Thursday, November 20, 2014


I love nature.  The plants, animals, all of God's amazing creation.  I love how beneficial fresh produce is for our bodies (after I wash it of course).  Plants are super conductors of our environment. Have you ever thought about that? 

Our soils contain trace metals, which feed into the plants.  Think about the world in which we live... The air rains down "acid".  Radiation from nuclear plant tragedies are polluting our ocean AND radiation is travelling across the ocean to pollute the work of organic farmers. NOT only in California - even the midwest is being reached. Check out this map that shows concentrations of radiation across the continent. I live in Wisconsin, and not for one moment am I disillusioned into thinking that even though I grow my vegetables, and dandelions organically, that they are pure food sources. BUT, better than food from the grocery store I should hope. (how I wish my neighbors were not chemical happy).

In addition to traces of toxic metals, glutamates, nitrates, and other known toxins are found in our soils. It is tough to be an organic farmer. Organic produce are allowed certain amount of "parts per million" ppm, of trace toxicities. Did you know that? Produce has to be under a certain number to be labeled, I don't know that number... The point being, organic is NOT equivalent to PURE.

Remember, we are what we absorb. Whether it is through our gut our through our largest organ, the skin.

People have said to me, "Arbonne is not ALL NATURAL".  My reply, no, it is not. Arbonne does not make "all natural" claims. Arbonne combines the BEST OF BOTANICALS with the BEST OF GREEN SCIENCE.  The reason being...nature is NOT pure. Our world is too toxic.  Only in pristine eco environments can raw ingredients be obtained that are pure... 

Arbonne is committed to PURE, SAFE, BENEFICIAL.  Arbonne sources botanicals from all across the world, seeking the purist of raw materials from suppliers that also meet our standards of being vegan and practice sustainable harvesting. When I learned that the company has labs which grow sea botanicals (spirulina, algaes, etc) used as ingredients in the products, with complete environmental control to assure purity - I was impressed.  

I don't know of another company that is so unwaivering in their commitment to purity and safety. They may be out there....but this I know...when it comes to our skincare - no one can match our clinically proven results. As my husband continues to battle his cancer, we TRUST and believe in Arbonne. The more I am learning on this journey of complete body restoration...the more blessed we feel to have known about Arbonne prior to this chapter in our lives.

The Arbonne herbal muscle massage gel has helped with Jesse's pain tremendously, as compared to more expensive tinctures and formulas from naturopathic sources. The Seasource Body Gelee is paramount in increasing circulation, necessary for his body to detoxify.

These are just two of my husband's favorite products...but suffice to say, whether it is shampoo or lotion for his drying skin... we have peace of mind because PURITY trumps "all natural".   Synthesis is not a dirty simply means people are smart enough to realize that even Mother Nature has toxins, that need to be extracted before a plant is pure enough to be used in product formulate.  Kudos to Arbonne for going the extra mile on our behalf.

To your health, 
Rita S.

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