Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Traumatic Brain Injury and Breakthrough Research

It's not a drug. It can't be patented. But it is being discovered as a miraculous healing element for post traumatic brain injuries. I was simply going to link this information in my sidebar, but then I realized if someone has a loved one in a coma, and is searching on line for some thread of hope that might be of benefit, or give a glimmer of hope to having quality of life after injury - I need to actually post this information so it can be found.
I have read much, from a variety of sources, about studies showing that bio-identical progesterone hormone can help repair nerve damage as it regenerates the myethin sheath. Dr. John Lee once said if his parents ever had a stroke, he would apply progesterone cream on their face to help restore damage from paralysis.
One day in conversation with Dr. Michael Platt, I theorized that if progesterone can help nerves, might it help one experiencing vertigo. He explained what is happening to the nerves in the back of the neck when vertigo occurs - and he wasn't sure it would help, but it very well could. Although, I don't believe the person whom I shared this with ever talked with her mother about the theory.
I have some permanent nerve damage in the toes of a foot, having atrophied from pinched off sciatic. As much as I would love to see if my Prolief cream can help restore the feelings in those phalanges, by the time I go to bed at night I am too tired to remember to rub my progesterone cream into my toes each night. But I am curious! Maybe one day, when I am retired - I can try this. (LOL)
Researchers continue to study the effects of bio-identical progesterone and its affects on head and brain trauma. You can learn more about these studies and findings right here.
In stark contrast, be very AWARE that the synthetic form of progesterone (root word "progestation" - brings life) - known as progestin, is a dangerous drug company attempt at trying to duplicate that which God has created, and have failed to the demise of many unsuspecting people. Read more about that here. Be sure to follow additional links for more information.
If you have a loved one who has suffered traumatic brain injury, first - know that nothing is impossible with God. He is the Healer of all and mighty in power. Have hope, be in prayer, and gather those around you to pray also. My prayers are with anyone who reads this blog and finds themselves in this situation.

To your health,
Rita S.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Reflecting on 49 and My Purpose Driven Life

Forty-nine years and 9 months ago, God began a miraculous work. He began to knit in my mother's womb - yes, He was knitting me. Like each of you, He was creating a being for which He would have great purpose. I would venture a guess to say that the Creator knew, at that time, before I took my first cry, what challenges I would face, what lessons I would learn, which events would make me sad and which would bring great joy.

When I consider my life and all Ihave been through, it brings tears to realize how He has shaped and molded the individual me. Life would put dents and cracks into my being, it may have even knocked me down a few times, but God the Creator would continue to spin His wheel, breathing Spirit and new life back into the vessel...reshaping, repairing, renewing.
On this 49th day of my earthly journey I am so very blessed. Each makes me smile and fills me with wonder at the blessings He has been poured into my vessel, making it overflow. Yahweh's faithfulness and evidence of His works in my life. An amazing, God-centered family. An enjoyable day job working with a fellow believer. My growing health and wellness business that has given me so much: relationships with caring, servant-hearted people filled with positivity and generosity; a chance to grow personally in mind and become healthier in body; and most importantly ...purpose.
I used to wonder what my purpose on this earth is, but now I wake each day filled with purpose. Wondering whom God might put in my path that I might reach out to and help them feel better. I love that I am making a difference, and my heart is filled with gratitude with each text, voice mail or email I receive thanking me for better quality of life. I am excited to continue my life's journey and see what the Creator has in store.
I encourage you to reflect on your own life...the difference your presence has made in the life of others. (You have and I hope you realize that!) You, too, were knitted by the Creator in your mother's womb - and He had a purpose for your life as it was created. May your journey bring fulfillment in His will.

Peace my friends!
Rita S.