Monday, March 3, 2014

Do You Want to Lose Weight AND Lose Your Mind?

Recent reports on toxins and trace metals in popular, and trusted, protein  powder brands have been mind blowing.  Some not so surprising, but for Beach fans, this report may be shocking. I have long been of the mindset that although expensive, this brand was of very high quality because the company does avoid artificial ingredients and visible ingredients were beneficial.  Purity of a product, however, is not something that can always be seen. Manufacturers are not required to add trace metal PPMs to their labels, yet, these metals do affect our well being, and long term memory.
More surprising is what Dr. Oz lists as "safe" protein powders. Safe by whom? The manufacturers who produce them? Apparently Consumer Labs is  missing the mark, citing proteins with acceptable trace metals but not taking into account other ingredients that contribute to alzheimers, dementia, heart disease and more.
Reviewing the ingredients of the supposed safe powders you will see hormone disrupting ingredients such as soy, inflammatory ingredients such as carrageenan, and GASP!!  artificial sweeteners such as ASPARTAME and SUCRALOSE!!
Really OZ?  I recommend Dr. Oz click his heels together and invite Dr. Russell Blaylock on to his show so that his viewers can be educated not only about immediate benefits of losing weight, but the longstanding benefits of having mental health. As you age certain ingredients build up in our system, which in turn takes a toll on brain heatlh. Avoiding these ingredients is just as important as avoiding trace metals.
Health Ranger Mike Adams is doing a great job of informing consumers about trace metal toxicities in not only protein powders, but processed foods as well, such as Wheaties. Mike recommends a whey protein, but for me personally - I want to ensure I am consuming primarily an alkaline diet to allow my cells to retain oxygen (fuel for life).
After much research I settled on a vegan protein shake for my family that contans NO lead, mercury, tungsten, cadmium or aluminum. Even though it is vegan it provides all BCAAs, scoring 100% on the amino acid profile. Raw organic/non GMO foods are tested for purity before cold processing. The company has been in business for 34 years and the research and development department is cutting edge, using ingredients for years that are just recently making news as being beneficial.
We have been using this protein shake brand for 4 years. It is pure, safe and beneficial for not only myself, but I trust my children's health with this brand, too. Best of all - they love the taste!
We have all become much more healthy - no Rx or OTC in our home any longer. If you would like to learn more about the brand we have come to trust for our dairy and gluten free needs, give me a shout.

To your health,
Rita S.

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