Monday, December 26, 2011

Healthy New Year Tips - Part 1

Beginning January 1 myself and a number of others are going to be participating in the Million Pound Challenge. Losing pounds, or commiting to exercise, we can help stock the local food pantries. It's a win win!
Over the past 18 mo. I have read much and have shared much. Dr. Mercola found this list of tips in a yahoo compilation, which he is advocates, and I can affirm I have read in a number of sources. I thought I would share this summarized list of tips here, should you have a new year's resolution of living a healthier lifestyle.
1. Eat at the magic hour: Have a snack that contains protein between 3 PM and 4 PM. It will boost your metabolism and balance your blood sugar.
2. Beef up on a belly-zapping hormone: Eat as close to zero grams of sugar as possible. This will keep your insulin levels low, and also keep your glucagon levels high. Glucagon, a hormone, helps keep your belly flat
3. Chew on this: Chewing prevents bloating. Chew food until it is like applesauce in your mouth. (Seriously, do we EVER do this? But it is important!) Digestion begins in the mouth, and better-digested food means less gas and bloating.
4. Size matters: Eating portion-controlled meals will reduce your abdominal flab.

Building muscle, losing fat, and improving overall health is dependent on one very important hormone -- insulin. The website offers 6 tips to get your insulin sensitivity high and keep it there. Here are three of them:
1. Tighten the reins on refined carbs: One of the primary reasons people develop diabetes is their overconsumption of refined carbs and sugars, which causes their pancreas to continually pump out more and more insulin.
2. Have some healthy fats: Another way to increase your insulin sensitivity is by optimizing the rate at which your body processes carbohydrates by eating plenty of healthy fats.
3. Stay active all day: Most people hit the gym regularly, but they succumb to long periods of inactivity during the rest of their day. This is asking for trouble. (My one thought on how we can somewhat address this problem is to try and take a 20 min. walk during lunch time. Even in the winter, have hiking boots and wool socks along, a parka in real cold temps, and walk briskly in brisk temperatures. I did this last winter, making sure I had the sun shining on my face when it actually shone, and it gave me energy through the afternoon.)
The above tips nicely review and summarize blog posts I have made throughout the year - if you seek more detail on these tips you can search for key words or find the topic in the topic cloud tag.
If you are a local reader, I invite you to join me in my home on Thursday, Dec. 29th at 6:45 pm or Saturday morning, Dec. 31, at 10:45 for a "New Year New You" class. In this class I will be sharing my own journey to weight loss, as well as samples of several Essentials foods that were a part of my health journey toolbox.
To your health,

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