Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life ends and another begins...

It's been a year since my journey began to regain health and wellness. Now, that doesn't mean that I physically began my journey...but mentally, I was in the game. A year ago our dearest friend, and my mentor, spirtual father on earth - Marv, went to his heavenly home. I rejoice in knowing that he is whole again in heaven - cancer holds no chains to those set free by the power of Christ!
Ironically, I have Marv to thank for my healthful journey. Ironic in one regard, because he is no longer in this world and I am, and another irony, because he was a man and I am a woman - yet, the phrase "hormone imbalance contributes to prostrate cancer" is what triggered my brain to look further into hormones in relation to cancer.
It was through reading Dr. John Lee's "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About..." (see books referenced in side bar for titles and links) that my entire view on nutrition was changed. I learned that cancer LOVES LOVES fat cells! Well, holy cow - I had way to many fat cells at 264 lbs!!! I don't want to make cancer cells (which we all have inside us) happy and comfortable enough to grow and proliferate. I have seen what cancer does to familes, and I, with every power of my being and the help of the Holy Spirit, do not intend for my family to ever go through the experience. It is not that I fear death, because I look forward to the day when I see my Creator face to face...but I do have fear of how I might die, and cancer is at the top of my list. Furthermore, I knew it was just a matter of time before I would have type 2 diabetes...like my mother, and older brother.
I have learned SO MUCH this past year about eating hormonally balanced foods, being knowledgeable of ingredients in products we apply and consume. I am very aware of the food industry and how much they financially benefit from the chemicals, dyes and ingredients that serve the American people no good. I am rather distrusting of the big business of cancer...and am very glad to have educated myself should I ever hear that "C" word for myself or one of my beloved. Chemo (I just realized that "chem" is also the start of the word "chemical") is not going to be my route of action. Marv made the decision to forgo chemo for his last years. He was fully aware of how sick it makes you and quality of life is simply not there. He had been in remission for seven good years...and when it comes back in the bones, he was realistic and chose quality of life vs. quantity of life. I also now know that nutrition heals...Marv had changed his eating habits, but already in his 60's when he first had cancer, it is difficult to turn around years of poor food choices, drink and consumerism.
Dear readers... I implore you to read and educate yourself on your foods, your hygiene products, hormone balance, as well as the food and medical industries. I strive to offer many resources on this blog and it grows continually - I hope you find it helpful.
At 80+ lbs. less than I was a year ago - I don't even recall feeling this good in highschool (even though I have returned to the same size I was back then). It has everything to do with choice.
YOU have to make the decision for yourself. Yes, it is good to want to improve your health for your family. That was one of my reasons. But most of all - I did it for me. I am made in God's image...and I knew that what I had allowed my body to become was not worthy of the gift of life I had been given. I had a desire to please my Creator.
YOU CAN DO IT. But it has to be mind over matter. It has to be decisive choices in all areas of your life. It has to be calling upon the Spirit within to resist temptation.
It is easy to postpone and make excuses, I have been there. But sudddenly I realized...I was a time bomb. I had no idea when my ticker was going to go off, and what my disease might be...but I knew it was there inside, waiting to explode if I did not personally take control of what goes on and in me.
Waking each day is the gift of life, and it should not be taken for granted. Living life is not about being perfect, afterall, only one being who ever walked this earth could be that - but it is about progression. Make progress...make choices to generate progress. For example, I chose not to participate in the school end of year hotdog picnic, and instead made healthful lunches for Abby and myself. The big bonus was not waiting in line for 20-30 min. with other parents and kids. (LOL)
I am so blessed to have had Marv be a part of my life. Blessed in life, and also blessed in death. His experiences spurred me to study, research, and take control of my being. Each of us have been given the power to do so. If you seek a life change, call upon that inner Spirit - He is present to give you will and power. Go for it, and get in the game!

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