Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Protein Bar Recipes for the New Year

We are days away to kicking off the new year with the 30 Day Essentials Feeling Fit Detox "diet". I wanted to have a gluten-free, peanut free, soy free - basically allergen free protein bar available containing detox approved ingredients. This recipe does a pretty good job - although I did add in organic agave nectar as I had no Stevia in the house. Make the substitution and these bars should be 100% detox approved, as detox diets do not allow sugars.

Almond Nut Detox Bars
1 jar almond butter (Maranatha 26 oz roasted almond butter)
2 T. juice from ½ orange (at room temperature)
2 c. organic quinoa (uncooked)
4 scoops Essentials vanilla protein mix
2 scoops Essentials fiber boost
1 ½ c. dried blueberries (or cranberries)
½ c. golden flaxseed
1 c. chia seed
1 c. pecan chopped pecan meats
1 c. walnuts – finely chopped (processed, almost like nut flour)
1 T. korintje cinnamon
¾ c. agave nectar or Stevia substitution
1 c. sliced almonds

In large mixing bowl place contents of almond butter jar (note: this is much easier if you prep the jar by tipping it upside down, back and forth 3-4 times the prior day as the separated oil will automatically mix), and orange juice, stir well.
In separate bowl stir dry ingredients together and add into almond butter mixture, stirring with sturdy wooden spoon until blended. Add in agave nectar, as needed, until mixture is well blended and sticks together well. Place into a large bar pan, and use spoon to flatten mixture out into bar pan. Cover and let refrigerate a couple hours before cutting into bars. Bars may be placed into snack bags for on the go snacking. Keeps well in refrigerator for a month (if they last that long!), and can also be frozen.

Kid’s Delight PB n Chocolate Bars
28 oz jar of organic peanut butter
3 cups rolled organic oats
2 scoops Essentials chocolate protein powder
1 scoop Essentials fiber boost
2 c. peanut halves
1 c. mini semi sweet chocolate chips
½ c. dark chocolate chips (optional)
1 c. organic honey
When shopping for chocolate read labels and find chips with least amount of additives. Check a health food store – beware of high fructose corn syrup and artificial this or that!
In large metal mixing bowl place contents of peanut butter jar, stir if needed with wooden spoon until creamy.
In separate bowl stir first three dry ingredients. Stir into peanut butter. When well blended add in peanuts, chocolate chips and honey. Blend well and place onto large bar pan – flatten out with wooden spoon. Chill thoroughly before cutting in to bars.

These bars received rave reviews at my New Year New You class tonight. They are no bake - pretty simple to make although some muscle is required to stir the mixture. I suppose a good KitchenAid type mixer could handle it fine.
Package individually for school snacks or snacks on the go. These bars are very satisfying, so it does not take a large bar to curb one's appetite. Because they are no bake they are simple to whip up a batch for your new year, and incorporate into your new year, new you eating plan!

To your health,
Rita S.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is a changed lifestyle of eating worth it?

We are born in an alkaline state...but in all likliehood, we will die in an acidic one unless one decides to take charge of their health and well being, and is on purpose to provide an alkaline, internal environment, one that is not cancer cell friendly.
Per Dr. Bruce West "...probably everyone over age 50 has cancer cells of one sort or another in their body at any given time. Most will never know it is there because their body will simply cure it. These are the survivors. The strong people - ones with a strong immune system..."
‎" can be a survivor. Once you know cancer thrives in an acidic, anaerobic (without oxygen), toxic, and immune -weakened environment in your body....taking steps to maintain proper acid/alkaline balance, increase oxygen levels, decrease toxin levels or detoxify the body, and strengthen the immune system are the keys to preventing cancer. Although it may seem daunting, it is not only easy, but it can become a way of life..."
Dr. Bruce West IS one of those doctors curing cancer. He was interviewed in KNOCKOUT and I just quoted him above in reading "Killing Cancer...Not People". I have to agree with his statements, from all I have read…let common sense prevail! I will probably subscribe to West’s health newsletter soon, and add to my ever growing library of resources.

Yesterday a friend asked, what if after all I have changed, and all I am doing- fails and I end up with cancer anyhow. What if…
First, I can say most assuredly….what if I had NOT changed my ways. I was already on the fast track to type II diabetes, chronic back pain, achy joints, continuous sinus drainage. Because I did change my eating habits, lost 85 lbs. – all of those symptoms that add up to a less enjoyable life, are now gone. I feel the best I have felt in 20+ years…and that alone, makes a lifestyle eating change, totally WORTH it. I could die tomorrow very happy and feeling GREAT!
If I do get cancer…well, for one it means I started too late. At age 47, I had plenty of years of built up toxins, prime cancer cell growing lifestyle, and ignorant consumer shopping habits leading up to the “C” word.
But I also know that my immune system is fantastic. I have rarely gotten sick these past two years, and if I do I breeze through it pretty quickly. A healthy immune system is half the battle in fighting the “big C”. If I do get cancer, I would immediately buy a juicer and start juicing wheatgrass and all sorts of low-glycemic vegetables, pump in oxygen, and immediately detoxify my inner organs so that my liver could function at prime capacity.
I will keep on keeping on doing what I am doing. It is working for me. My entire family is benefiting from healthier food choices. When we are all healthier, we are a happy family as well. You can also enjoy greater health in 2012. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
To your health,
Rita S.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Healthy New Year - Part 2

Optimal Nutrition for Fat Loss
Excerpted from an e-blast by Dr. Mercola...
It is important to understand that 80 percent of your ability to reduce excess body fat is determined by what you eat, with the other 20 percent related to exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits.
The greatest pitfall of the American diet that prevents untold millions from reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is excess fructose consumption. It's the number one source of calories in the US, and this ingredient, primarily in the form of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), hides in so many processed foods and beverages, it can be near impossible to avoid unless you alter your shopping and cooking habits. By avoiding processed foods in general, and focusing instead on whole, preferably locally-grown organic foods, you can plow your way through one of the greatest dietary obstacles there is today.
Next, you'll want to pay close attention to your consumption of grains (including organic ones) as they too readily break down into sugar, and promote insulin resistance and retention of body fat.
Following is a quick summary of Mercola's basic recommendations, which pretty much looks like the 30 day detox program I plan to start on January 1st:
· Limit your fructose to less than 25 grams per day. Ideally, you'll also want to limit the amount of fructose from fruit to 15 grams per day, as you're likely consuming 'hidden' fructose if you eat even small amounts of processed foods or sweetened beverages
· Limit or eliminate all processed foods
· Eliminate all gluten, and highly allergenic foods from your diet
· Eat organic foods whenever possible, preferably locally-grown
· Eat at least one-third of your food uncooked (raw), or as much as you can manage
· Increase the amount of fresh vegetables in your diet
· Avoid artificial sweeteners of all kinds
· Swap all trans fats (vegetable oils, margarine etc.) for healthful fats like raw grass-fed organic butter or coconut oil
· To re-balance your omega-3 to omega-6 ratio, take a high-quality omega-3 supplement, such as krill oil, and reduce your consumption of processed omega-6 fats from vegetable oils (trans fats) (I use a very high quality vegan Omega 3 supplement that utilizes flax and chia seed oils)
· Drink plenty of pure water
· Optimize your vitamin D levels, either through appropriate sun exposure, a safe tanning bed (I don't agree with tanning beds), or a vitamin D3 supplement (if you are vegan and wish for a vegan D supplement, the source will have to vitamin D2, which, when formulated correctly is very absorbable, such as the calcium/D supplementation I take. Quality of vitamin supplementation is especially key in Vitamin D)

I hope you find this list helpful. It has very much become my mantra in in enjoying a healthier lifestyle. I didn't follow the plan of a renowned, or not so well known doctor, a highly publicized fad diet such as Atkins or South Beach, but in general...absorbed information from various health newsletters and utilized my new knowledge, common sense, and scriptural references to foods we should eat...and the result was a much healthier me!

To your health,

Monday, December 26, 2011

Healthy New Year Tips - Part 1

Beginning January 1 myself and a number of others are going to be participating in the Million Pound Challenge. Losing pounds, or commiting to exercise, we can help stock the local food pantries. It's a win win!
Over the past 18 mo. I have read much and have shared much. Dr. Mercola found this list of tips in a yahoo compilation, which he is advocates, and I can affirm I have read in a number of sources. I thought I would share this summarized list of tips here, should you have a new year's resolution of living a healthier lifestyle.
1. Eat at the magic hour: Have a snack that contains protein between 3 PM and 4 PM. It will boost your metabolism and balance your blood sugar.
2. Beef up on a belly-zapping hormone: Eat as close to zero grams of sugar as possible. This will keep your insulin levels low, and also keep your glucagon levels high. Glucagon, a hormone, helps keep your belly flat
3. Chew on this: Chewing prevents bloating. Chew food until it is like applesauce in your mouth. (Seriously, do we EVER do this? But it is important!) Digestion begins in the mouth, and better-digested food means less gas and bloating.
4. Size matters: Eating portion-controlled meals will reduce your abdominal flab.

Building muscle, losing fat, and improving overall health is dependent on one very important hormone -- insulin. The website offers 6 tips to get your insulin sensitivity high and keep it there. Here are three of them:
1. Tighten the reins on refined carbs: One of the primary reasons people develop diabetes is their overconsumption of refined carbs and sugars, which causes their pancreas to continually pump out more and more insulin.
2. Have some healthy fats: Another way to increase your insulin sensitivity is by optimizing the rate at which your body processes carbohydrates by eating plenty of healthy fats.
3. Stay active all day: Most people hit the gym regularly, but they succumb to long periods of inactivity during the rest of their day. This is asking for trouble. (My one thought on how we can somewhat address this problem is to try and take a 20 min. walk during lunch time. Even in the winter, have hiking boots and wool socks along, a parka in real cold temps, and walk briskly in brisk temperatures. I did this last winter, making sure I had the sun shining on my face when it actually shone, and it gave me energy through the afternoon.)
The above tips nicely review and summarize blog posts I have made throughout the year - if you seek more detail on these tips you can search for key words or find the topic in the topic cloud tag.
If you are a local reader, I invite you to join me in my home on Thursday, Dec. 29th at 6:45 pm or Saturday morning, Dec. 31, at 10:45 for a "New Year New You" class. In this class I will be sharing my own journey to weight loss, as well as samples of several Essentials foods that were a part of my health journey toolbox.
To your health,

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Indulgences

Merry Christmas all! If you are like me, you may have indulged in sugar laden treats, or simple carbs in the form of crackers, homemade breads, pretzels and such as holiday open houses and parties have been a part of my life these past few weeks. For certain I will need to cleanse my body after this holiday season is past.
Knowing I had over indulged, I was pleasantly surprised last night when I hopped on the balance-style hospital scale at my mother-in-laws home last night. I had fully expected to have put on a number of pounds from the last time I weighed myself (which was this past summer it seems). Happily the scale was the same, perhaps a pound lighter than I recall. It can only mean that I must have lost some more weight, OR my metabolism has been so greatly changed that I can fall off the "health food wagon" and my reprogrammed body continues to burn fat and resist "insulin resistance".
This was truly a great Christmas gift. Not that I am going to take my health for granted. The new year is days a way, and I will certainly be hopping back on the "healthy lifestyle" wagon, not because I have a serious health problem, but because it is my deep desire to not be diagnosed with a serious health issue in my future.
For my sake, and that of my family, in 2012 I will refocus on vital living through healthy eating, and incorporate excercise into the year ahead.
To your health,
Rita S.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Vitality 2012 - Wellness for a Community

In my journey to lose 85 lbs and keep it off - I have LEARNED TONS. I have read so many books and articles this past year, and continue to do so. My brain is on overload with all the information I read...and I love to share what I learn. Thus the inspiration for forming a community support/accountability group for people who want to make healthier and smarter choices at the grocery store. Anyone can do what I have accomplished, simply by learning to make more wise choices.
This past fall I was speaking with several ladies at Crossroads Coffeehouse, and Mary Devitt, the owner. My friend Stacy Carlson has mentioned several times that we should form a support group for weight loss, and Mary was in agreement. With Stacy and Mary's help, we are launching Vitality 2012 - Crossing Over to Healthier Eating. This new community group will meet on the third Sunday of each month from 3-5 p.m. Anyone can join. There is no fee, however, I may end up asking for a bit of assistance with cost of making copies, especially if this group grows.
It seems I will be leading the group ... This is a natural for me as I have had this role in many organizations I have been a part of in the past, and have always loved teaching. This also means I will have to set aside preparation time each month as we want to have a topic for discussion each time. My goal is to provide a handout, go over some points and toss around thoughts and ideas. With all of the health newsletters I subscribe to and books I read, there is plenty to share!
The main premise of this group is for members to support one another, whether it is in a desire to lose weight or simply have more energy. We are to hold each other accountable, share successes and ideas, and hopefully even healthy recipe ideas. No, we don't have to divulge our weight, nor will we weigh in each time... but we do want to encourage one another!

Mary Devitt suggested our group might even tie in with the community garden that was launched this past year. For those who would like, we might gather before the meeting to take a walk.

I have MANY files on my computer with bullet points and paragraphs of information I thought important enough to blog (when I have the chance). The commitment to this group will mean forcing myself to sort through those files. I also have a file drawer with a number of articles that are earmarked "research for community group". I suspect I have plenty of information to share, and will probably be spending lunch hours preparing each month. (LOL)

Today I brainstormed topic ideas. If YOU have suggestions please feel free to comment. Or if there is one topic in particular you would prefer we touch base upon earlier vs. later.

Vitality 2012 Suggested Topics, In no particular order:

1. Pyramid for healthy eating (this is NOT the food pyramid I grew up with!)

2. Label reading - ingredients that prevent weight loss and contribute to disease

3. Good Fats/Bad Fats (Oils & Nuts, Spread vs. Butter)

4. Digestion - Importance of a Healthy Gut

5. pH - Acidic vs. Alkaline Foods - Why Should We Care?

6. Detoxification - Why A Healthy Liver is Key for Weight Loss

7. The Spice of Life - Spices that Promote Health

8. Hormonally Balanced Food Choices

9. Type II Diabetes and High Cholesterol - Is There a Connection

10. From the Ground Up - Being Aware of Plants/Foods That Absorb Trace Metals

11. Inflammatory & Allergenic Foods - How To Listen To Your Body

12. Vitamin Supplementation - Is It Money Down the Toilet?

I would also like to see a CSA vendor fair, inviting local organic farmers to set up booths and share what their farm offers. I especially find the ones who provide recipes on how to use produce, like rutabagas, very helpful. (LOL) In Cross Plains we are blessed with MANY trails thanks to the Ice Age Trail...and I would like to invite IATA to share with our group the various trail options in or near our town and how we can access them.

Soon a book and group of ideas from a PBS pledge drive we supported, "Eat to Live Well" will be arriving in the new year. I know it will become an important resource in preparing for these meetings, and was thinking ahead to this group forming when I decided to make the pledge. I am confident that high cholesterol, type II diabetes, achy joints and a malady of other common ailments can be reduced or eliminated through the information this series will provide. My husband is looking forward to learning as well - and our 2012 family goal is to continue our journey to restored vitality, and eat as God intended.

We will have a sign up sheet down at Crossroads soon to get a handle on the number of people interested, so that I can prepare enough handouts. Watch for it, or be sure to e-mail me ( or Stacy Carlson ( if you plan to attend.

To your health,

Rita S.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cancer "Do Nots"

Recently I learned about an organization called the American Anti-Cancer Institute, as it endorses the skincare and nutrition products that my company offers. I love that…as the anti-cancer perspective IS the greatest reason I got into the business of offering Swiss-formulated, pure, safe and beneficial products.
It is a site worth perusing. I will share a few items from their site. I encourage you to send people who have cancer to this site, and also to support this organization with monetary donations if you are considering year end contributions.
I am glad to note that my family has already taken action towards many of the items on the “avoid these” lists. We have not cut out the microwave completely, but are reducing its use. We bought a teapot for heating water after learning that microwaved water is essentially “dead” water, as the microwaves change the molecular structure. Someday I hope we can afford a filtered water system, but at least we have well water and are not subject to chlorinated city water.

1. Stop drinking and bathing in tap water; use a chlorine shower filter
2. Stop using flouride toothpaste

3. Stop using anti-perspirant; (you've got armpits for a reason) Deodorant, OK, if non-aluminum
4. Stop using teflon coated cookware
5. Stop cooking most of your food, go raw as much as possible
6. Cut out TV dinners and microwave cooked food
7. Discard dairy products except for the Budwig protocol (occasional goat milk OK)
8. Stop drinking regular and diet sodas, products with added sugar and/or aspartame, and acid-forming beverages including sports drinks. Stop drinking bottled water. Use filtered water and if possible, ionized water.
9. Cut down red meat consumption -- once per week acceptable, if organic
10. Don't eat farm fed fish, buy it Wild, please

There is MUCH MUCH information to take in on this site. I have only just begun, and downloaded the e-book. I look forward to delving into that as soon as I am done reading The China Study.

To your health!
Rita S.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fructose - A Sweet Surprise

Today I received an email from Newsmax, publishers of the Blaylock Wellness Report that I often cite here. A product called Slimtevia is being offered, which sounds like a super replacement for sugar.
If you have tried Stevia, you may associate this all natural sweetener, alternative to sugar, as having a slightly bitter aftertaste. The company who is offering Slimtevia has found that the tiniest bit of fructose helps to offset the bitterness, making a sweetener that so mimics sugar that it is guaranteed that you won't be able to tell the difference.
Their explanation of fructose, in my opinion, was stellar...and I thought I would share this with you today. Basically, this is a cut and paste...I cannot take credit for the information as it comes from the makers of Slimtevia.
Here are some surprising health facts about fructose you may not know...Won’t spike blood sugar. While both table sugar and HFCS cause sharp spikes in blood sugar levels, fructose does not produce this effect.
Lowest GI of all sugars. Fructose has the lowest glycemic load and Glycemic Index (GI) rating of all natural sugars (GI is a measure of how quickly a food affects blood sugar). Pure glucose has a GI value of 100. HFCS ranks at 73. Table sugar weighs in at 65. Honey has a GI of 55. Skim milk is 31. And fructose is a very low 19.
Good for bad blood sugar. Because it does not cause surges and dips in blood glucose levels, small amounts of fructose are actually considered beneficial to people with blood sugar disorders. (Studies show that fructose consumed before a meal can lessen the total rise in blood glucose levels after eating.
Click here to see the research.)
Doesn’t trigger insulin. Fructose is often recommended for people with diabetes because it does not trigger the production of insulin when consumed in small amounts.
Actually decreases blood sugar. In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, researchers found that in small doses, fructose actually LOWERS blood glucose -- and it was more effective at doing so in people who had poor glucose tolerance.
Satisfies hunger longer. Consuming fructose instead of glucose results in lower circulating levels of leptin (the hormone responsible for appetite), and elevated levels of ghrelin (the hormone which governs hunger satisfaction).
Less is more. Fructose is twice as sweet as sugar and HFCS.This means you need far less fructose to achieve the same level of sweetness. Result? Fewer calories of fructose achieve the same “sweetness satisfaction” as real sugar.

I admit, after reading this, I had an "ah ha" moment as I now understand why my favorite AB protein shake uses a trace amount of fructose, along with the stevia, as the natural sweetener. Now, when people express concern that fructose is on the ingredient list, I can assure them it is a good thing.

To your health!
Rita S.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Malnutrition is linked to obesity

If your body doesn't get the nutrition it needs it goes on the defensive, this may sound weird, but true. Dieting and cutting calories drastically doesn't work. If you truly want to lose weight you have to give your body the nutrients it needs to survive. If you do not, it thinks it is "starving" and every ounce of fat you have will be retained "for the famine ahead."
What you eat is more important than how much you eat. On my journey to lose 85 lbs., I never once counted calories, checked for carb grams, or tallied points. It was a change of mindset that warranted my success. Now, I did not count calories, but DID read labels. I watched for chemicals that retain fat on the body - such as glutamates (MSG), saccharin, aspartame; and those that spiked insulin production thereby storing fat - sugars, simple carbs, high fructose corn syrup.
It was important to detox my liver with an alkaline based detox derived from sea algae - as a dysfunctioning liver does not properly digest and utilize food, and can be a blame for weight gain. (This is a topic in itself.)
Today, I want to share the importance of taking a QUALITY multi-vitamin. Now, I do have friends who don't believe in vitamins - they claim to get all they need from whole foods. Interestingly enough, all the doctors whose health publications I read are pro-vitamin people. Dr. Russel Blaylock and Dr. Mercola state that U.S. soils are so depleted of nutrients that the whole foods, the spinach, greens, vegetables and fruits we depend on for beneficial nutrients, do not have the same nutrition-packed power as produce of the early 1900s. Dr. Peter Matravers states one would need to consume 5500 calories per day to get all the needed nutrients. Now, I know I could personally not consume that much - I am not physical enough to eat 5500 calories without becoming obese. One of my friends that is all about whole foods - is a daily "power athlete", as I would describe her ...and she can burn all that.
I want to share a post by Dr. Mark Hyman, whose blog you may want to subscribe to. He states, "Overwhelming basic science and experimental data support the use of nutritional supplements for the prevention of disease and the support of optimal health." Supplementation SAVES you money when you spend less on co-pays to the doctors office, Rx, OTC drugs - and health alone is worth its weight in gold, which many of us never realize until it is gone.
He provoides great insight, AND links to studies to back up his article, on the importance of quality vitamins, check it out.
Note that he stresses QUALITY vitamins, as I have in past posts. ORAC value is important. Dr. Peter Matravers says, “it’s not how much you eat but how much you absorb”.
ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity and is an indicator of a substance's ability to absorb (stabilize) radical oxygen molecules in the body that are responsible for many different types of cellular damage.
The vitamins my husband and I use have an ORAC value of 10,000 - which makes them a potent anti-oxidant part of our nutritional plan.
Often I am asked how much my vitamin has of this or that. Let's take calcium as an example. My vitamin brand has 600 mg of calcium citrate.
When someone makes a comment that they need to take 800 mg of calcium a day I ask what the ORAC value is of the supplement they are currently using. If they do not know I ask them to inquire, and explain: For any supplement to be labeled standard process it has to have a minimum ORAC value of 4000. What this means, is that non standardized supplements available from over the counter department store brands have an ORAC value less than 4000. Which supplement would you absorb more calcium from? 600 mgs of calcium citrate at an ORAC value of 10,000, OR 800 mgs of calcium with an ORAC value of 2000, or 400, or even 150, which is not uncommon in inexpensive supplements.
Make sense? You truly get what you pay for, and often people are flushing their hard earned dollars with inexpensive brands. Since we have been taking our essential vitamins daily, we have become a healthy family. Because our family nutrition includes multi-vitamins, vegan Omega 3s and other individually geared supplements, our metabolism is healthier, which results in healthier poeple.
2011 has been a great year for us. Our garden did well, and we may expand it this coming year. We expect to feel even more great in 2012 as we continue to explore whole food nutrition, cook creatively without convenience of malnourishing processed foods, and shop more from local farmers. We are fortunate to have several within a few short miles from our home that sell direct. CSAs are becoming more abundant, be sure to look one up in your area!
Lastly, I am booking into January for "New Year, New You" classes. Are you already considering a 2012 weight loss resolution? Are you confused by calorie counting, carbs, point systems, and label reading? This is my passion and I would be happy to share how I successfully lost 85 lbs. by doing only one of those things...label reading. Contact me to book your class for January, or jump start yet this December by booking a class the evenings of December 27, 28 or 30th!

To your health,
Rita S.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Health Activisit Nominations are Open

Hi All,
I have a new post started on the importance of liver detox, but it may be a few days before I sift through the information I have gathered to create a plausible post.
Meanwhile, I received an email from WEGO, an organization I recently joined.
They are accepting nominations for health activist of the year - there are a number of categories. Perhaps you enjoy my blog and would like to nominate Purely Living - because truth is, who wouldn't want some prizes? I have no idea what they are, but I assume would be health related and I am always up for continued improvement of my health.
Previously I shared how important it is for me to be able to give back with my helath and wellness business. Today my company announced that it is partnering with the "Look good...feel better" program, which empowers and educates cancer patients all over the world in making smarter decisions for their well being and look and feel great at the same time. In December they will be donating $350,000 in retail product to these programs - now THAT is GIVING BACK!
I love the organization and ethics of my network marketing company. I love the values and beliefs that it stands for, and I LOVE that it gives back - always.
If you take the time to nominate me as a health activist - I thank you ahead of time.

To your health,
Rita S.