Sunday, August 24, 2014

40 Year Cover Ups in Cancer Cure Research

Late last year the makers of Food Matters, a well known documentary that provides eye opening truths about the American food industry and its detriment effects on our health, launched a FMTV website. The site is an on line subscription and it is clearly one of the best minor investments we have made.

We have access to documentaries, experts in holistic wellness and cancer treatment, recipes, yoga, EFT, and more.

Today as Jesse and I watch the movie "Second Opinion" it is yet another affirmation of the cover ups that the FDA and leading cancer "research" institutes have been keeping under wraps to ensure the unsuspecting public say "yes" to radiation and chemotherapy, having no clue that there are HEALTHIER options that have a much higher cure rate without all the nasty side effects.

The infamous Sloan Ketterinng Cancer Institute is a case in point. From 1972-1977 research Kanematsu Sugivra tested the effects of Laetrile/Amygdalin on lab mice and tumor reduction.  The positive results were taken to a meeitng with the FDA and National Cancer Institute...and pretty much swept under the rug.

Dr. Llyod Old, a director at the institute was the only board member who did not dismiss the results.  An eye opener to a new young researcher, Ralph Moss, on staff was when Lloyd asked, "you know where we get all our research ideas, don't you?"   Old grabs a publication from the American Cancer Society called "Unproven Methods of Cancer Treatment" - it wasthe QUACKERY LIST. This was mind blowing for Moss, a young scientist who struggledwith choice of having a good conscience and putting food on  the table for his family, that S.K.I. obviously felt there were some truths to these quack treatments .

We had one friend tell us that holistic is hogwash much like"those apricot kernels from Mexico".  Apricot kernels rich in Vitamin B17, is what amygladin/laetrile is derived from in the Sloan Kettering research. No doubt he beieved the cover up story issued in 1977 - where the controlgorup of mice was given laetrile rather than a saline solution.

Moss blew the whistle in November 1977 at a press conference, telling the results showing that chemotherapy did not do what it was purpoted to do, whereas laetrile halted the progression of tumor growth and cancer spread...and he was promptly fired by Sloan Kettering Institute. Moss, a man of great integrity and character, is a HERO in our opinion, for telling the world that society had lost control of having choices, and instead, BIG PHArMA was determining how people WILLL treat their cancer, like it or not.

This post is not about apricot kernels, laetrile or other non-quackery holistic treatments, it is about the fact that we believe, too often without question, what doctors and hospitals tell us. Cancer research institutes are "living a lie", and as Moss states - they should come clean before judgement day.

To your health in truth,
Rita S.

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