Monday, September 8, 2014

Vitamin D Deficiency and Links to Cancers, Disease, Infant Mortality

This week I have been listening to The Cure to Cancer Summit. Anyone can register for free, and all talks are available for 48 hours after they have been live. If you are interested in improving your own health, helping a loved one with their battle for cancer, or if you have a health and wellness business (nutrition, medical, oncology, etc) - I highly encourage you to take advantage of the 2nd annual summit.
Carole Baggerly, of the Vitamin D Society, is one of the guest speakers and her talk is "Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention". Below are some of the notes I have taken while listening to her talk...
Vitamin D is a hormone, not a vitamin. It is critical for cells to function. People work day jobs that are primarily indoors, children play on computers and watch television more than they play outside....our lifestyles create vitamin D deficiency. If everyone had Vitamin D levels of 40-60 it would help take care of many diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, kidney stones, and several cancers. An oncologist who spoke at the summit last week, who practices in California, said that well over 90% of his patients are deficient in Vitamin D.
Breast cancer diagnosis can be reduced 75% if all women were given a Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy test.
- Blood serum nano-gram levels should be in the 50-60 range. Research is indicating that breast cancer is truly a disease of vitamin D deficiency.
- 10,000 units a day is being recommended. Don't fear the toxicity scare - every report of toxicity has been result of industrial accidents, stop taking D and the levels normalize.
- Women WITH breast cancer have an increased rate of cancer survival with high doses of Vitamin D. This research has been published just in recent months.
Colon cancer prevention specifically requires combination of calcium (10-12,000 mg) and Vitamin D. (Baggerly states that the concern of calcium/vitamin D and kidney stones is a myth, and kidney stones are clearly linked to dehydration).
- Prostate cancer research by Dr. Bruce Hollis at the Medical University of South Carolina were given 4,000 units/day to men with stage 1 prostrate cancer. In a one year period, 55% had fewer lesions than when they started, and allowed them to bypass treatment. This also holds true for African American men, which have a greater percentage of prostrate cancer diagnosis.
For men diagnosed with lethal prostrate cancer, a 57% reduction of cancer occurred when men got their Vitamin D levels up past 37.
Children should be checked for deficiency as well, they are inside all the time now.Rickets is on an upsurge - we're going back to the epidemic of the 19th century. Doctors are not recognizing it because we are misled into thinking rickets is not a disease of modern times.
Type 2 Diabetes is an epidemic as well. Research indicates that 60% of Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented if nano-gram levels of Vit. D were maintained at 40%.
Regarding Type 1 Diabetes, in the 1960's inn Finland it was a medical practice to give infants 10,000 units of Vitamin D a day. Type 1 diabetes was virtually non-existent.
Unfortunately, Finland noticed that the U.S. was only supplementing their infants with 400 units of Vitamin D, so Finland switched over to this practice. The diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes increased steadily, and Baggerly states it is the clearest evidence she has seen that indicates Vitamin D can help prevent this childhood disease. Vitamin D is a major game changer with diabetes.
It is important to realize that there is a problem with Vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women and infant mortality. Not surprising, those who get their vitamin D level to the 40-60 range are reporting disappearance of chronic pain, muscular pain, absence of kidney stones,
Baggerly also stated that the recommendations to wear sunscreen has increased our populus vitamin D deficiency, and that most sunscreens are toxic and promote cancer.(Of course, this is why learning about what is in your skincare products is so important, and why my family chooses Arbonne for sunscreen, skincare, shampoo, etc.)
As you can see, it is very important that physicians begin testing everyone for Vitamin D levels. If yours does not, I urge you to be your own advocate and request the test.
To learn more on Vitamin D benefits visit the Vitamin D Society. I also encourage anyone wishing to donate to cancer research that makes a difference, to donate to Vitamin D research for cancer prevention, and therapy as well.

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