Saturday, September 6, 2014

Are Vitamin & Mineral Supplements A Waste of Money?

Since incorporating quality supplements into our family grocery budget we have been able to eliminate all OTC and RX drugs. In the past 3 years sick days total maybe two for adults, and 4 for the kids. Our key brand of supplement has an ORAC score of 8-10,000 - bio available and absorbed in 30 minutes. We are pretty healthy eaters, with limited processed foods.

Purity standards should also be taken into consideration. Inexpensive vitamins contain fillers, and petro-chemicals, artificial ingredients are commonplace. These types of ingredients contribute to endocrine disruption/hormonal imbalance. Not to mention we are flushing our money down the toilet.

Even with an organic whole food diet, the nutrients are not what they used to be in our food supply. Our soils are depleted of nutrients.  Since I began studying cancer preventative/alternative health four years ago - you will not find one holistic cancer treatment protocol that does not include supplements. In fact, the list can be quite long for cancer patients incorporating nutrition protocols into their treatment plans. Patients using supplements fare far better when used in combination with conventional treatments.

The goal of supplementation, of course, is to fuel the body with nutrients and oxygen to maintain, and even reverse the start of disease (including cancer cells - if you are past 30 you can be you have them - a healthy body has the function of apoptosis - programmed cell death - to eliminate these cells).
Toxin elimination also needs to be a part of remaining healthy. Another subject, but it is important to keep the liver functioning at optimal levels as it is your filtering system.

A functional medicine/holistic wellness practitioner can test you for deficiencies. Not everyone is short on calcium. If colon cancer is a part of family genetics or a concern, one will want to monitor and ensure adequate calcium. Certain forms of calcium are recommended for absorption, as well as other vitamins/minerals for a synergestic effect.

Omega 3s are one supplement that many consider the most important. If you take only one supplement, choose Omega 3 with DHA. Ocean contamination is a very real issue, even more so since the Japanese nuclear disaster.  Personally, I opt for a vegan flaxseed oil based Omega 3 in which the sea algae (which provides the DHA benefit) is grown in an environmentally controlled lab to ensure purity standards are adhered to. I encourage you to investigate the purity standards of any brand you consider. Oils should be cold processed and preserved with nitrogen.

Confused by the choice of fish vs. vegan Omega? During the Curing Cancer Summit 2014, taking place right now, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy stated that the latest research indicates that a vegan, flaxseed oil based Omega 3 is more effective in cancer treatment protocols.  Personally, if it is good enough to fight cancer, why wouldn't I choose the flaxseed O3 over fish and krill?

Magnesium deficiency  is, across the board, a common deficiency in breast cancer patients, according to a report in the Blaylock Wellness (Russell Blaylock MD) newsletter. The same holds true for prostrate cancer.

I have not actually read anything specific about people being prone to Vitamin C deficiency, but with upcoming winter months it is definitely worth considering. Lypo-Spheric Vit. C (specifically by Livon Labs) is the number one choice for those battling cancer, per Bill Henderson in his book, "Cancer Free". It is a gel pack and considered to be highly bio available...even more beneficial than Vit C IV therapy. I can't say it tastes awesome, but it can be mixed into other foods/drinks.

A supplement many overlook but definitely to be considered, in my opinion, is Vitamin D. Doctors in Florida have reported over 90% of their patients deficient. Consider our lifestyles - most people are indoors in offices by day. Vitamin D is actually a hormone, not a vitamin, and is critical for other hormones to be produced by the body. A healthy person can snythesize D2 into D3 (D2 is a vegan form), but if health is compromised one should utilize D3.

Although there are many who warn of Vit.. D can search  this subject in PubMed and find not one case...but instead, the astonishing benefits of high doses of D3.  I am currently reading a fascinating book on the miraculous benefits of extremely high doses of D.  Vit D must be taken with K2. offers in home test kits for a variety of deficiency concerns, hormonal imbalances, including Vitamin D as well.

May you feel great, look great and live great,
Rita S.

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