Thursday, January 17, 2013

Heartburn Tip - focus on Alkaline Food

DID YOU KNOW?   "It takes 20 times as much alkaline to neutralize 1 part acid. For example, you would need to drink 20 cups water (which is considered alkaline) to neutralize 1 cup of acid-forming milk, coffee, alcohol or cola." from the pH Balance Diet .
Have I mentioned how bad my heartburn used to be? Gave up milk, cut back on gluten - used Arbonne Digestion Plus (formulated with probiotics, prebiotics and ELEVEN digestive enzymes that our bodies cannot manufacture for the breakdown of specific foods) for a month straight to restablish my good gut flora, and haven't had heartburn in nearly two years.
As the daughter of a dairy farmer, it seemed wrong to give up on milk, but the improvement in my health was so great that I would put up with any flak from my family. As it turns out, my dad is reading health news as well and he had read the same thing about dairy and heartburn - so my news was not a shock.
Previously I used to wake up in the middle of the night with that burn and awful taste in the back of my throat. I now sleep really well, even if I enjoy salsa after 8 pm. (which I know I shouldn't do.)
Nor do I  have to worry about developing leaky gut syndrome from the acid-reducing meds, and we save lots of money considering the cost of OTC drugs! I was a Zantac popping fool - and the generic version wasn't cheap either!

Know that if you suspect you already have LGS you can repair your stomach lining. It doesn't require surgery - but does require a commitment to food lifestyle changes.
Symptoms of LGS:
- loose stools, chronic diarhehea
- constipation to the point of constantly requiring laxatives
- cramping every time you eat
- terrible gas

Just to name a few...  There are several good books and resources available on GI issues and disease and how you can help your body heal naturally.  One book is called "Breaking the Viscous Cycle" was written by biochemist and cell biologist Elaine Gottschall, who cured her daughters ulcerative colitis. 

Authors Steve Wright and Jordan Reasoner of the Specfic Carb Diet write, Despite what others might tell you, if you continue using drugs and eating the same foods, it's likely that your digestive disease will continue to get worse. One of the biggest myths of conventional medicine is “diet does not affect your digestion.”  Another HUGE myth is that “no natural ways exist to stop the symptoms of digestive disease” These are MYTHS that can cost your livelihood and leave you stranded on the toilet for hours a day.
These guys have been there, so check out their SCD Lifestyle site if you are struggling with digestive issues that are affecting your quality of life.  
Personally, I had to change only a few things for my nasty heartburn. Life is good. Stay tuned as I share more from the pH Balance Diet cook book.  I love their little "Did you Know" factoids.
To your health,
Rita S.

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