Monday, September 15, 2014

Introducing Newest Super Green Whole Food on Market - Fuel for Your Cells!

INTRODUCING!! Arbonne Greens Balance - Pure, Safe, Beneficial
The product I have been waiting for for two years has arrived and is now available to everyone! Its formulation is so much better, way above and beyond, anything I may have suggested…which I did after reading so many books on cancer prevention back in 2010.  I came up with a list of super foods that I wanted to see in one formula, and sent it in the suggestion box.
 Arbonne research and development may have already been working on it…but I am grateful that consultants can make suggestions, and we are heard. Tonight this product was revealed globally, and the buzz is lighting up Facebook. At only $50 for a 30 serving container, it costs less than the Designs by Health brand I have been using, that was not full spectrum. Plus I can shop at a discount with Arbonne all the time, with no monthly minimums or points accumulation required.
  • -       Alkaline formula
  • -       Full spectrum (few super green foods offer this)
  • -       Anti oxidants and phyto and micro-nutrients

The Arbonne difference – 4 color groups + Omega 3 blend.

Greens  - support GI health and cleansing with chlorophyll, polyphenol, Vitamin A, K, E and more.
Reds – powerful anti oxidants, such as lycopene (important for prostrate health), carotene, polyphenols.
Yellows –cartonoid rich, providing Vitamin A, C, flavonoids
Blues – anti oxidants such as reservatol and vitamin C

In addition, Greens Balance offers the Prebiotic fiber – inulin. In attending the Cure to Cancer Summit this week one speaker suggested that prebiotics could be more important than probiotics in the war against cancer.
Also unique is an Omega 3 seed blend containing chia, flax and quinoa.  OMG!! This really blows me away because I know all of these foods to be the power hitters in the world of Omega 3s – say good bye to your fish burps!!

Why is Greens Balance essential to any truly healthy living regimen? It supports an alkalizing effect to create healthy pH balance. If you want to learn about the importance of pH and the critical relationship it has for our cellular health, please visit these articles by author of "Never Fear Cancer Again", and "Never Be Sick Again", Raymond Francis, M.Sc.

May you get your green on and get your cells healthy!
Rita S.

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  1. Hello friends! I am Liza from California and want to know some good nutritious diet plans for weight loss process. My friend has recommended me Green supplements for good results but I am little bit confused while using it. Is it safe to take supplements with our meals?