Friday, November 21, 2014

Purium Protein or Arbonne Protein?

Yesterday's post discussed Purity vs. Natural.  Point being, most of our plants absorb toxins from the environment, and in order to make them PURE, extractions of impurities (or gluten) may be required in a laboratory environment. IF one is diligent in purity claims, as Arbonne reports to be.

Arbonne Essentials nutrition... you can bet I have scrutinized, compared, and stayed up many nights looking at other products recommended to me for my  husband's cancer battle. Whether it be Purium, Noni Juice or whatever. Each line that is recommended to me I take seriously... I dig on the net for ingredient lists. What I find over and over - is Arbonne is a shining star.  

As far as protein supplements go, Purium is only 1% up on Arbonne for efficacy.  Purium is reported to be 99% efficacy for $99, whereas Arbonne is 98% efficacy, for $69 retail (and no one I know purchases Arbonne vegan protein at full price - since everyone can shop at a discount).  The amino acid profile score on Arbonne protein is impressive... and I have reviewed it with recommendations made of certain amino acids for muscle wasting in W. Last's book, "Overcoming Cancer".  

A newer tool in our arsenal of healthy living is the Arbonnes Greens Balance. I was impressed beyond measure with the full spectrum, power house of green super food. I call it my "liquid green oxygen"...fuel for my cells.

Last night as I listened to alternative oncologist, Dr. Thomas Lodi, speak on his action plan against cancer, he stated "Metabolic medicine - keeping you insulin in check. This is how to address all cancers."  His statement reaffirmed how very smart Arbonne protein is as a complete food. Formulated to prevent insulin spikes - Arbonne protein turned my health around four years ago.... it is alkaline, helps to restore proper pH, and is the easiest to digest form of protein available.

And then we get back to the word PURE from yesterday's post.... ZERO ppm (parts per million) of any trace toxic metal.  Arbonne is Pure. I would hope Purium is as well...but is a product at such a higher price point necessary to obtain and restore health?  

What I do my husband's HCG test continues to go in the right direction...aka the number of active cancer cells are diminishing. We are on track for recovery...and I trust the protocols we have implemented, of which I am thankful Arbonne is a part.

To your renewed health,
Rita S.

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