Friday, November 19, 2010

Doc Gives Overview of Protein Shake

I came across this video on YouTube - this doctor taught me something about the protein shake I enjoy each morning. She explains an ingredient that helps prevent sugar craving. It sure explains why I haven't been getting hungry or having  a desire to snack and eat sweets when I follow my morning routine of protein shake and healthy salad for lunch!
One day this week I took a sub to work for lunch - Jesse had a meeting Tuesday night and they sent some remaining subs home with him. That morning I had oatmeal (which is good for me) and by mid-morning I was feeling hungry. When I have a protein shake I can often go until 1 pm before I feel hungry. The day I had that sub for lunch ...I felt like I was starving when I left work that day and I know I ate a larger portion of food for dinner that night. Wednesday was not a good day.
Without further ado...Dr. Wesley shares her experience with AB products.


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