Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is It Allergy Season Yet?

All the buds and flowers are gone from our flowering trees, because it is, of course, June! A friend of ours stopped by to request some help of my husband, and I asked why he did not bring his wife along - who I adore and love to be with. Unfortunately, she was home with terrible allergies and medicating.
It was then I realized...allergy season? Wow, my family had totally missed it!! A year ago our son's eyes would be red and watery, itchy, and he'd be going through boxes of tissue like no tomorrow! My husband, as well, would be checking the pollen count on the web each day and dealing with a less severe form of spring allergies. But not this spring, thus the only way we knew it was allergy season was by others complaining about it!
Since the new year our family has been taking Essentials supplements - 5 various tablets for Jesse and myself, and a cherry chew free of artificial flavors and color for the kids. I had blogged earlier about one huge benefit - NO MORE SNORING, which makes everyone in the household sleep well. If Jesse or I forget to take our vitamins, that very night reveals a day of missed supplements. My husband takes his vitamins at night - which is testimony to how quickly the benefits of Essentials are absorbed into the system. Last week a few days were missed, and I pretty much handed the pack of vitamins to him as I  needed sound sleep. He took them about 8 p.m. and a solid night's sleep was had by all - since I did not need to poke and say "could you roll to your side please?" I don't know of any other vitamin that has an ORAC value of 10,000. Do you know the ORAC value of your supplement? You could just be wasting your money if the product is not actually being absorbed and utilized.
What makes Essentials work so well?  I have studied, and continue to study, vitamin and mineral supplements pretty extensively. Essetntials offers a number of anti-inflammatory minerals - such as Selenium, which is also a major anti-cancer benefit per doctors Blaylock, Lee and Mercola in their newsletters. If you consider what is taking place in the sinus passages during allergy season - INFLAMMATION - it totally makes sense that Daily Essentials are helping people to breathe easier, during allergy season as well as bringing relief to those, such as myself, who had sinsus issues 365 days a year prior to taking Essentials.

To your health!
Rita S.

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