Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tumors Begin 10 Years Prior to Being Picked Up

Surprised?  Cancer starts very very early, as stated by Dr. Leigih Erin Conneally at the World Cure to Cancer Summit.

The cure for cancer is prevention. Per Conneally  we already know how to test early on, but people do not know this. If people would go in for an early cancer screening we could change the world

By the time cancer is stage 4 it is Pallitative - i.e. we will make the best of today Conventional cannot do much with stage 4 cancer. We CAN find cancer in year one with great accuracy that people do not realize.

Two tests EVERY person, available from conventional doctor, should have are:
1. C-reactive protein blood test - non specific marker for inflammation. Inflammation is an indicator needs to be less than ONE.  Even 1.2 - doctor needs to discover why. Does the patient have cancer? By the time medical scans show cancer it has to be year 8 or 10 in the making. If CRP is more than one...make anti-inflammatory changes asap.

2. Vit D test - affects over 200 genes in our body. 99% of all people are deficient. Deficiency is a common denominator in every type of cancer.

Additoinal Testing:available from American Metabolic Laboratory - Cancer Profile
HCG test is test for pregnancy but also malignancy. Two different blood and urine

Enzyme test to determine if a patient has proper oxygenation. Otto Warburg, one of the foremost authorities and scientist of our time, discovered that cancer cells eat sugar, and lower oxgen in a cell.  A cell deprived of oxygen becomes cancerous.
If oxygen is not where it should be it doesn't mean you have cancer but environment in the cells are optimum for cancer to develop.  If HCG is not positive the enzyme test can inform if the environment is prime for cancer.

The membrane of a cell has 30,000 receptors. We have to have proper intake of Essential (meaning not optional) fatty acids to keep the membrane functioning optimally. Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax...if we are not eating these we need to supplement.  Vegetarian oils are indicating a better option for healthy cell membrane than fish oil, in the latest research.

Enzyme will also test DHEA (stress), CEA (non specific marker for many cancers), hormones, and

Onco Blood Test determines if you have cancer and where.  80 tissue  types of cancer can be detected with this. Available to anyone.

Red Drop Test - checks for DNA that duplicate itself, and measures TK levels, which indicates that cancer may be forming, or if your cells are working as they should be.

Natalase test - only $75  anatalase will tell you how your immune system is working. Not available in the US.  Drawn here and sent to Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Russia.

Conneally stated patients have to be pro active. Doctors just don't know about all the latest tests. Heavy metal testing is critical for cancer patients. Heavy trace mercury presence will prevent cells from healing.

These markers will help you determine if cancer is brewing, saute'ing, or simmering.

Illness is increasing in every age group in every category of disease. If you would like to know where you stand...is cancer brewing? You have every right to request these tests.

Final Four Tips from Conneally -

  1. The key to prevention is an anti-inflammatory diet.  (well what do you know, this is what I have been teaching in my Arbonne nutrition workshops for the past four years!)
  2. Patients need to embrace meditation.
  3. Detox often (epsom salt baths, coffee enemas). 
  4. Drink liquid nutrients every day.

May you be healthy and stay that way!
Rita S.

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