Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Cancer Diet....Guess What, it is NOT ENSURE!

42-55% of all cancer patients die of malnutrition. What do conventional doctors do? They give patients Ensure, which is full of sugar...talk about putting GASLINE to the fire....cancer feeds on SUGAR! Check out this link for an Ensure label....just because doctors recommend it DOES NOT mean it is a healthy choice - but it certainly keeps them in business, doesn't it?

You cannot CURE cancer if nutrition is not addressed, and incorporating a HONEST TO GOODNESS cancer diet.  This means NO cake, pancakes, breads, muffins, no processed meat and food. Period.
This does not mean forever, but if you want to become cancer free - diet is a HUGE part of recovery.

Does it mean no cake forever, no...but until cancer is in remission, YES. BUT it does not mean you can return to your former unhealthy food choices lifestyle.  Once you have cancer (and we all will - cancer cells are inevitable - unless we are being proactive), and you make the decision that you WANT to LIVE - then healthy food choices is not an option, it becomes a part of life because food either GIVES LIFE or it kills us. Unfortunately most of us don't know we are killing ourselves with food until it is too late.

If you put toxic foods into a body that is already weak in the first place you will not get positive results. Cancer is a wasting disease.

A Study at University of Sydney Australia, where 20 different cancers were looked at ...they found Chemo has a 2.1 success rate with a five year survival margin. Biggest contributors to death among cancer patients...chemo, radiation, diet.   But don't take it from me....learn the TRUTH ABOUT CANCER with the You Tube video in which Ty Bollinger interviews oncologists, PhDs, cancer patients, research scientists from around the world.

May you feel great, look great and live great!
Rita S.

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