Monday, January 16, 2012

Anti- Cancer Super Foods

Live to eat well. FINALLY, our box arrived that Jesse and I had been anticipating since making our PBS pledge in mid-December. We decided to gift ourselves with a health resource for Christmas, and bought Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live Well package. We anticipated watching the DVDs and reading the books over Christmas break to prepare us for our new year challenge...oh well, we will get 'er done with a late start!
The set has 3 books and 6 DVDs, one of the books includes some recipes. The DVDs are titled:

  1. 3 Steps to Incredible Health

  2. Eating for Incredible health

  3. Say No to Heart Disease and Diabetes

  4. Winning the War Against Cancer

  5. The Skinny on Fats

  6. Success Stories Before and After

We watched the first video and thought I would share Dr. Fuhrman's G.O.M.B.S. top 5 anti-cancer food recommendations.
G = Greens. Green vegetables contain many different nutrients and organisms that create a slippery coating on the inside of your blood vessels. Greens activate something called the Nrf2 mechanism that prevents plaque from sticking and speeds up the rate at which fat melts away – all this occurs inside our tiny blood vessels. Basically, think of eating greens as a way of cleaning out your blood vessels and coating them with protection.
O = Onions. When you cut an onion, you cry for good reason. The gas released actually creates disulfides and anti-cancer nutrients that are formed. A large study in Europe revealed that people who ate onions regularly showed a 60% – 70% reduction in all major cancers. Source -The Medical Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Think of preventing ovarian cancer or prostate cancer just by eating more onions… I am so glad we cook with mushrooms constantly, but I do wish they would not make me cry so!

M = Mushrooms. Recently a study published in the International Journal of Cancer showed that women who regularly consumed about 10 grams (that’s a small handful of sliced mushrooms, usually 1) are 64% less likely to develop breast cancer. This study went even further to reveal that the group of women who ate this same amount of mushrooms daily along with regular consumption of greens or green tea were 89% less likely to develop breast cancer. This research is more than mind-boggling, it’s significant, remarkable, and extraordinary news that inspires and encourages the need to eat healthier foods – all from about 1 mushroom, wow.
B = Beans and Berries. Beans and berries have highly potent, concentrated levels of anti-cancer antioxidants. They promote healthy brain function as well.
S = Seeds. Raw seeds and nuts contain phytochemicals and good fats that work to reduce cholesterol, help our bodies better absorb important micronutrients, and decrease inflammation. ADD NUTS AND SEEDS whole and raw to your salads - the properties of these good fats allow your body to absorb the micro nutrients of the salad 10X as much than if you ate them as a snack on the side.

I also learned that mushrooms must be cooked! Light cooking of mushrooms dissipates the toxins, and promotes anti oxidant benefits which help fight cancer. Per Fuhrman t is important to know which vegetables should be consumed raw and which should be cooked, which we will learn as we go through the DVDs and books. Also, you can lose micro-nutrients in some vegetables by chopping them after being cooked, therefore it is important to know which vegetables should be cut before being cooked.
Fortunately, we find that we eat GOMBS quite regularly - especially since all are within acceptance of the elimination/detox diet we are currently doing. I look forward to sharing more as I learn.

To your health,

Rita S

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