARE! Here is an excerpt from the Mayo article...

What are the risks of taking human growth hormone if you don't need it?Human growth hormone may cause a number of side effects for healthy adults, including:
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Swelling in the arms and legs
Joint pain
Muscle pain
For men, enlargement of breast tissue (gynecomastia)
Human growth hormone may also contribute to conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

And it continues, read the full article here:

If you really want to reverse the signs of aging - chuck the gluten, reduce the acidic foods and eat a greater ratio of alkaline (think vegetables and  fruit), reduce inflammatory foods which not only include gluten, but dairy/lactose based foods, sugars, artificial this and that, and high amounts of caffeine.

When I hear the words "synthetic hormones" you can bet I run the other way - God's pharmacy is always best. As a friend reminded, and Dr. Joseph Mercola has written often, high-intensity workouts help increase the production of human growth hormone naturally in the body. Mercola, however, is not an advocate of hour long aerobic exercise.  Nor does Dr. Russell Blaylock believe in boot camps, which tear down the msucles and more importantly, the body's natural immune system.

Recently I have been reading about Mercola's 20 min. a day burst-a-cize style form of exercise, which I first learned about from Cambiatti Wellness several years ago when starting the AB 30 Day Feeling Fit program.  What I l ike about this is I may not have an entire hour to exercise each day, but I can find 20 min.  It can even be 10 min. several times a day - with the idea of getting your heart rating going for minute long intervals. I hope to start working this into my life fairly soon. There is more to it than that - and if you want to learn more you can google the new wave of burst-a-size formats that are popping up all over the country.

To your health,
Rita S.