Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Gift of Nutrition for Children in Kenya

I love making pretty packages. Since we don't exchange gifts much anymore, it allows us to give generously. Yesterday I learned about an organization feeding hungry children in Kenya with AB protein shakes and children's vitamin chews. The clinics are reporting a notable reduction in the number of sick children since the program was implemented. Complete nutrition has the power to heal!
I am excited about the work that Garments of Praise is doing and am making this a part of our Advent Conspiracy donation this year. If you want to join me, please contact me. $40 will provide 30 meals, and $17 provides 30 day supply of vitamins to one child. Your donation is tax deductible and I will take care of getting the donation receipt for you. It's a great end of year write off!  Look at these smiles! It is right and good to see the hand of God working in the hearts of so many that are a part of my organization.

Before this program began these children were eating cooked flour in dirty water! My heart aches for impoverished children that do not have the benefit of nutrition. Please join me and my family in helping these kids - shoot me an email or give me a call and I will add your name and contact information, have the donations sent to the organization based in Arizona, and make sure you receive your tax receipt. I will pay for shipping and tax.

The woman in Arbonne behind this blessing is Cecelia Stoll. I will have the pleasure of flying to Texas in February to meet and spend a weekend with Cecelia. She is making this world a better place and one day I hope to do the same with a foundation for "want-to-be" adoptive parents. You can learn more about Cecelia and this orphanage on this YouTube video.

From the topic of those in need to those of us with less need.... we love to give gifts. It blesses our heart, and although receiving gifts is not what the season is all about - GIVING is.  God gave us His only begotten Son, and we remember the greatest gift of Jesus with giving of ourselves.

It has been a blizzard filled day here in Wisconsin, and I managed to wrap some more gifts today for the businessmen in town who took me up on my 50% off deal and free gift wrapping. What rather tickled me with this promo is the men not only bought their wives gifts, but several also treated themselves to the new Midnight Sky men's fragrance and Essentials nutrition products. For the month of December I have committed to donating my proceeds in products sales towards the Advent Conspiracy project. So while the men who give the gift of Arbonne will be "way out of the dog house" if they were in one, with these pretty packages, the less fortunate will benefit as well.

Check out the transformation of this pretty box of Dazzler perfume - silver wrap and a couple of different sparkling ribbons and this man is sure to get a few kisses when his wife opens her gift!

If you would like to learn more about the efforts to feed the children of Kenya please let me know.  Together we can make a difference in the world, bringing the gospel to children along with food to fill their bellies. This is why I am a part of Arbonne...a most generous company and a most generous group of people.

Merry Christmas!
Rita S.

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