Friday, June 20, 2014

Letting Go of Stress

"Let Go And Let God" - these little phrase was given to me by a wise elderly woman years ago. I would greatly stress about various aspects of my job...which typically revolved around other people. The wisdom I was given helped me to realize:
1. I cannot control other peoples actions
2. the world doesn't stop spinning of a deadline is not met for a newsletter publication
3. life is too short to allow little things to bother me.

I was taught to brush off what ails me from my shoulders, and give it to God, who is big enough to handle it. This advice has allowed me to de-stress much in the past 10 years. I have also learned about the law of attraction, and what you think about you truly do think about.

Consider those who often talk about being sick or not feeling well...and what are they? Often, sick and or not well. Whereas I expect to be healthy, and if I do get sick, I trust and know my body will heal quickly because I have already thanked the Healer for taking care of it on my behalf. This is, in my mind, one of the reasons I feel I was able to get over shingles in 5 days. It was a matter of the mind, and an on purpose decision to give my body the fuel it needed to get better with anti-oxidants, vitamin D/B12 oral spray supplement, Digestion Plus pro/pre biotics, and Omega 3+..

People love to talk about their ailments, at least many that I have encountered in my various walks of life have. As I reread the Law of Attraction this past week by the Hicks', I am reminded that being brought into these types of conversations can hinder my own well being if I allow it to.

Stress can make us ill. In fact, when I came down with shingles I realized I had had a stressful two weeks taking on a creative job in which I was not receiving the intake images and text by the date I had originally had given to me. I could not control that, but instead let it stress me out as I concerned over conflicts of my time that would take place if the job was not finished by the original date agreed upon.

However, I did give it up...and took a "what will be will be" ka sa ra sa ra attitude.  I went at shingles with every Arbonne product in my wellness arsenal...and became a quick victor over the virus.

My wellness tip today, "Let Go and Let God".  Remember, he is big enough to handle it.

To your health,
Rita S.

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