Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Countdown to Juice Time!

Thomas Hudson MD describes whole food supplements as such: "There are basically two types of nutritional supplements. One type is based on the whole food; the other type is fragmented. Whole food based supplements usually consist of fruits and vegetables which have been dehydrated to a powder form. They aren’t the whole food, of course, but they’re a pretty reasonable facsimile. The magic of the whole food, which lies in the synergy of all its parts, is largely preserved. Technically speaking, they aren’t even supplements. They are whole food concentrates."
I admit - juicing seems a lot of work. Perhaps it is the type of juicer one has - although we are using a high end Green Star Elite on loan from a friend.  It  is powerful, and preserves enzymes vs. heating and depleting. 
By the time I gather from the garden or pluck vegetables from the frig, rinse off and chop as needed to fit into the rather small chute...juicing is not a fast and easy part of convenient living. No one can deny it makes a mess, and clean up can be a chore.
Then there is waste...lots of organic vegetable pulp making its way to compost. I tried making soup, but realized that vegetables from which water has been extricated, does not cream well, and the texture is not the same.

When I juice I try to make more than one glass - one for my husband, one for myself, and if I can freeze even half a jelly jar for another time...  When I made juice the other day it was comprised of 2 carrots, 1 large beet - root and top greens, 1 pear, carrot greens, purple cabbage leaf, fresh dandelion greens, basil leaves. Plenty of great nutrients from multiple color spectrum of about an hour, although it seemed more.
As a comparison, I used the whole food concentrate - Greens Balance from Arbonne - to create a beverage that I would venture provides a greater supply of nutrients due to its full spectrum, synergestic blend. In 30 seconds, shaken in a canning jar with a screw top lid - I had at my disposal...wheat and barley grass, chlorophyll, spirulina, cabbage, tomatoes, blueberries, acai, carrots, Omega 3 from flax, quinoa and other seeds, and so much more. I can email you a PDF of the complete ingredient list if you would like to see it.
Greens Balance tastes much better than other green super food powders I have tried, and if you are new to consuming super green anti oxidant foods - you may wish to add a bit of raw honey. I feel, from all I have read, that adding a little honey will help this powerhouse of oxygen, get into cells quicker for faster turnaround when one is ailing.
As winter approaches and organic produce will experience a price increase, I am grateful for Greens Balance. When my garden is finally put to bed for the winter...I will turn to this as a super blend of whole food goodness at a reasonable price, not to mention a huge time saver.
To your health, 
Rita S.

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