Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gluten Free Living - If Only Temporary

"Our genes load the gun; lifestyle pulls the trigger." 

How true! Many of us may be pre-disposed to this or that, but that doesn't mean we accept it as a deck of cards dealt to us. It is how we play the game that, in the end, determines who wins - our health or not.
Our 15 year old has been dealing with sinus issues. His allergies have been pretty non existent for the past couple years since we started him on a high quality, pure and artificial free vegan vitamin supplement.  We also made some eating changes, or perhaps better said, a lot. Speaking of lots, type II diabetes could be mine. Both parents, a brother borderline, and I was about there myself. But I made the decision change the game, change my lifestyle and product choices and bring it under control. No smoking gun here!
In the fall a doctor informed our son his nasal cavity is inflamed (as his mother said) and that allergies/pollen were particularly bad because of the drought. Well, now it is winter, so what's the excuse. Not pollen!  I had mentioned two things that are likely inflaming his passageways, that being dairy and gluten. Indeed, as soon as our son finishes a bowl of ice cream he notices his sinuses worsen. Not surprising, but not bothersome enough for him to give it up.
But now it's a couple months later and he is getting tired of sinus issues. Some people eating clean have said that their sinuses cleared up while on the 30 day detox program. I don't expect a 15 yr old boy to give up the top 7 allergen foods at once, but he did decide to give up gluten this past weekend. Thus more time that I have  spent in the kitchen experimenting with gluten free baked foods.
One food we had given up some time back is oatmeal. It's one of those foods that we, as a general public, have been made to believe is a healthy choice. Most oatmeal, unless specified, contains gluten. Also, most oatmeals are heavily refined and processed. Per Dr. Russell Blaylock one of the greatest deceptions in "healthy eating" is the consumption of Quaker Oatmeal - after all, it is endorsed by the American Heart Association so it must be good, right? If you can cook it in 5 minutes - leave it at the store. Processed and refined foods contribute to high cholesterol. That's the bottom line -although it may be a better choice than "heart healthy" Cheerios. If you want to eat oatmeal for breakfast, buy organic, gluten-free rolled oats and DON'T cook it in the microwave.  
Recently I thought about all the money we save as a family when we don't buy the processed cereals, which are expensive! Eating healthy costs much less.
Likely worthy of its very own post - microwaving foods. Microwaves change the molecular structure of foods and we are basically consuming "franken-foods" when nuked.  I am actually surprised when someone buys organic and then they microwave their food. Seems like  it is equivalent to throwing away money, in my opinion.  At work I have no other choice, which is why I prefer salads. But I did take leftover turkey chili the other day and it is not something I can eat cold. I cringe when I have to nuke my lunch, and of course stand back or leave the room so I am not exposed to the leaking emissions.
Back to gluten free...I know when I am eating a GF lifestyle my joints no longer ache or make noise. Gluten is very very inflammatory. I can't help but wonder if we could avoid all the hip and knee surgeries in this country if we simply became a gluten free nation. (gasp!!)
It will be interesting to see if this testing of the gluten free waters will help alleviate Kyle's sinus problems, which by the way, does run in my family. He is predisposed...poor young man. He had increased his bread intake considerably, hence pulling the trigger, since I had gone gluten free on January 2. He figured he had to eat my share of whole grain goodness.  Subsequently, the sinuses worsened. I will be sure to share if this gluten free living choice helps him or not.
Fortunately for my family, we use skin care and hygiene products that are made with zero gluten...not even a trace. I wonder how many Celiacs realize, or don't, that many lotions, hair care products, and more contain wheat glutens....
In the meantime, keep on checking back for more gluten-free recipe ideas. And I would love to give credit to that quote starting this post today...but unfortunately I don't recall the author. It wasn't me, although I find it very inspiring in helping me make healthy choices.

May you feel great, look great and live great!
Rita S.

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