Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Protein Bar Recipes for the New Year

We are days away to kicking off the new year with the 30 Day Essentials Feeling Fit Detox "diet". I wanted to have a gluten-free, peanut free, soy free - basically allergen free protein bar available containing detox approved ingredients. This recipe does a pretty good job - although I did add in organic agave nectar as I had no Stevia in the house. Make the substitution and these bars should be 100% detox approved, as detox diets do not allow sugars.

Almond Nut Detox Bars
1 jar almond butter (Maranatha 26 oz roasted almond butter)
2 T. juice from ½ orange (at room temperature)
2 c. organic quinoa (uncooked)
4 scoops Essentials vanilla protein mix
2 scoops Essentials fiber boost
1 ½ c. dried blueberries (or cranberries)
½ c. golden flaxseed
1 c. chia seed
1 c. pecan chopped pecan meats
1 c. walnuts – finely chopped (processed, almost like nut flour)
1 T. korintje cinnamon
¾ c. agave nectar or Stevia substitution
1 c. sliced almonds

In large mixing bowl place contents of almond butter jar (note: this is much easier if you prep the jar by tipping it upside down, back and forth 3-4 times the prior day as the separated oil will automatically mix), and orange juice, stir well.
In separate bowl stir dry ingredients together and add into almond butter mixture, stirring with sturdy wooden spoon until blended. Add in agave nectar, as needed, until mixture is well blended and sticks together well. Place into a large bar pan, and use spoon to flatten mixture out into bar pan. Cover and let refrigerate a couple hours before cutting into bars. Bars may be placed into snack bags for on the go snacking. Keeps well in refrigerator for a month (if they last that long!), and can also be frozen.

Kid’s Delight PB n Chocolate Bars
28 oz jar of organic peanut butter
3 cups rolled organic oats
2 scoops Essentials chocolate protein powder
1 scoop Essentials fiber boost
2 c. peanut halves
1 c. mini semi sweet chocolate chips
½ c. dark chocolate chips (optional)
1 c. organic honey
When shopping for chocolate read labels and find chips with least amount of additives. Check a health food store – beware of high fructose corn syrup and artificial this or that!
In large metal mixing bowl place contents of peanut butter jar, stir if needed with wooden spoon until creamy.
In separate bowl stir first three dry ingredients. Stir into peanut butter. When well blended add in peanuts, chocolate chips and honey. Blend well and place onto large bar pan – flatten out with wooden spoon. Chill thoroughly before cutting in to bars.

These bars received rave reviews at my New Year New You class tonight. They are no bake - pretty simple to make although some muscle is required to stir the mixture. I suppose a good KitchenAid type mixer could handle it fine.
Package individually for school snacks or snacks on the go. These bars are very satisfying, so it does not take a large bar to curb one's appetite. Because they are no bake they are simple to whip up a batch for your new year, and incorporate into your new year, new you eating plan!

To your health,
Rita S.

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