Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Flaxseed Oil Excellent Omega 3 Source

Wow! What a journey this has become!  For the past three years I have brought you news of what I have been learning for healthy living and cancer prevention.  I am repeating the importance of a HIGH QUALITY Omega 3 in the diet.  

I have been studying Omega 3s, which are a critical supplement in the anti-cancer diet. I have posted previously on how an abundance of Omega 6 oils in the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) are considered to be a major contributor to cancer and other disease...keep in mind, foods out of a box or a bag almost ALWAYS have Omega 6. The ration for daily consumption should be 4 parts Omega 3 to 1 part Omega 6.

Beneficial Omega 3s need to be PURE, COLD PRESSED/PROCESSED.  I have been comparing supplements...even those mentioned in my books, "Cancer Free", "Outsmart Your Cancer" ...and as I compare...if Arbonne has a comparable supplement I am consistently finding  it is THE BETTER BRAND. Besides the purity standards, I see incredible insight into the formulations.  In fact, I am becoming more and more impressed as we learn on this journey.

Per the renown Budwig Cancer Diet "Flaxseed oil is the richest source of Omega 3 LNA, essential fatty acid."  

Flaxseed oil is the key ingredient in the Arbonne Omega 3 Plus. I repeat this because many believe fish oil and krill, even purified to be the best Omega 3 source. In fact, many wellness practices will recommend fish or krill oil.  This is contrary to what I am finding, almost across the board, in my cancer protocol books.

Flaxseed oil should be a key element in any healthy living lifestyle plan.  It is important to know that Flaxseed oil goes rancid, and oxidizes quickly. If you use fresh oil, you should grind it yourself, using a coffee grinder. Do not grind more than 2 days worth at a time. 

For those using Omega 3 supplements - my library of holistic, cancer treatment books, do stress the importance of nitrogen be used as a preservative in a flaxseed oil supplement. Which is, of course, how the Arbnnne Omega 3 Plus is preserveed. 

For those on the Budwig protocol to heal from cancer - grinding flaxseed can be time consuming. Daily consumption of fresh flaxseed oil in the Budwig diet is 3 oz/day blended with 2/3 cup organic cottage cheese. At this time, Barlean's is the brand being recommended. If you have cancer, call them and they will work out a special price for those on the Budwig cancer diet protocol. This product does provide all Omegas - 3, 6 and 9 - in necessary ratios. It is important to note that this oil is not hydrogenated - which is a key difference vs. those found in processed foods.

Be well,
Rita S.

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