Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes Me Happy (for a reason!)

This past weekend I was routed through the Denver, Colorado airport on the way to Vegas for an amazing and transforming weekend with the health and wellness company I consult for, through which I am building my dream life. While in the Deniver airport...John Denver could be heard in just about every store - "Rocky Mountain High", "Sunshine on My Shoulders"...and I got to thinking...
There is a biological reason that sunshine on one's shoulders "makes me happy" - sunshine provides the very necessary Vitamin D3 - which scientists are not recognizing as an actual hormone versus a "vitamin". Which in of itself is interesting...  
Dr. Russell Blaylock has written extensively, in  recent issues of his wellness newsletter, on the topic of anxiety and depression. A commonality, per Blaylock, is a deficiency in Vitamin D.  Therefore, if one has enough Vitamin D3 - the opposite of depression would be "happy". The sunshine vitamin = a dose of happy vitamin.
Here in Wisconsin, winter is cold, lacks sunshine, and the gray skies take a toll on people - S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) becomes more common. This past winter I heard stories from at least 6 people I know whom developed this. I knew my company was likely formulating a Vitamin D spray - I only wished I had it in my hands for those dear to me who were affected - and we had such a LONG winter, too. You can learn more about S.A.D. here.
Dr. Joe Mercola wrote an article, "Vitamin D is VITAL for You - and Your Family", in which he goes into great detail on the benefits of Vitamin D. I will sum it up with his key bullet pointed benefits:
- Heart Health
- Cell formation and longevity
- Skin health
- Pancreatic health
- Aging process
- Sleep patterns
- hearing
- Reproductive Health
- Eye health
- Athletic heatlh
- Vascular System health
- Respiratory Health
- Immune health
- healthy mood and feeling of well being
- Weight management, including carb and fat metabolism
- hair and hair follicles
- Strong healthy bones, as D encourages cacium uptake

Are you surprised to see muscles on the list? I admit I did not realize Vit. D3 was so important for so many biological functions.
Vitamin B12 should go hand in hand with D for maximum benefits. B12 is necessary for red blood cell formation, and helps alleviate chronic fatigue.
I hope this sheds some LIGHT on the topic of the necesisty for Vitamin D., and B12, too!  If you can't get a little sunshine on your shoulders for 15-20 min. per day (no sunscreen, no clothing to cover), you may want to have your levels checked and determine if supplementation may be to your benefit. According to Dr. Gominak, and his report found here, we would need to drink 100 cups of milk per day to get the Vitamin D we need. In fact, after reading that article, I do believe I need to go spray a bit of Essnetial Vitamin D/B12 into my mouth. It will be absorbed quickly, and I just may have the best night's sleep ever!

To your health!
Rita S. 

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