Saturday, August 11, 2012

Statins Deplete CoQ10

In the past couple of years I have learned a lot about statin drugs - one of the greatest money makers for Big Pharma. I read once that the numbers acceptable for cholesterol show a  history of being dropped through the years as it was realized what a big business it was to prescribe.
Coinciding with the introduction of statin drugs, and increase in liberal prescriptions being doled out - was/is a steady increase in elderly having memory loss.  Why is this, we might ask... to explain it, today I am simply going to cut and paste from my e-news bulletin from Dr. Joe Mercola. I highly encourage you to subscribe to his e-news and it will give you the ability to search his site for a number of health related issues - from GMO to parabens, toxic baby care products to the benefits of short bursts of cardiac exercise.
Here is what he writes today:
  • One in four Americans over the age of 45 are now taking a statin drug, despite the fact that there are over 900 studies proving their adverse effects, which run the gamut from muscle problems to diabetes and increased cancer risk.
  • Statins deplete your body of CoQ10, which can have devastating results. If you take statin drugs without taking CoQ10, your health is at serious risk. If you have symptoms of statin damage such as muscle pain, take anywhere from 200 to 500 mg of CoQ10 or ubiquinol, which is the reduced form. Ubiquinol is the recommended form if you’re over the age of 25. For preventative use, take around 100-200 mg.
  • Statins also impair the function of all sterols, including cholesterol and vitamin D (which is similar to cholesterol and is produced from cholesterol in your skin), all your sex hormones, cortisone, the dolichols, which are involved in keeping the membranes inside your cells healthy
  • Odds are greater than 100 to 1 that if you're taking a statin, you don't really need it. The ONLY subgroup that might benefit are those born with a genetic defect called familial hypercholesterolemia, as this makes them resistant to traditional measures of normalizing cholesterol.
  • Statins are in fact classified as a "pregnancy Category X medication"iv; meaning, it causes serious birth defects, and should NEVER be used by a woman who is pregnant or planning a pregnancy.

  • What do you think? Safe? Beneficial? I think not.  Everyone gets to make a choice, but I am glad my husband chose to change his diet, take beneficial supplements, and got off the cholesterol meds. When we become empty nesters I want him to know who I am, and still be able to identify the bird calls and species that he is so skilled at.  Bird watching is something that has, in large part, been put on hold, but an activity that brought us together over 20 years ago and something we would very much like to do, and travel doing it to see some more exotic species, when we retire.
    To your health,
    Rita S.

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    1. "Statins deplete your body of CoQ10, which can have devastating results. If you take statin drugs without taking CoQ10, your health is at serious risk."

      So technically statin drugs is not safe? Well, I read in some legit articles online that this statin drugs is not safe at all, at least I know now.