Saturday, January 15, 2011


As I type the continuation of my weight loss journey - my husband has just removed chocolate chip/macadamia nut cookies from the oven. Uggghhh!! I will not resist - it has been a busy day and I haven't eaten much.
Today it's time for some new pictures. I guess these photos are my AFTER for now, but by my birthday at the end of March they better become my befores! My goal is to lose another 27 lbs. by then - and THEN I will celebrate and shop for clothes!!

On November 8 I weighed in on the usual scale at  216 lbs. (down 30 lbs. from my last visit to the in-laws scale).  As a refresher from my previous post, a photo of myself from July is underneath.
Throughout the holidays I was determined to behave, despite holiday treats in abundance. A friend brought home baked goods, and could not completely refrain, enjoying chocolate covered peanut clusters and ate one sugar cookie. Mostly my portions were small at dinners and I stuck with my morning shake and salad for lunch. While celebrating with my husbands family on the eve of Dec. 24 th I weighed in – 208 lbs. I had lost another eight, which surprised me some.
Through all of this I figured my mother-in-law's scale must have something wrong with it. Or maybe I had some horrific disease to explain such a weight loss, without exercise, I might add. I pondered this one afternoon and decided that since I had made a healthstyle change, and was being intentional, that I wasn't dying of anything.
On Dec. 28 I had my first physical in three years. I confirmed the balance beam scale I had been using was indeed working, as I weighed 206 lbs. at the clincic. I was thrilled to have lost two more even with holiday meals!
My doctor was thrilled with my weight loss. She said for a woman my age to lose the amount I had, I may as well double it for the health benefits I will gain. In 2010 I dropped two clothing sizes. My doctor had always told me not to watch the scale, but the clothes. In 2011 my goal is to lose 30-40 more. Time to add in exercise!!
I weighed in this morning, after brunch with the in-laws, I might add, and am currently 202 lbs. Let it be known that the next time I hop on that scale, I will be 199 or less. I may have to go wild with an extra sprinkle of Feta cheese on my salad. But for now, I AM going to have just ONE of those cookies, fresh from the oven, while they are still warm. Then...onto the exercise mat to work it off!

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  1. Awesome! Good for you! It takes a lot of commitment. As someone who needs to lose weight, I'm proud of you!!!