Thursday, November 27, 2014

CBD Oil Effectiveness for Cancer

I am so thankful to the Integrative Health Institute, which I joined several months ago.  The organization continually brings the leaders in alternative oncology to educate members on what they are using for successful remissions of stage four cancer patients, without the use of chemo and radiation. This week Jesse and I had the opportunity to sit down and listen to an interview with alternative oncology MD  - Thomas Lodi, who has a clinic in the Philippines, but also Oasis of Hope Healing Center in Arizona.

Lodi stresses the importance of an alkaline diet and detoxification, but perhaps more importantly he says to, "Be conscience of your thought and changing the pattern."

He mentioned envisioning work he does with his patients, having them draw the cancer smaller and smaller each time they come to see him. Jesse really liked this idea.

We were able to submit questions prior to the webinar... I had submitted three. We were so grateful that as the hour came to a close and he had time for one more question, that one of ours was chosen. Seeing that we live in Wisconsin, I had asked "Is CBD oil (medical marijauna) as effective for cancer without the THC component".  For those unaware, hemp plants offer amazing medicinal properties.  Dr. Lodi assured us that CBD oil, from the industrial hemp plant, is superb for fighting cancer, inflammation and metastasis.  I admit a sense of relief in hearing him say so, since we had invested in the medicine from a company in California that I found another alternative clinic offering on their website.

For those who would like to learn more about medical hemp, here is a link to a women's testimony of stage 4 lung cancer being cured. It seems that she used hemp with the THC component as well, which is not legal in Wisconsin. I have learned so much on this journey, as has Jesse. We both agree, that God has provided a world of medicinal plants to use for our healing. Are there those who abuse that gift? Yes. What is unfortunate is that those who really need it for healing need to uproot their family and move, or leave their family to heal. We are praying the CBD oil will indeed be as effective, and will be patient as we realize it will take longer without the THC component. If you are anti "hemp med", as we were before this journey began, I encourage you to watch the video. We were ignorant, and had no idea there were two types of hemp plants, and that both have medicinal properties.

If you check out the video you will see she is rebounding, which is another recommendation I have repeatedly heard for cancer patients. Rebounding helps lymph nodes to drain, and in combination with the acupuncture, lymph massage and adjustments - the body is able to detox more readily.  Detoxing is so important, as dead cancer cells, which build up with chemo and radiation, can cause much pain and weakness in the cancer patient - per a webinar from the "Cure to Cancer" series I listened to a last month.

May you envision yourself well,
Rita S.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Purium Protein or Arbonne Protein?

Yesterday's post discussed Purity vs. Natural.  Point being, most of our plants absorb toxins from the environment, and in order to make them PURE, extractions of impurities (or gluten) may be required in a laboratory environment. IF one is diligent in purity claims, as Arbonne reports to be.

Arbonne Essentials nutrition... you can bet I have scrutinized, compared, and stayed up many nights looking at other products recommended to me for my  husband's cancer battle. Whether it be Purium, Noni Juice or whatever. Each line that is recommended to me I take seriously... I dig on the net for ingredient lists. What I find over and over - is Arbonne is a shining star.  

As far as protein supplements go, Purium is only 1% up on Arbonne for efficacy.  Purium is reported to be 99% efficacy for $99, whereas Arbonne is 98% efficacy, for $69 retail (and no one I know purchases Arbonne vegan protein at full price - since everyone can shop at a discount).  The amino acid profile score on Arbonne protein is impressive... and I have reviewed it with recommendations made of certain amino acids for muscle wasting in W. Last's book, "Overcoming Cancer".  

A newer tool in our arsenal of healthy living is the Arbonnes Greens Balance. I was impressed beyond measure with the full spectrum, power house of green super food. I call it my "liquid green oxygen"...fuel for my cells.

Last night as I listened to alternative oncologist, Dr. Thomas Lodi, speak on his action plan against cancer, he stated "Metabolic medicine - keeping you insulin in check. This is how to address all cancers."  His statement reaffirmed how very smart Arbonne protein is as a complete food. Formulated to prevent insulin spikes - Arbonne protein turned my health around four years ago.... it is alkaline, helps to restore proper pH, and is the easiest to digest form of protein available.

And then we get back to the word PURE from yesterday's post.... ZERO ppm (parts per million) of any trace toxic metal.  Arbonne is Pure. I would hope Purium is as well...but is a product at such a higher price point necessary to obtain and restore health?  

What I do my husband's HCG test continues to go in the right direction...aka the number of active cancer cells are diminishing. We are on track for recovery...and I trust the protocols we have implemented, of which I am thankful Arbonne is a part.

To your renewed health,
Rita S.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


I love nature.  The plants, animals, all of God's amazing creation.  I love how beneficial fresh produce is for our bodies (after I wash it of course).  Plants are super conductors of our environment. Have you ever thought about that? 

Our soils contain trace metals, which feed into the plants.  Think about the world in which we live... The air rains down "acid".  Radiation from nuclear plant tragedies are polluting our ocean AND radiation is travelling across the ocean to pollute the work of organic farmers. NOT only in California - even the midwest is being reached. Check out this map that shows concentrations of radiation across the continent. I live in Wisconsin, and not for one moment am I disillusioned into thinking that even though I grow my vegetables, and dandelions organically, that they are pure food sources. BUT, better than food from the grocery store I should hope. (how I wish my neighbors were not chemical happy).

In addition to traces of toxic metals, glutamates, nitrates, and other known toxins are found in our soils. It is tough to be an organic farmer. Organic produce are allowed certain amount of "parts per million" ppm, of trace toxicities. Did you know that? Produce has to be under a certain number to be labeled, I don't know that number... The point being, organic is NOT equivalent to PURE.

Remember, we are what we absorb. Whether it is through our gut our through our largest organ, the skin.

People have said to me, "Arbonne is not ALL NATURAL".  My reply, no, it is not. Arbonne does not make "all natural" claims. Arbonne combines the BEST OF BOTANICALS with the BEST OF GREEN SCIENCE.  The reason being...nature is NOT pure. Our world is too toxic.  Only in pristine eco environments can raw ingredients be obtained that are pure... 

Arbonne is committed to PURE, SAFE, BENEFICIAL.  Arbonne sources botanicals from all across the world, seeking the purist of raw materials from suppliers that also meet our standards of being vegan and practice sustainable harvesting. When I learned that the company has labs which grow sea botanicals (spirulina, algaes, etc) used as ingredients in the products, with complete environmental control to assure purity - I was impressed.  

I don't know of another company that is so unwaivering in their commitment to purity and safety. They may be out there....but this I know...when it comes to our skincare - no one can match our clinically proven results. As my husband continues to battle his cancer, we TRUST and believe in Arbonne. The more I am learning on this journey of complete body restoration...the more blessed we feel to have known about Arbonne prior to this chapter in our lives.

The Arbonne herbal muscle massage gel has helped with Jesse's pain tremendously, as compared to more expensive tinctures and formulas from naturopathic sources. The Seasource Body Gelee is paramount in increasing circulation, necessary for his body to detoxify.

These are just two of my husband's favorite products...but suffice to say, whether it is shampoo or lotion for his drying skin... we have peace of mind because PURITY trumps "all natural".   Synthesis is not a dirty simply means people are smart enough to realize that even Mother Nature has toxins, that need to be extracted before a plant is pure enough to be used in product formulate.  Kudos to Arbonne for going the extra mile on our behalf.

To your health, 
Rita S.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Concerned Over Cold & Flu Season, Ebola? Get D!

Have you heard the buzz about Vitamin D?  If you have visited my blog previously, you has been shown to be a very important hormone (that's right, Vitamin D is not a vitamin, but a hormone) in the fight against cancer, as well as other diseases. In fact, if you have a passion to donate to cancer research for in lieu of holiday gift giving, I highly recommend the Vitamin D Society for the paramount work they are doing in D research and education.

I wanted to share what I have learned about  Vitamin D3, which is a major immunity booster. It can alleviate several health concerns when taken in higher doses of 5,000 iu per day.  In this linked article, Dr. Sircus, one of the doctors who spoke at the Cure to Cancer symposium, he talks about the immune boosting effects of D.  

For those concerned about Ebola...Vit D is key, according to a recently published article by Natural News - apparently the Center for Disease Control has Vitamin D in its ebola fighting plan of attack.

Vitamin D is known to be anti-angiogenesis (prevents cancer from spreading), and in fact, one of the research speakers at the Cure to Cancer summit series talked about a group of men with stage 1 and 2 prostrate cancer - who agreed to forgo conventional treatment and use 10,000 iu of Vit D for a year. After that one year period 50% were cancer free and the remainder of the group all had lower PSAs and were doing well, and decided to continue Vit D3.  if one were to explore PubMed and medical journals you can find numerous studies on the benefits of Vit D. Not too long ago I published much more in depth notes specifically on benefits of D as part of a protocol for cancer. You can scroll down or search in the field with the key words VItamin D.

Another mineral important for immune and overall health is Magnesium  - which is better absorbed  through the skin, per the books on overcoming cancer that I have been reading. 

Magnesium is good for the heart.  Magnesium Chloride can be obtained in crystal flakes, and dissolved in water to create a spray that is misted on the skin to dry. Another recommendation is to bathe in dissolved magnesium crystals and baking soda. 

When taking higher doses of vitamin D we have been instructed by one of our doctors to ensure adequate vitamin K2 intake.  Jesse's chiropractor is in agreement with the  10,000 iu of vitamin D3 he is taking to help reduce the inflammation from the three bulged discs.

The next time you have a doctor appointment you may wish to request a Vit D level test from the lab - ideally, levels for healthy people should be between 40-70, but with compromised health one may wish to achieve levels 70-100, as is the case for  Jesse and his anti cancer protocol.

May you stay well this coming cold and flu season,
Rita S.
Purely Living Wellness, LLC

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hypertension Linked to Metabolic Syndrome

High blood pressure, known as hypertension, is a growing concern among Americans.
Unfortunately,  drugs often prescribed to treat high blood pressure (including statins), provide only a band-aid approach, and do not address the cause.  Now, having said that - DO NOT stop taking your medication!

Today I revisited a July 2005 issue of the Blaylock Wellness Report, where neurosurgeon, Russell Blaylock MD discusses the many facets of hypertension. He explains what is taking place in the body...inflammation, neurotransmitters, and a long list of fascinating stuff...but for many of you, if I described this fascinating works of the inner would become bored. If you would like a PDF copy of the complete newsletter email me and I will send a copy.

I simply want to share what I have learned as a natural approach to addressing high blood pressure...and if you haven't already guessed....DIET.  A number of common health issues, including but not limited to: type 2 diabetes, athersclerosis (hardening of the arteries), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease...can be factors in Metabolic Syndrome. This report states, "Insulin resistance and central obesity, recognized as the main factors involved in the pathophysiology of the metabolic syndrome, contribute to elevated blood pressure, which further promotes vascular damage in cardiac, renal, and brain tissue."

Blaylock recommends a modified DASH diet - DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The diet was compiled by medical centers studying and pooling data.
Here is a brief description of changes you can make to your diet to calm down your blood pressure...
- 5-10 servings of VEGETABLES per day
- Increase Omega-3 fat intake (coconut, EVOO and avocados)
- Limit salt intake to 3,000 mg/day (use only Celtic or Himalayan)
- Avoid all excitotoxic food additives
- Complex carbs with fiber only
- Avoid all sugar
- Avoid all Omega 6 fats (in all processed foods)
- Drink only purified water (avoid chlorinated, fluoride treated tap water)

The list reminds me of the Arbonne 28 day detox program, which transformed my life four years ago. Although sugar is not on the list, please remember that sugar is a SIMPLE carb, and therefore is encompassed in the 6th bullet point along with refined breads, as Blaylock states in the complete article.  Excitotoxins include any and all glutamate ingredients, artificial ingredients (sweeteners, food coloring, flavoring), GMO (which means wheat, corn unless organic), etc.

Dr. Blaylock goes on to list natural helps to control hypertension:
- Hawthorne
- DHA (found in Omega 3 with sea algae derivities)
- Flavonoids (quercetin/hesperidin)
-  Aged garlic extract
 - CoQ10
- L-carnitine
- N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC)
- Alpha lipoic acid
-Ginkgo biloba
- Magnesium/potassium/calcium
- Green tea extract

A good source of Omega 3s will also contain healthful amounts of DHA (derived from sea algae).

In the newsletter - a couple of interesting notes...caffeine from coffee and tea are reported to increase blood pressure. Also, combining Vitamin C with grape seed extract has also been shown to increase blood pressure. Per the report Vitamin C alone can help lower hypertension. Very interesting stuff!

Certainly not least, the importance of a good nights rest and reducing stress plays a pivotal role in reducing blood pressure. For a good nights sleep, eliminate extraneous lighting in the bedroom to ensure your body's full production of melatonin, a hormone that helps one sleep fitfully.

May you feel great, look great and live great,
Rita Shimniok
Arbonne Indpendent Consultant
Distributor of Young Living Oils
Distributor of Richway Amethyst BioMat and AlkaLife Water Systems

Monday, November 3, 2014

Revive Essential Oil Blend - Arbonne Holiday 2014

I am finding myself in a world of new fascinatin with Essential Oils.

Last year Arbonne released a trio of blends for the holidays, but I didn't appreciate them for what they were. I plan to analyze the essential oils in the Scents of Renewal Aromatherapy Gift Set. Now if only Arbonne would release a diffuser with the Arbonne logo!
For a much faster read, I will describe the three key oils in each blend. For REVIVE, key oils include
How Does Neroli Essential Oil Work?
Revive is diffused with several carrier oils, including Sweet Almond Oil, which allows it to be used safely for transdermal application. All essential oils used by Arbonne are steam distilled from the purest of raw sources.
This article is provided for informational purposes only and makes no claims to cure any illness or disease. Please see your primary care physician to discuss your treatments.
To your health,

Rosa damascena flower oil, Neroli (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (orange) flower oil, rose geranium (Pelargonium graveolens).

NCBI/National Institute of Heatlh publishes a very interesting research abstract on 
Rosa damascena mill L., known as Gole Mohammadi in is one of the most important species of Rosaceae family flowers. R. damascena is an ornamental plant and beside perfuming effect, several pharmacological properties including anti-HIV, antibacterial, antioxidant, antitussive, hypnotic, antidiabetic, and relaxant effect on tracheal chains have been reported for this plant. ...Because of the low oil content in R. damascena and the lack of natural and synthetic substitutes, essential rose oil is one of the most expensive ones in the world markets 
- Beneficial effects on the brain function such as treatment of dementia.
potent inhibitor of α-glucosidase enzyme (). Therefore, anti-diabetic effect 
wide spectrum antimicrobial activities

Neroli (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (orange) flower oil has been  long used in aromatherapy. It is said to offer a variety of benefits for mental and physical health.
According to an article found at About Health, Neroli oil is said to help 
- reduce anxiety and stress (perfect for the holidays!) . 
- beneficial for colds, headaches, high blood pressure and anti-inflammatory.
NCBI reports are similar, the present randomized controlled trial showed that inhalation of neroli oil by postmenopausal women improved their quality of life related to:
- menopausal symptoms, increased sexual desire
- reduced blood pressure
- stimulate the endocrine system. 
These findings indicate that neroli oil can be used to relieve various symptoms related to menopause.
In aromatherapy, inhaling the aroma of neroli essential oil (or absorbing neroli essential oil through the skin) is thought to transmit messages to a brain region involved in controlling emotions. Known as the limbic system, this brain region also influences the nervous system. Aromatherapy proponents suggest that essential oils may affect a number of biological factors, including heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, breathing, and immune function.

Rose-scented geranium (Pelargonium graveolens L’Hér.), which is used in traditional Tunisian folk medicine for the treatment of hyperglycaemia, is widely known as one of the medicinal herbs with the highest antioxidant activity.
It suggests that administration of essential oil of P. graveolens may be helpful in the prevention of diabetic complications associated with oxidative stress. Our results, therefore, suggest that the rose-scented geranium could be used as a safe alternative antihyperglycemic drug for diabetic patients.

Our rose geranium essential oil is extracted from the plant Pelargonium graveolens of the Geraniaceae family and has a rosier smell than that of its cousin - Pelargonium odorantissimum, which is more the commonly known geranium essential oil and has a more wild "lemon-apple" smell.
Rose geranium oil has a balancing effect on the nervous system and relieves depression and anxiety, while lifting the spirits and making the world an easier place to live in. It has a balancing effect on the adrenal cortex and is great for relieving stress and stimulates the immune system.
It has a general diuretic effect on the body and balances the water systems in the body, correcting any poor elimination of water and waste material. It is useful for treating jaundice, gall stones and can also be used for restraining nose bleeds and other hemorrhaging.
On the skin, rose geranium oil helps to balance the secretion of sebum and clears sluggish and oily skins, while the antiseptic and cicatrisant properties make this oil an effective aid to help with burns, wounds, ulcers and other skin problems.

To your health,
Rita S.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Quinoa Vegi Blend

Tonight's dinner was simple, yet full of flavor.  A blend of red and light brown quinoa adds visual appeal Vegetables are fine chopped, and seasoned with fresh ginger and garlic that provide health benefits to cleanse the blood and improve the digestive tract.

Quinoa Vegi Blend

In rice cooker add:
1 ¾ water or organic vegetable broth
1 1/2 cups brown quinoa
½ c red quinoa
Set rice cooker for white rice setting. We gave an Aroma rice cooker, and you may need to experiment with the best setting for quinoa.  You may also follow package directions

On stovetop at medium low heat:
1 T. organic coconut oil, melted
½ large onion chopped fine
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 inch ginger root, minced
2 organic carrots
6-8 spears fresh broccoli
½ tsp. Herbamare seasoning

Use a food processor to quickly chop onion, carrots and broccoli until chopped fine. Saute all vegetables on stovetop until tender, medium low heat approximately 20 minutes. Turn temperature to low. Once quinoa is done, blend two together and allow flavors to marry for ten minutes. Serve.  Organic dried ginger and tamari sauce may be used to add additional flavor.

This flavorful vegan dish is excellent for the unwell, providing both protein and complex proteins with a healthy good fat. Enjoy!

-Rita S.