Thursday, June 28, 2012

Too Young

This night I post after a long day ...just to reiterate how much I hate cancer. It took the life of a beautiful women today. A childhood friend... a mother, a person who made others smile and feel welcomed. And although I cannot even begin to understand why some are called Home so young...and we humans cannot control such things...  I do know that our health care system is not up to par when compared to the European countries. I know, that may seem like a strange statement, but I am angry about the death of this women and the path of health care given given years ago.
Sometimes traditional medicine is not in our best interest...not because it is intentional, but because doctors may not know any other education comes from the drug companies, per Dr. Stacey Bean, Dr. John Lee, Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Russel Blaylock, Platt, Weil...and a host of others who repeat this time and time again in their books, newsletters and other resources. (I'm an avid reader of health and wellness.)
If a young woman has polycystic ovarian syndrome - too often the answer is a hysterectomy. The after affects of this procedure are typically comprised of a form of Hormone Replacement Therapy - aka HRT.  HRT is linked to a multitude of side effects, some may be minor, but others, such as cancer...can be fatal.
I'm speaking to the ladies reading this post.... be on guard for your own health's sake!!  Do NOT take everything your doctor states as may not be, but it may be all they know. Doctors are busy people...they do not have time to study outside the realm of their practice, other than what drug companies provide on their latest products. Unless, as some do, they take the initiative and sacrifice perhaps family time to read up on the latest information that may not be published in the American Journal of Medicine. Drug companies have a say in what is published in medical journals as well... per Dr. John Lee, they have a hand in keeping natural healing remedies out of these journals...the fact is, natural does not sell Rx.
Only synthetic, drug company derived prescriptions can make their company money - not God's healing medicines of herbs and other botanicals. The Creator has given us a virtual medicine chest...and there are those well versed in botanicals and science that can take plants, combined with science, to make a bio-identical product that mimics what the body produces...when our bodies fail to produce enough.
In case you are not aware, I am talking about BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY, or bHRT.  In regards to my friend, it is possible progesterone could have taken care of her problem back in her 20s, vs. the operation at age 32 that may have been the catalyst for what was to come.
I can't do anything about the past, but I can continue to answer the call to educate as many as will listen, or read, about the benefits of progesterone cream.
An excerpt from an article on uterine cancer: "We know now that progesterone deficiency is linked to an increased risk of cancer. Uterine cancer, for example, is known to be caused by unopposed estrogen. That’s why women who have an intact uterus and take estrogen replacement therapy must also be given some form of progesterone to oppose estrogen and reduce this risk. This is generally given in the form of synthetic progestin (that carry health risks) designed to block estrogen effects, but differs considerably from the molecule that is human-identical progesterone."

To explain this, I would encourage you to read the entire article offered by one of my go to sources:

Please understand I am not bashing the medical profession...doctors do as they are told and educated by those who they must answer to, which is probably the hospital that employs them, and hospitals benefit with Big Pharma "partnerships". If you ever have a chance to talk with someone who USED to be in pharmaceutical will understand. For many, their hands are simply tied.
You don't have to go to med school to be your own best health advocate, but you do need to read and learn. What are you willing to give up to take charge of your health? A weekly television program, reading "shades of gray"...such things are not life changing past times, correct?  If you take some time to explore the web site I link above - I suspect you will find the time spent life changing, it could even save your life, or certainly improve it.
My passion is educating family, friends, strangers...seriously, I will talk to anyone who will listen about bHRT. It certainly has contributed to my own well being, and I have had so many women share their testimonies about the improvements to their overall well being once they discover bHRT - aka USP certified bio-identical progesterone transdermal cream.  Obviously I cannot convince everyone, especially those in the medical profession. Often there is no interest until cancer hits home. Then, perhaps, this information will be of interest, and unfortunately it can be too late.
Please look into it, contact me if you have questions on this subject and I can probably send you documents, links to articles, etc.  As a reminder, I am not nor do I profess to be a doctor - I simply pass along information from those doctors who HAVE taken the time to study that which is not taugh in med school - bHRT. I may not have MD credentials...but frankly, I know more on this subject than those with credentials. Sadly, it does not qualify me to educate family members of those affected by cancer at a local organization geared toward serving families with cancer...the irony of it all.
Our families deserve us, don't you think? I am doing all I can to be around for my children. No, I cannot control my fate, but I can be proactive and make wisened decisions for my own healthful benefit. I hate cancer and hate that it rips families apart. Please be pro-active in  your own health care.

In honor of heaven's new angel, God's peace,
Rita S.

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