Friday, August 15, 2014

Our Journey With Cancer

Hello readers...I want to give you the URL for a new blog I have started with my husband as we journey through the healing process from cancer. Revealed to us in July, we feel we are in a good place. How ironic is that?

Not that we aren't having days of doubt, questioning...but we are learning to trust. Trusting that God has prepared me for a time such as this to be an advocate for my husband. These past years of learning, studying, researching alternative approaches to pharmaceuticals...we are encouraged by what we have learned. I have long felt that the only reason I have been able to retain what I am learning daily is because God is planning to use me for His purpose.

We have faith that the body can heal without is who we are, what we have experienced and live, what Jesse believes and desires to deal with the systematic illness in his body. He will share more about this when he is ready to type his own thoughts on this new if you want to share the journey with us, pop over to Open The Healing Floodgates blog...

Trusting in the Healer,
Rita S.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Alternative Powerhouses in the Fight Against Cancer

My Arbonne journey led me on a path of wellness for myself, and a deep passion for cancer prevention and education.  I have studied hormone balance (imbalance leads to many types of cancers), insulin production and effects on many diseases, including cancer... and how to reverse symptoms and shut off cancer from a holistic approach for several years. I study this because it is fascinating and important...not because it is necessary for me as an Arbonne consultant.  The two have little in common, other than that my introduction to Arbonne spawned the interest into health and wellness. The products themselves, do not promote cancer growth in the body and my family embraces the philosophy of pure, safe and beneficial.

Inflammation and an acidic body turn cancer on, whereas restoring proper pH and oxygen at a cellular level...turns cancer off.  I could write a book about these two topics alone, but the purpose of this post is to make known TWO CANCER FIGHTING POWERHOUSES that I have learned about through my studies and through personal interaction with people.

The website I recommend for anyone dealing with cancer to review is 

For a brain cancer or supplement to consider is Curcumin.  Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock has long touted the benefits of curcumin for brain tumors. I personally know a person who saw significant reduction of a hard palate carcinoma tumor in the mouth, in as little as two weeks. An oncologist friend of Blaylocks, as reported in one of his wellenss newsletters, chose to use Curcumin in his wife's treatment for a brain tumor. I do not recall what other treatments this oncologist may have used in addition.

For local people, Green Earth at 6333 University Ave in Middleton, WI carries NOW brand.  I bought my first bottle there, but will tell you I found it for less.  3000 mg (6 a day) is what is recommended for cancer, which means you go through a lot fast. 

There are certain ways to take curcumin to allow the benefits to be more readily absorbed by the body. Blaylock suggests mixing with an Omega 3, and Nikki from Green Earth recommends grinding some black pepper for bio availability.  If swallowing is difficult, blend it into a non-dairy, non-soy smoothie which MUST be low glycemic. I can give tips on the smoothies that I make, or find the recipes in this blog.

Curcumin in high doses also helps with providing natural pain relief.

For advanced stage or aggressive cancer  cessium chloride therapy has a proven track record for many types of cancer, including bone. As I mentioned, I learned about CC from a mom of one of my HS classmates, who had gone through 5 years of traditional treatment at the Mayo, and was sent home. with nothing more to be done..she did not give up. Through a lot of prayer, she learned about cessium chloride and worked with an expert on obtaining and dosing the mineral supplement.  My friend went from stage 4 ovarian with 3 months to live,  to being cancer free in just over 3 months...and 14 yrs later remains so.  It takes at minimum 3 months for cessium to erradicate cancer from the body. Bone cancer can take longer.  You must work with a health care professional and you must obtain CC from a reliable source, of which the experts are well versed. (Remember, there are a lot of people aiming to make money on anything proclaimed as a cancer "cure" - in a matter of life and death...choose reputable and trusted sources by experts.

I have always considered cessium chloride to be the "big gun" in the war against advanced and aggressive cancers. You must work with a cessium chloride expert and a medical doctor must partner in order to monitor with a blood draw every three weeks. The cnacertutor web site provides an organization that helps one find the expert and equipment, and the cessium chloride.

If you have been given very bad news...know that there is still hope!  Those that usually seek cessium experts are those who have gone through the traditional treatments, and have been told their body can no longer handle the chemo and/or radiation.  This makes it more tough for cessium chloride to work quickly, but it can be done.

Lastly, the best, least complicated book I have recently added to my library is "Cancer Free - Your Gide to Gentle, Non Toxic Healing" by Bill Henderson and Carlos M Garcia MD Also recommended by Cancer Tutor website.  This book can help you quickly "cut to the chase" for what is needed upon a diagnosis, to help your body start to heal while you schedule doctor appointments and determine the path of healing that is right for you.

May you experience great health in Spirit, mind and body,
Rita S.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Should Flaxeed Scare Us With Estrogenic Properties?

Recently on Dr. Oz the benefits of flax seed was discussed, but it was also mentioned to contain estrogenic properties. This has made some women nervous about using flax seed. Some even claim that taking flax seed has increased hot flashes, which is contrast to many reports stating otherwise, if you were to google "flax seed and hot flashes". This article and news from the Mayo Clinic supports another boost for flax seed oil. 
Here in lies a probable misunderstanding...flax seed oil does not contain phytoestrogens, however, the whole flax seed (which contains fiber rich lignans) does - as the estrogenic properties are found in the lignans. Lignans, in fact, have cancer protective properties, which is why flax seed is an essential food in the Budwig protocol, which  has saved the lives of 1000s of cancer patients through the years.

Let's dispel some myths or concerns regarding phytoestrogens...and take a look at some facts:
Phytoestrogens take up estrogen receptorsEstradiol (E2) is the cancer causing estrogen (we have 3 types in our body, both men and women). When plant estrogens take up receptors, in essence, they take up a "parking spot" for estradiol 2.  Phytoestrogens actually BENEFIT the body by reducing stored estrogen load.

For those experiencing hot flashes, usually caused by low estrogen, another hormone, often overlooked, is bio-identical progesterone. Personally, I used the Arbonne Prolief bHRT progesterone cream (Prolief) to head off my hot flashes when I went through :"the change" a couple of years ago. 

Many Arbonne clients prefer PhytoProlief, and those experiencing major flushing or even "soaking the sheets in sweat" add in the Menopause Support oral supplement. It pretty much depends on the stage you are at. 

Another favorite for women experiencing hot flashes...  instant relief is realized with the cooling Arbonne SeaSource Renewing Body Gelee, a sea botanical based, none hormonal gel-like lotion that can also hydrate very dry skin.. For my "wise through the years" clients, it is a most favored Arbonne product - a best seller during the holidays for the grandparent on the shopping list.

A word of caution, however, for flax seed users... Whole seed is not going to break down to provide the Omega 3 is recommended to use a coffee grinder and grind fresh every couple of days to release the benefits of the oil so they become bio-available (absorbed) by the body. A bottle of expressed flax seed from the grocery store most likely already contains free flax seed oil has a short shelf life.  

When using vegan Omega 3 supplements, Raymond Francis, author of the book "Never Fear Cancer Again" recommends a supplement that preserves flax seed oil with nitrogen. Such is the case with the Arbonne Omega 3 that we utilize in our family. It is equivalent to 4 salmon steaks, is pure, and also contains DHA from environmentally controlled/grown sea algae to ensure purity. (ORAC 8,000)

Soy, estrogenic in nature as well, poses a number of health concerns... such as a high glutamate content, even organic, as it absorbs glutamate from soil more than any other plant in the plant kingdom. (paraphrased from Russell Blaylock "Excitotoxins, The Tastes that Kills")  Excitotoxins destroy brain cells, and brain cells do not regenerate. A few days ago we watched a documentary on the Gerson Therapy for cancer treatment...if all of you could see the video, I suspect you would eliminate soy from your diet immediately. (I am grateful to have learned about this several years ago at my first Arbonne party/workshop that I attended.) Soy products affect thyroid, which is why you may notice many vegetarians with swelling around eyes, facial features, etc. Dr. David Browstein writes a book I highly recommend about the deception of soy.

ESTROGEN HORMONE 101Estrogens have a number of sources: human body manufacture (3 types), environmental and plant based. If you were to ask your physician how many types of estrogens there are, I would not be surprised if they only know of one.  What may be even more shocking, per a hormone expert/author/MD friend of mine...endocrinologists may not be know much more. I point this out only because of a recent experience we had, and if you are not satisfied, seek a 2nd opinion. It could be critical to your health later on.

Phtyoestrogens are very different from chemical based, xeno estrogens introduced to the body by environmental toxins. These sources include, but are certainly not limited to: 
FUMES: exhaust fumes from automobiles, paint, hair styling/dying products, nail lacquers
HYGIENE & MAKE-UP: parabens, petro-chemicals (petrolatum, mineral oil, etc), formeldahyde-producing preservatives, sodium laurel sulfate, hydroquinone, etc.
FOODS: growth hormones in livestock, eggs, GMO foods, non-organic foods, processed foods

Xeno-estrogens, unlike plant estrogens, STORE in the body. Fat cells are major "storage closets" for estrogen and it is estrogen in excess that creates a number of health issues. 

Flax seed continues to be a highly recommended source of Omega 3, and lignan fiber, by the top alternative medicine doctors treating cancer. In fact, it is a key ingredient in the highly acclaimed Budwig Diet protocol. It would be a shame for people to stop taking this highly beneficial food because of a little sweat.

Regarding hot flashes, in the past several years studies are finding HEALTH BENEFITS for the heart, even though we may not be keen on the idea that we may benefit from the sweat equity in transition.  Yes, we need sleep, and we do need to function. If hot flashes and night sweats are debilitating and preventing a good night's should be addressed.  However, if a hot flash is a mild flushing - as I experienced moments ago while typing this (oh, the irony!).... a dab of Seasource Renewing Body gelee on the back of my neck, forehead and behind the knees quickly did the trick!

I wish for you VITALITY. May you feel great, look great and live great!
Rita S.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Radiation Poisoning - Nutrition that Restores

According to  “Fighting Radiation and Chemical Pollutants with Foods, Herbs and Vitamins,” pectin provides a benefit of binding radioactive residues to help remove them from the body. Pectin is a natural chelating agent,  which bind to other compounds, dragging them out of tissues and bloodstream, so they can be excreted from the body in urine or feces. 
The Arbonne Fiber Boost contains 4 pectins derived from citrus pectin, orange pulp, apple pectin, and beet.  A newer product, Evolution Full Control, contains glucomannan, derived from konjac root, is another plant fiber that I can personally testify, helps to increase waste removal from the body. The truth of the matter is...a LOT of unwanted toxins are excreted through poop! If you are not doing this critical function minimum of 1-2x a day...your toxic load is building and WILL cause problems! (I highly recommend Arbonne Colon Cleanse to promote gentle elimination.)
Sea plants, such as kelp and algae are also beneficial. According to a 1964 McGill University study published in the “Canadian Medical Association Journal,” sodium alginate from kelp reduced radioactive strontium absorption in the intestines by 50 to 80 percent.  Sea plants are also rich in iodine, which helps protect the thyroid for radiation damage. Iodine can be absorbed through the sour greatest sponge-like organ, the skin. 
The Arbonne SeaSource Detox Purifying Sea Soak is also going into our arsenal to combat radiation poisoning. Rich in sea minerals this dehydrated plant formula, when added to water, helps draw out toxins and provides iodine.
Of course green foods rich in chlorophyll are another powerful arsenal in an action plan to help body recover from radiation poisoning. Other foods rich in chlorophyll include leafy greens, celery, parsley, bean sprouts and wheat grass. The powerful anti-oxidants of green foods provide an army to attach the free radicals within the radiation exposed body. 
Fortunately, our garden is chock full of green foods this time of year...after the PET was time to juice!

I wish for you VITALITY. May you feel great, look great and live great!
Rita S.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Radiation Poisoning...Benefits of Broken Cell Chlorella

Chlorella pyrenoidoisa, the Latin name for broken cell chlorella, is one of the most powerful detoxifying plants on the planet. On a mission to find ways to detoxify a loved one from possible radiation poisoning, a number of on line articles including the link above to Natural News, bespoke of the benefits of this aquatic powerhouse.

I was thrilled to reaffirm that it is a key ingredient in the Arbonne 7 Day Body Cleanse. Added to 32 ounces of water, this is a product that both my husband and I make a point to drink three times a year for a GENTLE quarterly cleanse (no fasting required!).

When you think about radiation poisoning, what comes to mind? It may be the repercussions on the people of Japan for the Fukishima disaster. Right? As a child, the word radiation always conjured up images from history class of the "atom bomb" being dropped forming a mushroom cloud.

Yet, we are exposed to radiation small amounts if we use electronics and wireless communication devices. My family uses products from SafeSpace for EMF protection.

We are exposed to radiation in greater amounts from the medical field...with dental x-rays. You can located dental practices that have concern for their patients and effects of radiation. Holistic-minded dental offices, such as No Fear Dentistry in Madison, WI,  are cropping up offering digitial imagiing, which reduces radiation by 90%.

If we receive diagnostic testing, such as a CT or PET scan...the radiation dosage is much more intense...and more so if needing to penetrate a deeper area such as chest cavity. In addition, radioactive uranium is used in the process

Many go through these scans without a hitch. Although what manifests years down the line from such exposure is not completely known. It is a concern for the pioneers blazing a trail with homeopathic cancer treatments. Much is being written on the topic, and it should be concerning to all of us.

Recently as my husband was exposed to radiation during a CT scan in the ER one evening - this past June 9th. He went in for several days of an annoying feeling in the chest, not one of pain, but it brings peace of mind to rule out heart issues. The good news is - the many tests and diagnostics performed over the next 8 hrs. revealed a very well functioning heart, and likelihood of a pulled muscle causing the discomfort. Swollen lymph nodes did cause concern for further diagnostics.

Upon arriving home we discovered both legs had an abundance of sores, which over a period of several days spread to arms, fingers.  Although uncomfortable, we kept itching at bay using Arbonne FC5 skin conditioning oil and Seasource Detox Body Gelee (which contains Chlorella Vulgaris, another form of beneficial sea based chlorella).  It is still unclear what the sores came from...he did not have him before his ER visit, but certainly did upon arriving home.  It could have been a reaction to the barium sulfate solution given in the IV prior to the scan, or it may have been a quick reaction to radiation and/or subsequent radiation burn?  We will not know the answer to his for certain, but for a subsequent PET scan we took precautions. His doctor suggested a "contact" outbreak.  The image to the left shows the sores in a much lesser state than original.

CT scans, by the way, produce greater radiation than a PET scan. Those who have "at risk" kidneys may benefit from taking a protective supplement N-acetylcysteine prior to the CT scan.

To help combat the subsequent days of feeling lethargic and "different" after the CT scan, my husband drank the Arbonne Anti Oxidant and Immunity Booster 1-2x a day to help boost his immunity.

We abhorred the idea of my husband being subjected to a radioactive solution for a PET scan...yet we succumbed to pressure, both from the medical world and family and friends. Doesn't it seem wrong that we are asked to take and accept poisoning of the body in order to be diagnosed? Jesse did not feel that God would want him to do this, yet submitted to this world.

For the PET scan we prepared ahead.  We did not want the outbreak of sores again, and continued a detoxifying diet prior to the scan in order to ensure the liver had plenty of room after the PET to dump toxins for elimination. Upon coming out of the "tube" Jesse began drinking the broken cell chlorella based cleanse immediately.

As a holistic lifestyle family, when something is amiss with our bodies, we go full force with detoxification, eating clean, increasing the Arbonne Vitamin D/B12 spray and Arbonne Anti-Oxidant Immunity Boosters. There is no skipping the PowerPack multi-vitamins containing the benefits of selenium, or the vegan Omega 3s with DHA. Arbonne Detox Tea is enjoyed twice daily for continual liver support with milk thistle and dandelion root.  In addition to Arbonne supplements, NOW Curcumin is a part of the regimen.

Arbonne's 7 Day Detox Body Cleanse contains Chlorella pyrenoidoisa that is pure. Special attention is made to ensure the chlorella used is not comprimised by ocean contamination. This is important, especially with disasters such as Fukishima crating radioactive sea life - both animal and plant.

Other important nutritionals to help combat the effects of radiation include pectin fibers, sea plants such as sea algae, kelp and chlorella, and rich super green foods containing chlorophyll - such as wheat grass, parsley, dark greens such as kale.  I will share a little more on this in my next post.

I wish for you VITALITY. May you feel great, look great and live great!
Rita S.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Green Super Anti-Oxidant Rich Smoothie

Green Super Smoothie - dedicated to my husband who is beginning a journey of which no one wants to embark. Rich in anti oxidants - free radical erradicator!  He is not well, and we are determined he will conquer the battle inside with help from a plant based diet.

Place following in order listed, into a blender. 
8 oz purified water
2 scoops Arbonne vanilla protein
1 scoop Arbonne fiber
2 handfuls of organic spinach or kale
1/2 organic granny smith apple
1 T. Health by Designs Paleo greens unflavored
1 NOW brand Curcumin capsule, opened and powder added (650 mg)
2 Jigsaw Health Magnesium SRT capsules
1/2 dropper Source Naturals Ultra Collodial Silver (use 10 days only)
1 T organic cold pressed coconut oil
1 tsp. organic cinnamon
4 oz purified water
2 ice cubes (optional)

Blend until smooth. Becomes a healthy blue green algae like color. The ingredients in this shake have a approximately an ORAC equivalent to approx. 14 servings of vegetable and fruit

I choose Arbonne products as a base for their nutraceutical formulation and purity - it is very rare to find a protein powder that contains ZERO ppm of any trace toxic metals. Low glycemic is also very important, and these products are certified low glycemic, as well as having an alkaline base. Cold processed and better than is a near perfect food, per Molly Geil, in a recent "bootcamp" training. Molly is a former child psychologist, Independent Arbonne Consultant, athlete and sits on the Arbonne nutrition advisory board.

Health by Designs super green food supplement was selected because it was recommended by my friend, Dr. Geil, who knows her stuff...and I know has the same high standards as myself. There is 4% RDA of iron in the formula, which may cause concern for those aware of the connection between iron and cancer. However, per Russell Blaylock, MD, a plant based iron source does not build up in the body to create toxicity, as an animal based protein can do.

NOW brand Curcumin is the brand chosen by our local Green Earth health store...and I know the owner does her research. Amazon reviews were also excellent. Curcumin is anti inflammatory and helps to stop angiogenesis... the process by which cancer cells grow. Blaylock recommends 1500 mg of curcumin a day; however another respected MD with the gift of healing serious illnesses, told me that if one is battling cancer, one needs to realize there is a difference between prevention/maintenance mode and "conquering cancer" mode. In other words, one may wish to amp up the curcumin.

Dr. Russell Blaylock recommended Jigsaw SRT Magnesium  ...a man I have respected throughout my own journey to regain my health. Magnesium is critical for muscle strength (often weakened by cancer), nerve function and hormonal balance, to name a few.

Source Naturals Collodial Silver is used for immunity is nature's anti-biotic without the side effect of killing off good gut flora. It should be used as directed on the bottle - and should only be incorporated into a smoothie recipe for 10 consecutive days before ceasing to add to the above recipe.

When juicing gets to be too much work and you need a break, and need a simple meal - this shake is not only tasty - it is going to benefit your body in many ways. An anti-oxidant rich diet is the most effective way to erradicate those free radicals to Kingdom come!

To your health!
Rita S.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Refreshing Summertime Treat - Vegan Fruit Sherbet

During the hot months of summer the desire to have ice cream or a frozen treat of some sort is about as natural as waking up in the morning. Summer and ice cream go hand in hand.
If you can eat the real thing...look for brands without high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors...that in itself is a challenge!

For those wanting LOW GLYCEMIC, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, and SOY FREE - today's simple recipe creates an absolutely delicious frozen treat that even my children love.  I supposed you could call it a sorbet, but since it does contain a milk, I refer to it as sherbet.
Fresh squeezed juice is preferred, but if you buy ready made for convenience, again check for HFS and artificial ingredients. Organic fruit and orange juice is preferred.

Fruit Protein Sherbet
In a high powered blender add in following order:
1/2 cup fresh orange juice
1/2 mango, cubed (pre-frozen)
2 scoops Arbonne vanilla protein powder
16 frozen medium sized strawberries
3-4 ice cubes
1/2 cup Silk brand unsweetened almond milk

Blend until all chunks are pureed, and use spatula to funnel into a 6 cup bowl with lid.  Freeze in a deep freezer for at least 4 hours before serving.  Freezers do vary, an overnight freeze may be needed to freeze the sherbet all the way to the center.

For those counting, I don't have that for you. All ingredients in this recipe are GOOD calories and nutrient dense. Arbonne vanilla protein powder is certified low-glycemic, as are berries. Mangos can be medium glycemic, and you may wish to substitute with a second type of berry.

If you have Type 2 diabetes - going with all berries and ensure fresh squeezed OJ and unsweetened almond milk is ideal.

I did find sherbet recipes in which a sweetener such as sugar or honey are added. Honestly, this frozen treat obtains its sweetness from the raw stevia extract already found in the Arbonne protein, and from the natural sweetness of the fruit.

May you feel great, look great and live great...from the inside out!
Rita S.