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30 day Healthy Living Challenge Biggest Loser

I am so very proud of my AB 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge team!
Team TnT lost a total of 76 INCHES in the month of January - with 12 people it averages to 6.333"/person. Thats\'s the AB Advantage!
Three people really carried the team - and were close in numbers, with the BIGGEST LOSER, my sister Diane, losing a total of 12" and 20 lbs., 2nd place was Sheila, having lost 11 inches, and third place, and so close, was Kelly with a loss of 10.5 inches. KUDOS to these amazing ladies!!
I am proud to introduce my sister, Diane, of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Diane held true to the 30 day Healthy Living Challenge plan.  Although she had plenty of opportunities, she held fast and true to the plan and although she WAS not tempted by elimination  foods on the list to "avoid" - she did not give in and chose instead to be transformed!
Because Diane was so successful I asked her to share what her protocol had been through the challenge, which began January 2 and ended January 31. Diane writes:

I used the Arbonne protein shake and fiber booster every morning for breakfast. I had a strawberry or blueberry vanilla Arbonne protein shake. (which means she added berries to her vanilla shake.)
For lunch I had a salad and protein .... usually leftover chicken, hardboiled egg, turkeyburger (no bun etc). Except those few days I ran out of greens when I just took leftover dinner. My salad usually had sunflower seeds and homemad raspberry vinegrette dressing.(the vinegar used was Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar.)

For dinner, I had more variety.
I only had red meat twice... roast beef 1 night and beef hamburger another night.
I had things like turkey chili, chicken and a vegetable - like broccoli or cauliflower, chicken brown rice soup (Recipe from the official 30 Day plan - although I ran out of broth so it turned into more of a goulash, but quite yummy). My favorite dish was brown rice pasta with turkey burger and marinara sauce.
In addition to cutting out gluten, dairy etc, I cut way down on the carbs.  Sometimes at dinner I just had protein and vegetable... other times I had brown rice pasta or brown rice.
As far as exercise, I started up again, but nothing really regular until halfway through the month as it is so hard to always find the time after work, and I really hate exercising first thing in the morning.  So halfway through the month, I came up with the idea of doing my 10 min. ab routine every morning before work (haven't missed a day of it yet) and since it only involves laying on a mat, I don't mind doing it in the morning.  Then my husband and I tried to work out after work together, but it wasn't every day.  Sometimes it was Tony Horton's 10 minute workout (believe it or not, it still makes you pretty tired).  Sometimes it was the easy 24 min. workout we have, I rarely got the 47 min workout in at all.  I still need to improve here.

I also used Prolief (days 12-26) this month... most days twice a day, but sometimes I forgot and it was 1 x a day. And I used the 7 day body cleanse wks 2, 3, and 4 couple days each week. I believe that was about it.

Diane said her family is definitely making some permanent changes to their eating plans, which is really the purpose of the 30 day plan to begin with - it is about making life changes. She and her family  had discussions about greens so they would get the kind everyone was willing to eat (aka mixed greens were chosen over spinach), less gluten and carbs in their future, etc.
I will note that in addition to her eating plan Diane incorporated Prolief - a natural bio-identical progesterone cream into her weight loss plan.  Progesterone is a hormone that counters the effects of estrogen, and many women are estrogen dominant in relation to progesterone once they pass the age of 35.   Because progesterone is both anabolic and thermogenic, it converts fat to energy; and I personally give Prolief much credit towards my own 85 lb. weight loss a couple of years ago.  For the 30 day challenge I did not follow the plan to a T, gave in to temptation, and only managed to bring my overall weight loss to 90.  I was hoping to hit 100 - but I still have not figured out how to find time for exercise in my life of two jobs.

I am so proud of all TnT team members. Keep on blasting away at those pounds TnT - transformation not temptation!!
I hope you feel great, look great and live great - and if not, let me help you transform!

To your health, 

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