Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In Remission...Now What?

So you have been through chemo and radiation with success...and are in remission...congratulations!!!

Now what? There will always be the fear of "will it come back"...we cannot shut that switch off in our brain. Yes, we can have a positive attitude... but there will be days. My husband had a morning like this today. Since "our blog" is for his journey, I am going to "talk" to those who have been there, speaking on behalf of your friends and family members asking my opinion of what you can do to ensure your body remains healed. Keep in mind, this is my personal opinion...I am not a doctor or giving medical advice, and by putting my recommendations into action is no guarantee. No one has a guarantee on life..mine can come to end tomorrow just as much as the next person.

I am a book-learned, research driven person...and my recommendations are based on holistic wellness approaches as to what I WOULD DO FOR MYSELF.

For anyone...whether you are in remission, or going through treatment, there is a pretty inexpensive test you can have done that measures the cancer cells in your bloodstream - it is called an HCG test.  Read more about it here, at the Navaroo Medical Clinic. Basically, taken every two months if in a current treatment plan, it will tell you whether or not your treatment is working. For those in remission, I would probably take the test twice a year or as often as you feel comfortable. As long as your number remains constant or goes down...you are on the right path. I am willing to bet your doctor, probably even your oncologist, is not aware of this test.

If this test were done during treatment...it would provide an early on indicator if the chosen path of treatment is successfully working. If not, find a new treatment plan of action.

We just sent away for this test for my husband, and I sent a sample in for myself as well. For $55 I can have peace of mind knowing I have cancer at bay. OR I may get a red alert and will get even more serious about a more healthy eating plan... I know I have sugar too often in one week - I am fueling my cancer cells each time I have a sweet treat.We all have cancer cells once we get past 30 - actually, with today's toxic world I don't doubt my kids have cancer cells as well. However, it is one's ability to switch cancer cells on or off that matter - and fortunately, for many our body is functioning and the off switch is working.

This is what I would do for myself if I were in remission:
- Monitor with the HCG test to measure cancer cell levels
- use pH strips to monitor my acidity to alkaline levels weekly
- eat an 80/20 diet (vegetarian/animal based foods - another way to look at this: alkaline/acidic foods)
- utilize a pure, full spectrum super green food - this will fuel cells with oxygen (more on this Sept 1)
- shop organic as much as possible
- avoid any and all artificial ingredients as well as high glycemic
- use CLEAN and PURE skin care, shampoo, etc
-  avoid chemical cleaners/pesticides in the home, and artificial fragrances (i.e. no artificial candles/plug ins)
- use a full body/organ detox protocol quarterly (look for broken cell chlorella)
- ensure the estradiol to progesterone ratio is in balance if my cancer involved any reproductive organ or breast (ZRT Labs offers test kits)
- monitor vitamin levels, D and magnesium deficiency is prevalent in cancer patients
- support the immune system - diet is key, supplementation often necessary
- utilize infra-red heat or sauna if possible - sweat - turn up the heat, not with strenuous activity, which can weaken the immune, but with heat sourcing products

Truths about cancer:
1. cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment
2. an oxygen deprived cell fuels cancer
3. sugar fuels cancer - if your doctor says you can eat anything you want - DON'T LISTEN!!
4. cancer cells are compromised at temps over 109.4 degrees F

This is what I would do if I were in remission. I would do pretty much the same if I were in a battle with cancer - but would step up the anti-oxidant, oxygen rich food sources.

May healthy be your new happy,
Rita S.

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