Friday, January 14, 2011


My weight loss journey began years before 2010. It began with words by a child, guilt, feelings of being dishonorable to God, considering that our bodies are His temple and the Holy Spirit indwells. Lastly, it was fueled by a book.
It's a journey taken previously - when I had to lose weight to be considered an acceptable parent by the Korean government in the adoption of our daughter. They did not want parents of newly adopted children keeling over from a heart disease. I had great motivation prior to 2002, and I focused on that baby every time I was on the treadmill, determined to be "acceptable" by the time she arrived. I made it, but not by much. I would love to put my hands on the journal I kept, tracking my success. Even coming in under the Korean government's allowance did not mean I was physically fit. I had made no lifestyle change. Every waking moment filled and the weight returned.
When our son was 8 or 9 he discovered the joys of laser tag. He and his dad went, I stayed home with our young daughter. He was very excited though, and I will never forget his words..."Mom, do you think you can lose some weight so that you could go with us sometime and not hurt your back?"  Kyle knows of my back surgeries. He is aware that certain movements required in laser tag could be an issue for me. I appreciated his concern for my back, but what resonated with me was his voice, almost pleading, that I would lose weight to share his enjoyment. Let the guilt begin...
Still, no commitment.

I recalled a message heard in worship about five years ago, talking about how we are God's temple and how not caring for that temple is sinful...behaviors were pointed out, and of course it is easy to justify that surely my being overweight is not as bad as those who smoke and overly indulge in alcohol, right? Wrong! Those words resonated with me as well.
Still, no commitment.My life became more sedantry. In 2008 I began working full time - where I sit at a desk for practically 8 hours a day. I had not had such an inactive job for 10 years. I then went home and spent the night scrapbooking to meet team deadlines, publication calls, and spent time on the computer. There was no time to exercise. I stayed up way too late meaning I would have a donut and coffee from the local Kwik Trip the next morning for a quick pick me up. Conveniently across the street from my work, I could end up eating bakery 3-4 times a week.
I heard about the "Million Pound Challenge" on my favorite radio station, WNWC. I thought to myself, yeah, I should do that.
Still, no commitment.
End of spring 2010...
Stay tuned...tomorrow I plan to take some after pictures to share, and will continue my story.


  1. it is refreshing to hear your story. I have struggled with my weight since a child as well and have never taken it very seriously. This past August when I noticed my bad eating habits were becoming my oldest sons I joined WW. Which I have before and quit but this time with the commitment that no matter what I woud be there week after week until I have lost 50lbs or more. I'm half way there and already I've seen a change in my sons eating. I made the change for the right reasons this time.

  2. Sarah, congrats! Have Rita share with you some of Arbonnes nutrition products which are very low in points. They work great with the very popular WW program.