Monday, September 15, 2014

Introducing Newest Super Green Whole Food on Market

INTRODUCING!! Arbonne Greens Balance - Pure, Safe, Beneficial
The product I have been waiting for for two years has arrived and is now available to everyone! Its formulation is so much better, way above and beyond, anything I may have suggested…which I did after reading so many books on cancer prevention back in 2010.  I came up with a list of super foods that I wanted to see in one formula, and sent it in the suggestion box.
 Arbonne research and development may have already been working on it…but I am grateful that consultants can make suggestions, and we are heard. Tonight this product was revealed globally, and the buzz is lighting up Facebook. At only $50 for a 30 serving container, it costs less than the Designs by Health brand I have been using, that was not full spectrum. Plus I can shop at a discount with Arbonne all the time, with no monthly minimums or points accumulation required.
  • -       Alkaline formula
  • -       Full spectrum (few super green foods offer this)
  • -       Anti oxidants and phyto and micro-nutrients

The Arbonne difference – 4 color groups + Omega 3 blend.

Greens  - support GI health and cleansing with chlorophyll, polyphenol, Vitamin A, K, E and more.
Reds – powerful anti oxidants, such as lycopene (important for prostrate health), carotene, polyphenols.
Yellows –cartonoid rich, providing Vitamin A, C, flavonoids
Blues – anti oxidants such as reservatol and vitamin C

In addition, Greens Balance offers the Prebiotic fiber – inulin. In attending the Cure to Cancer Summit this week one speaker suggested that prebiotics could be more important than probiotics in the war against cancer.
Also unique is an Omega 3 seed blend containing chia, flax and quinoa.  OMG!! This really blows me away because I know all of these foods to be the power hitters in the world of Omega 3s – say good bye to your fish burps!!

Why is Greens Balance essential to any truly healthy living regimen? It supports an alkalizing effect to create healthy pH balance. If you want to learn about the importance of pH and the critical relationship it has for our cellular health, please visit these articles by author of "Never Fear Cancer Again", and "Never Be Sick Again", Raymond Francis, M.Sc.

May you get your green on and get your cells healthy!
Rita S.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Cancer Diet....Guess What, it is NOT ENSURE!

42-55% of all cancer patients die of malnutrition. What do conventional doctors do? They give patients Ensure, which is full of about putting GASLINE to the fire....cancer feeds on SUGAR! Check out this link for an Ensure label....just because doctors recommend it DOES NOT mean it is a healthy choice - but it certainly keeps them in business, doesn't it?

You cannot CURE cancer if nutrition is not addressed, and incorporating a HONEST TO GOODNESS cancer diet.  This means NO cake, pancakes, breads, muffins, no processed meat and food. Period.
This does not mean forever, but if you want to become cancer free - diet is a HUGE part of recovery.

Does it mean no cake forever, no...but until cancer is in remission, YES. BUT it does not mean you can return to your former unhealthy food choices lifestyle.  Once you have cancer (and we all will - cancer cells are inevitable - unless we are being proactive), and you make the decision that you WANT to LIVE - then healthy food choices is not an option, it becomes a part of life because food either GIVES LIFE or it kills us. Unfortunately most of us don't know we are killing ourselves with food until it is too late.

If you put toxic foods into a body that is already weak in the first place you will not get positive results. Cancer is a wasting disease.

A Study at University of Sydney Australia, where 20 different cancers were looked at ...they found Chemo has a 2.1 success rate with a five year survival margin. Biggest contributors to death among cancer patients...chemo, radiation, diet.   But don't take it from me....learn the TRUTH ABOUT CANCER with the You Tube video in which Ty Bollinger interviews oncologists, PhDs, cancer patients, research scientists from around the world.

May you feel great, look great and live great!
Rita S.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Vitamin D Deficiency and Links to Cancers, Disease, Infant Mortality

This week I have been listening to The Cure to Cancer Summit. Anyone can register for free, and all talks are available for 48 hours after they have been live. If you are interested in improving your own health, helping a loved one with their battle for cancer, or if you have a health and wellness business (nutrition, medical, oncology, etc) - I highly encourage you to take advantage of the 2nd annual summit.
Carole Baggerly, of the Vitamin D Society, is one of the guest speakers and her talk is "Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention". Below are some of the notes I have taken while listening to her talk...
Vitamin D is a hormone, not a vitamin. It is critical for cells to function. People work day jobs that are primarily indoors, children play on computers and watch television more than they play outside....our lifestyles create vitamin D deficiency. If everyone had Vitamin D levels of 40-60 it would help take care of many diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, kidney stones, and several cancers. An oncologist who spoke at the summit last week, who practices in California, said that well over 90% of his patients are deficient in Vitamin D.
Breast cancer diagnosis can be reduced 75% if all women were given a Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy test.
- Blood serum nano-gram levels should be in the 50-60 range. Research is indicating that breast cancer is truly a disease of vitamin D deficiency.
- 10,000 units a day is being recommended. Don't fear the toxicity scare - every report of toxicity has been result of industrial accidents, stop taking D and the levels normalize.
- Women WITH breast cancer have an increased rate of cancer survival with high doses of Vitamin D. This research has been published just in recent months.
Colon cancer prevention specifically requires combination of calcium (10-12,000 mg) and Vitamin D. (Baggerly states that the concern of calcium/vitamin D and kidney stones is a myth, and kidney stones are clearly linked to dehydration).
- Prostate cancer research by Dr. Bruce Hollis at the Medical University of South Carolina were given 4,000 units/day to men with stage 1 prostrate cancer. In a one year period, 55% had fewer lesions than when they started, and allowed them to bypass treatment. This also holds true for African American men, which have a greater percentage of prostrate cancer diagnosis.
For men diagnosed with lethal prostrate cancer, a 57% reduction of cancer occurred when men got their Vitamin D levels up past 37.
Children should be checked for deficiency as well, they are inside all the time now.Rickets is on an upsurge - we're going back to the epidemic of the 19th century. Doctors are not recognizing it because we are misled into thinking rickets is not a disease of modern times.
Type 2 Diabetes is an epidemic as well. Research indicates that 60% of Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented if nano-gram levels of Vit. D were maintained at 40%.
Regarding Type 1 Diabetes, in the 1960's inn Finland it was a medical practice to give infants 10,000 units of Vitamin D a day. Type 1 diabetes was virtually non-existent.
Unfortunately, Finland noticed that the U.S. was only supplementing their infants with 400 units of Vitamin D, so Finland switched over to this practice. The diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes increased steadily, and Baggerly states it is the clearest evidence she has seen that indicates Vitamin D can help prevent this childhood disease. Vitamin D is a major game changer with diabetes.
It is important to realize that there is a problem with Vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women and infant mortality. Not surprising, those who get their vitamin D level to the 40-60 range are reporting disappearance of chronic pain, muscular pain, absence of kidney stones,
Baggerly also stated that the recommendations to wear sunscreen has increased our populus vitamin D deficiency, and that most sunscreens are toxic and promote cancer.(Of course, this is why learning about what is in your skincare products is so important, and why my family chooses Arbonne for sunscreen, skincare, shampoo, etc.)
As you can see, it is very important that physicians begin testing everyone for Vitamin D levels. If yours does not, I urge you to be your own advocate and request the test.
To learn more on Vitamin D benefits visit the Vitamin D Society. I also encourage anyone wishing to donate to cancer research that makes a difference, to donate to Vitamin D research for cancer prevention, and therapy as well.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Are Vitamin & Mineral Supplements A Waste of Money?

Since incorporating quality supplements into our family grocery budget we have been able to eliminate all OTC and RX drugs. In the past 3 years sick days total maybe two for adults, and 4 for the kids. Our key brand of supplement has an ORAC score of 8-10,000 - bio available and absorbed in 30 minutes. We are pretty healthy eaters, with limited processed foods.

Purity standards should also be taken into consideration. Inexpensive vitamins contain fillers, and petro-chemicals, artificial ingredients are commonplace. These types of ingredients contribute to endocrine disruption/hormonal imbalance. Not to mention we are flushing our money down the toilet.

Even with an organic whole food diet, the nutrients are not what they used to be in our food supply. Our soils are depleted of nutrients.  Since I began studying cancer preventative/alternative health four years ago - you will not find one holistic cancer treatment protocol that does not include supplements. In fact, the list can be quite long for cancer patients incorporating nutrition protocols into their treatment plans. Patients using supplements fare far better when used in combination with conventional treatments.

The goal of supplementation, of course, is to fuel the body with nutrients and oxygen to maintain, and even reverse the start of disease (including cancer cells - if you are past 30 you can be you have them - a healthy body has the function of apoptosis - programmed cell death - to eliminate these cells).
Toxin elimination also needs to be a part of remaining healthy. Another subject, but it is important to keep the liver functioning at optimal levels as it is your filtering system.

A functional medicine/holistic wellness practitioner can test you for deficiencies. Not everyone is short on calcium. If colon cancer is a part of family genetics or a concern, one will want to monitor and ensure adequate calcium. Certain forms of calcium are recommended for absorption, as well as other vitamins/minerals for a synergestic effect.

Omega 3s are one supplement that many consider the most important. If you take only one supplement, choose Omega 3 with DHA. Ocean contamination is a very real issue, even more so since the Japanese nuclear disaster.  Personally, I opt for a vegan flaxseed oil based Omega 3 in which the sea algae (which provides the DHA benefit) is grown in an environmentally controlled lab to ensure purity standards are adhered to. I encourage you to investigate the purity standards of any brand you consider. Oils should be cold processed and preserved with nitrogen.

Confused by the choice of fish vs. vegan Omega? During the Curing Cancer Summit 2014, taking place right now, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy stated that the latest research indicates that a vegan, flaxseed oil based Omega 3 is more effective in cancer treatment protocols.  Personally, if it is good enough to fight cancer, why wouldn't I choose the flaxseed O3 over fish and krill?

Magnesium deficiency  is, across the board, a common deficiency in breast cancer patients, according to a report in the Blaylock Wellness (Russell Blaylock MD) newsletter. The same holds true for prostrate cancer.

I have not actually read anything specific about people being prone to Vitamin C deficiency, but with upcoming winter months it is definitely worth considering. Lypo-Spheric Vit. C (specifically by Livon Labs) is the number one choice for those battling cancer, per Bill Henderson in his book, "Cancer Free". It is a gel pack and considered to be highly bio available...even more beneficial than Vit C IV therapy. I can't say it tastes awesome, but it can be mixed into other foods/drinks.

A supplement many overlook but definitely to be considered, in my opinion, is Vitamin D. Doctors in Florida have reported over 90% of their patients deficient. Consider our lifestyles - most people are indoors in offices by day. Vitamin D is actually a hormone, not a vitamin, and is critical for other hormones to be produced by the body. A healthy person can snythesize D2 into D3 (D2 is a vegan form), but if health is compromised one should utilize D3.

Although there are many who warn of Vit.. D can search  this subject in PubMed and find not one case...but instead, the astonishing benefits of high doses of D3.  I am currently reading a fascinating book on the miraculous benefits of extremely high doses of D.  Vit D must be taken with K2. offers in home test kits for a variety of deficiency concerns, hormonal imbalances, including Vitamin D as well.

May you feel great, look great and live great,
Rita S.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In Remission...Now What?

So you have been through chemo and radiation with success...and are in remission...congratulations!!!

Now what? There will always be the fear of "will it come back"...we cannot shut that switch off in our brain. Yes, we can have a positive attitude... but there will be days. My husband had a morning like this today. Since "our blog" is for his journey, I am going to "talk" to those who have been there, speaking on behalf of your friends and family members asking my opinion of what you can do to ensure your body remains healed. Keep in mind, this is my personal opinion...I am not a doctor or giving medical advice, and by putting my recommendations into action is no guarantee. No one has a guarantee on life..mine can come to end tomorrow just as much as the next person.

I am a book-learned, research driven person...and my recommendations are based on holistic wellness approaches as to what I WOULD DO FOR MYSELF.

For anyone...whether you are in remission, or going through treatment, there is a pretty inexpensive test you can have done that measures the cancer cells in your bloodstream - it is called an HCG test.  Read more about it here, at the Navaroo Medical Clinic. Basically, taken every two months if in a current treatment plan, it will tell you whether or not your treatment is working. For those in remission, I would probably take the test twice a year or as often as you feel comfortable. As long as your number remains constant or goes are on the right path. I am willing to bet your doctor, probably even your oncologist, is not aware of this test.

If this test were done during would provide an early on indicator if the chosen path of treatment is successfully working. If not, find a new treatment plan of action.

We just sent away for this test for my husband, and I sent a sample in for myself as well. For $55 I can have peace of mind knowing I have cancer at bay. OR I may get a red alert and will get even more serious about a more healthy eating plan... I know I have sugar too often in one week - I am fueling my cancer cells each time I have a sweet treat.We all have cancer cells once we get past 30 - actually, with today's toxic world I don't doubt my kids have cancer cells as well. However, it is one's ability to switch cancer cells on or off that matter - and fortunately, for many our body is functioning and the off switch is working.

This is what I would do for myself if I were in remission:
- Monitor with the HCG test to measure cancer cell levels
- use pH strips to monitor my acidity to alkaline levels weekly
- eat an 80/20 diet (vegetarian/animal based foods - another way to look at this: alkaline/acidic foods)
- utilize a pure, full spectrum super green food - this will fuel cells with oxygen (more on this Sept 1)
- shop organic as much as possible
- avoid any and all artificial ingredients as well as high glycemic
- use CLEAN and PURE skin care, shampoo, etc
-  avoid chemical cleaners/pesticides in the home, and artificial fragrances (i.e. no artificial candles/plug ins)
- use a full body/organ detox protocol quarterly (look for broken cell chlorella)
- ensure the estradiol to progesterone ratio is in balance if my cancer involved any reproductive organ or breast (ZRT Labs offers test kits)
- monitor vitamin levels, D and magnesium deficiency is prevalent in cancer patients
- support the immune system - diet is key, supplementation often necessary
- utilize infra-red heat or sauna if possible - sweat - turn up the heat, not with strenuous activity, which can weaken the immune, but with heat sourcing products

Truths about cancer:
1. cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment
2. an oxygen deprived cell fuels cancer
3. sugar fuels cancer - if your doctor says you can eat anything you want - DON'T LISTEN!!
4. cancer cells are compromised at temps over 109.4 degrees F

This is what I would do if I were in remission. I would do pretty much the same if I were in a battle with cancer - but would step up the anti-oxidant, oxygen rich food sources.

May healthy be your new happy,
Rita S.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

40 Year Cover Ups in Cancer Cure Research

Late last year the makers of Food Matters, a well known documentary that provides eye opening truths about the American food industry and its detriment effects on our health, launched a FMTV website. The site is an on line subscription and it is clearly one of the best minor investments we have made.

We have access to documentaries, experts in holistic wellness and cancer treatment, recipes, yoga, EFT, and more.

Today as Jesse and I watch the movie "Second Opinion" it is yet another affirmation of the cover ups that the FDA and leading cancer "research" institutes have been keeping under wraps to ensure the unsuspecting public say "yes" to radiation and chemotherapy, having no clue that there are HEALTHIER options that have a much higher cure rate without all the nasty side effects.

The infamous Sloan Ketterinng Cancer Institute is a case in point. From 1972-1977 research Kanematsu Sugivra tested the effects of Laetrile/Amygdalin on lab mice and tumor reduction.  The positive results were taken to a meeitng with the FDA and National Cancer Institute...and pretty much swept under the rug.

Dr. Llyod Old, a director at the institute was the only board member who did not dismiss the results.  An eye opener to a new young researcher, Ralph Moss, on staff was when Lloyd asked, "you know where we get all our research ideas, don't you?"   Old grabs a publication from the American Cancer Society called "Unproven Methods of Cancer Treatment" - it wasthe QUACKERY LIST. This was mind blowing for Moss, a young scientist who struggledwith choice of having a good conscience and putting food on  the table for his family, that S.K.I. obviously felt there were some truths to these quack treatments .

We had one friend tell us that holistic is hogwash much like"those apricot kernels from Mexico".  Apricot kernels rich in Vitamin B17, is what amygladin/laetrile is derived from in the Sloan Kettering research. No doubt he beieved the cover up story issued in 1977 - where the controlgorup of mice was given laetrile rather than a saline solution.

Moss blew the whistle in November 1977 at a press conference, telling the results showing that chemotherapy did not do what it was purpoted to do, whereas laetrile halted the progression of tumor growth and cancer spread...and he was promptly fired by Sloan Kettering Institute. Moss, a man of great integrity and character, is a HERO in our opinion, for telling the world that society had lost control of having choices, and instead, BIG PHArMA was determining how people WILLL treat their cancer, like it or not.

This post is not about apricot kernels, laetrile or other non-quackery holistic treatments, it is about the fact that we believe, too often without question, what doctors and hospitals tell us. Cancer research institutes are "living a lie", and as Moss states - they should come clean before judgement day.

To your health in truth,
Rita S.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Our Journey With Cancer

Hello readers...I want to give you the URL for a new blog I have started with my husband as we journey through the healing process from cancer. Revealed to us in July, we feel we are in a good place. How ironic is that?

Not that we aren't having days of doubt, questioning...but we are learning to trust. Trusting that God has prepared me for a time such as this to be an advocate for my husband. These past years of learning, studying, researching alternative approaches to pharmaceuticals...we are encouraged by what we have learned. I have long felt that the only reason I have been able to retain what I am learning daily is because God is planning to use me for His purpose.

We have faith that the body can heal without is who we are, what we have experienced and live, what Jesse believes and desires to deal with the systematic illness in his body. He will share more about this when he is ready to type his own thoughts on this new if you want to share the journey with us, pop over to Open The Healing Floodgates blog...

Trusting in the Healer,
Rita S.