Friday, February 22, 2013

Choosing A Protein Shake Meal Replacement

So many choices in protein shakes...but which product is truly the best for weight loss? Well, in that regard...I would venture a guess that most will help one lose weight.  But at what cost?
Like so many foods that line the grocery stores, labels promise "good for lowering cholesterol", "low-fat", "with extra virgin olive oil" (so we are lead to believe it is healthy). Protein shake labels also make plenty of claims.
But what are you really buying? This is why becoming an educated label reader makes a difference for long term health.  
Take for instance, soy based protein powder, with organic obviously being a better choice than not.  Most soybean crops are genetically modified. (I believe I read over 90% are GMO.) With what? Herbicide for one.  Herbicides mimic estrogen in the body when consumed, they are nasty endocrine disruptors. Increased estrogen can lead to cancer. (This is one reason I would rather have dandelions in the yard than ChemLawn sprays.)  We have Monsanto to thank for this, in large part - stand up against this giant poisoning our food supply and let your congressman know that you vote no to GMO.
Even if organic, soy is naturally very high in glutamate and excitotoxins. The processing to create soy protein isolate makes it even more toxic, and it is an unfermented soy product.  Per Dr. Russell Blaylock, unfermented soy should be consumed no more than 2x weekly, preferably with a side dish of sea kelp to counter the excitotoxins with anti-oxidants.
When people use a daily protein or meal replacement shake, or TWO, for meal replacement or for weight loss, and it is soy based- they are adding a LOT of excitoxins, glutamate, and acid-based foods to their regimen.  On the outside one cannot see what that is doing to a body on the inside, but from all I have read - I wouldn't want to go there.

Whey can be a better option - but only if it is made from milk from grass fed cows free of anti-biotics, etc. AND only if it is cold processed, as again, heat and processing changes the molecular structure and we end up with FRANKENfood. Like all dairy products, whey protein isolates fall on the acidic side of the pH scale - key is for balance between acid and alkaline based foods. Even organic origin whey is inflammatory - as are all animal food products. Inflammation contributes to  disease, cancer, and general unwell-ness.

No matter what shake you choose, know your source and trust that raw goods are tested for purity. Protein shakes have made news headlines on more than one occasion due to traces of heavy metals, arsenic, and more. You might be surprised to learn that some of your favorite, popular brands do not pass the testing for purity.  With protein shakes you truly get what you pay for.
  Artificial ingredients can be problematic for your body to excrete. They build up inside.  My chiropractor shared with me that he sees an increase in kidney stones come February as many people, wanting to lose weight, hop on board a well advertised weight watching diet plan that includes their brand of canned shakes.  Don't be fooled by "Sucralose" - another name for toxic Splenda.  I looked up ingredients in a very popular whey based shake advocated by a health and wellness company to learn that it contains sucralose. Also, if Stevia is being used make sure it is raw Stevia and not the RebA processed version. Note to those adding Truvia to your coffee - it is not "healthy".

An interview with neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, discusses the adverse affects of artificial ingredients and effects of hydrolyzed soy proteins, and as Blaylock states, you will never learn the truth about milk in the media. Suffice to say is, that although I am the daughter of a dairy farmer, I will not give my children store bought milk. I encourage you to learn much more about this by checking out the Natural News interview with Blaylock here.

If you are going to jump in on a 24, 28 or 30 day program, and you are going to incorporate shakes as a part of the program - do your own diligence and analyze the product.  As I said, I have no doubt you can lose weight from any one brand. The question I am putting forth is, "while you are losing weight for outward appearances, what is happening on the inside on a cellular level?"  Feeling your best begins from within. If your meals are costing you around a buck, it would actually make me question the ingredients and quality. Good health into your senior years requires thinking not of short term, but instead long term effects, of your food choices.

I find it interesting when people state they cannot afford a $2 meal replacement shake.  Years ago I did the math, thinking the same thing - so I can relate.. until I realized I was actually paying more for my breakfast, which either required I cook it (time must be factored in), or I stop enroute to work and get it. I can tell you a latte alone, or a travel mug of organic coffee, costs more than $2. Of course the meals after breakfast become even more expensive.  Three of the four of us drink a pea/brown rice/cranberry based pure and safe protein meal replacement shake for our breakfast - and it has actually been beneficial for our family budget. Not only do we save, but we are getting nutrients, anti-oxidants, minerals, and all essential amino acids as we start off our day.

I hope this day finds you feeling and living great!

To your health,
Rita S.


  1. Thank you Rita for sharing your blog and for doing the research on things that a lot of people haven't a clue on unless they really do care about what is going into their bodies. I know you mentioned in this article Stevia, "Reb"-stevia, just to let your readers know I don't know which is worse the Stevia or the Coffee, I'm sure you know that coffee is very acidic and it sucks the calcium right out of your bones. So our best bet is to lose both of these.
    On the topic of cold pressed, for example: Olive oil is processed in a manner that damages its nutritional content. Most of the time people are not getting what they think they are buying when they purchase a bottle of olive oil(hence the scandal in the olive oil industry which was first broadcast by the BBC and by ABC news) Almost all olive oil is processed and diluted in ways that result in the loss of vitamins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and other nutrients, not to mention the addition/creation of toxins. While researching this topic, You can find it in "Never Be Sick Again by "Raymond Francis, M.Sc." I learned, at the time of his print that he had only found one U.S. producer that's doing everything right. His findings was Bariani Olive Oil.
    Rita, sorry for rattling on, and again, Thank you for sharing and researching. I just thought that I would add a little knowledge of my own as I'm sure down the line you may have added anyway. Thank you for giving me a little space on your blog.
    G. Reed

  2. Thank you Geri! I always value your input - you and I are on a like mission for cancer prevention education. I am ready Francis' book - highly recommend it!
    Coffee, if one cannot break the addiction, should be dark and organic, which is more alkaline than others. Raw stevia, my understanding, is a healthy choice - not the same as the processed Reb.

  3. Thanks for the insight, Rita! A lot of people jump on fad diets without taking the time to research and analyze what they’re doing to their bodies. And as you mentioned, there are those who scoff at the price of supplements when the total money they spend on fast food products amounts to the same, or even higher, price. Being well-informed of the facts, both by own research and with a doctor/nutritionist’s input, is much better than jumping right into things or disregarding them altogether.

    Erlinda Lilly

  4. Does anyone know about Gaspari Detonate?

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