Sunday, February 24, 2013

Junk Food Addictions- Frankenfood is No Accident

Hello to my readers. I challenge you to grab a bag of your favorite junk food: potato chips, Doritos, Cheetos, whatever it may be ...and start reading the article that appeared in the New York Times today. It's lengthy, so I will keep this short.  My gut instinct tells me that you would not be able to continue eating your guilty pleasure as you read from start to finish - for the sake of your family's health, please check out:
The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

Excerpted:quote from a Yale University professor of psychology and public health, Kelly Brownell, who was an especially vocal proponent of the view that the processed-food industry should be seen as a public health menace: “As a culture, we’ve become upset by the tobacco companies advertising to children, but we sit idly by while the food companies do the very same thing. And we could make a claim that the toll taken on the public health by a poor diet rivals that taken by tobacco.”

I've been blogging as a health and wellness advocate, and hopefully an educator on the importance of learning to read labels, understanding ingredients and what they mean for your health, for nearly three years now. Today I heard a message about serving the community, and it is my hope that those of you who pop over to this blog regularly, now and then, or by a random google search, find the information helpful and beneficial for your own well being.
It is my prayer that my combined love of writing and health and wellness is a service to you - reaching beyond a community, but perhaps even reaching globally and benefiting people I will never have the privelage to meet.

To your health!
Rita S.

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