Friday, September 30, 2011

OCTOBER - The Many Colors of Fall, and Cancer

October….fall colors are really setting in and it is my favorite month of the year. My kids were both born this month, I married my best friend…it is a month to celebrate lives and love. It is also a month to which many focus on cancer awareness. The pink ribbons come out, fundraisers abound…
Speaking of which, on October 22nd there is a Holiday Stop N Shop at Crossroads Coffeehouse at 2020 Main St., Cross Plains, Wi. The event is being held from 2-5 p.m. Men are especially encouraged to come on down and shop for their wives, girlfriends, employees. Companies represented at this event are ‘rbonne International, Pampered Chef and Silpada jewelry. Each company has agreed to give a portion of their proceeds to benefit cancer research.
The AI ladies are offering free gift wrapping on gifts ordered, there will be cancer prevention information, and of course Crossroads always serves up super lattes, mochas and coffee!
Although October is known as “pink ribbon month” - I think we all agree that there are many colors to cancer. Light blue, green, yellow, lavender, and more… cancer affects many and is not prejudiced against age or gender.
During this month it is my sincere hope, and plan, to share with you one tidbit a day on this blog that that will either help you fight those pre-existing cancer cells, or that will help you make smarter choices with a goal of prevention.
We DO KNOW what causes cancer, or at least many types, and armed with that knowledge, we can make conscience choices to contribute to the well-being of our bodies. Being and staying healthy really is a choice. God designed us to live with vitality, not diesease. I firmly believe that.
Stay tuned…

To your health,
Rita S.

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