Sunday, September 28, 2014

Monitor Your Active Cancer Level

Cancer is not an overnight grows silently, often undetected, over time.
Did you know that you can monitor the cancer in your body? I sure did not...until this past July. I learned that you can take an inexpensive test called an HCG test. Read more about it here, at the Navaroo Medical Clinic.
If you have a family history of cancer, are a survivor enjoying remission... remember that exposure to radiation (commonly used in diagnostics) is fuel for cancer cell growth. The HCG test is a SAFE monitoring system...and can tell you if you need to make some lifestyle changes to achieve a pH correct state of being to switch those cancer cells off. For those in remission, it is recommended to take the test twice a year, or as often as you feel comfortable, or as your doctor suggests.
For those currently in cancer treatment, the HCG can be an early warning if your treatment protocol is not working. This past month I heard a testimony from a man whose cancer cells actually fed off of chemo and radiation...instead of dying the cancer spread! An HCG test would have warned this man early on if the treatment was working, or not. It is recommended to establish a baseline as soon as possible after one's diagnosis, and retest every 2-3 months. If this test were done during would provide an early on indicator if the chosen path of treatment is successfully working. If not, find a new treatment plan of action.
As long as your actuve cancer cell count number remains constant or goes are on the right path. I am willing to bet your doctor, probably even your oncologist, is not aware of this test.  This test does NOT tell you what type of cancer you may have - it is not cancer specific, it only measures activity.
It is encouraged to send a sample to the Navaroo Clinic direct, pay the $55 out of pocket and a postage stamp, as it is not likely covered by insurance. According to the site,, the test, if done in the U.S. would cost well over $300. In addition, if this test were done in a U.S. lab the clinic would do a blood draw, it is quick and convenient for them. However, in Bill Henderson's book, "Cancer-Free", he explains that the urine sample test is more accurate, and therefore it is a better choice to send your uric acid sample direct to the Navaroo Clinic. Their website provides complete instructions and you can use PayPal to pay for the testing. Results are emailed to you often within a couple of weeks.
For a person such as myself, who has not had a cancer diagnosis, I can have peace of mind knowing I have cancer at bay. OR I may get a red alert and will get even more serious about a more healthy eating plan... I know I have sugar too often, especially as of late, and  I am fueling my cancer cells each time I have a sweet treat. 
STRESS also increases cancer cell activity. Learn to give up and let go that which is out of our control!  If you are concerned you will get cancer, constantly have testing done, or even have a breast removed to avoid all liklihood - you will still be diagnosed with cancer. What you think about you bring about...there is all kinds of research on the power of the mind and whether we will become ill or be healthy.
We all have cancer cells once we get past 30 - actually, with today's toxic world I don't doubt my kids have cancer cells as well. However, it is one's ability to switch cancer cells on or off that matter. Cancer will affect 1 in 2 people, which means 50% of us manage to switch cancer cells off. You can probably figure out which group you ma be in if you are honest with yourself about lifestyle choices, and matters of your mind.
We did not know about the HCG test at the first indication that my husband may have cancer. Had we, we would have sent out for the HCG test right away and it would have been able to give us a baseline and monitor our treatment for progress. Rather, we did the HCG test 6 weeks into our alternative treatment. The test came back on a positive note in that it is/was a low number. We are going to retest at the end of this month, that being said, we are not waiting for another HCG test and making some changes due to the weight loss.
To your health,
Rita S.

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