Monday, March 28, 2011

It's All About Who You Are Being

Be. Do. Have. Who you are being leads to the things you do, and what you eventually have… You have to change your way of being in order to make permanent changes in any area of your life.” - Dr. Jamie Fettig from the book The Creator’s Manual for Your Body.
Our bodies are quite the miraculous works! Only a divine Creator could conjure up a complete system that heals itself…in a perfect world. But we do not live in a perfect world, far from it. Yes, we can blame Adam and Eve, but perhaps in this modern day we need to also blame progress, convenience, and the desire to be some place else five minutes ago.
I guess you could call it progress when it was discovered that monosodium glutamate was discovered in Japanese POW rations in WWII, which made their rations much better tasting than that of our own GIs. A message was quickly sent off to some government organization that made sure all food manufacturers were informed they could sell more food if they added MSG to make it taste better, and they did. MSG has been making us unhealthy, and is linked to the huge increase in the number of ADD and ADHD diagnosis ever since. Studies show that MSG additives make one have a preference for high-carb foods. No wonder obesity is at an all time high - I would love to see Michelle Obama "take up arms" to ban MSG as it would do more good than getting kids off the couch.
Our diet foods, labeled “low fat” and “healthy” have chemicals in them to make you crave more food. How can you lose weight if your brain is being triggered to eat? Oh yes my friends, those of you eating processed yogurt touted by a certain actress in commercials, or a much loved Y brand, may have you fooled into thinking you are eating healthy. Even granola and "health food" bars, and energy drinks, are laden with high fructose corn syrup.
Perhaps worst of all is ESTROGEN. I have blogged about this before and encourage you to check out the “hormone” tag in the topic cloud at right. I became aware of estrogen added to our foods as growth hormones, and xenoestrogens being added to our bodies through lotions, body oils, facial creams (in the forms of mineral oil, petrolatum and other petroleum based additives), and more, exactly one year ago today. I began researching the word xenoestrogen, reading books and articles. Not only did I learn that estrogen (both bio-identical and xeno) in excess causes 80% of all breast cancers, but I also learned that estrogen STORES FAT! To top it off, I just learned last week that food dyes found in many, many grocery products are petroleum based. What are we? Humans or car?!
Wow! The more I learn the more peace I find in changes I have made. The skin care products with petroleum based additives were thrown out a year ago. We began grocery shopping around the OUTSIDE of the grocery store vs. center aisles, and reduced the number of products entering our home that come in boxes, cans and cartons of one type or another. I began using Prolief bio-identical progesterone (which is the happy hormone that BURNS fat cells) cream to help bring my body back into balance. In a nutshell, I changed my way of being in order to make a permanent change in my life.
Now I can breathe easy, even when I bend over to tie my shoes. My knees don’t ache. People ask, “do you have lots more energy”, and I have to say that I have always been a high energy person. As long as there are tasks to be done I just keep on ticking. But I will also say that it is a different type of energy – it is a HAPPY ENERGY!! I have never felt so good in my entire life. It is different from my mid-20s when I worked out six days a week. I did that because I had to to get into and stay in shape.
I eat a hormonally balanced diet, and as my husband and I budget we are surprised to see how much less we spend when processed foods are not purchased, and we make meals "from scratch", which does not mean difficult and fancy. When I can I walk, and will bike as the weather warms – because I LOVE to do those activities. I take supplements because I cannot consume the 5000 calories a day that would be necessary for me to get all my vitamins and minerals…unless I want to push 300 on the scale again, and I am not going there EVER again!
I knew I had to BEcome healthy if I wanted to be around for my family, without being a burden, years from now.
I had to DO whatever it took to get there, and quite honestly, once I made up my mind it was not that hard. I only had to vision where my life would end up if I did NOT make a change.
Now I HAVE health and feel more blessed than I ever have in my entire life. I am blessed to have discovered Arbonne and thank my friend Brenda for introducing me not only to the opportunity, but to the great products that helped change my life.
Be. Do. Have. I know you can do it. God made a body designed to be a magnificent creation as long as we fuel it with the foods He intended for us, and not the foods the food industry would like us to consume. Learn to read labels. Be. Do. Have.

To your health!
Rita S.

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