Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Alternative Powerhouses in the Fight Against Cancer

My Arbonne journey led me on a path of wellness for myself, and a deep passion for cancer prevention and education.  I have studied hormone balance (imbalance leads to many types of cancers), insulin production and effects on many diseases, including cancer... and how to reverse symptoms and shut off cancer from a holistic approach for several years. I study this because it is fascinating and important...not because it is necessary for me as an Arbonne consultant.  The two have little in common, other than that my introduction to Arbonne spawned the interest into health and wellness. The products themselves, do not promote cancer growth in the body and my family embraces the philosophy of pure, safe and beneficial.

Inflammation and an acidic body turn cancer on, whereas restoring proper pH and oxygen at a cellular level...turns cancer off.  I could write a book about these two topics alone, but the purpose of this post is to make known TWO CANCER FIGHTING POWERHOUSES that I have learned about through my studies and through personal interaction with people.

The website I recommend for anyone dealing with cancer to review is 

For a brain cancer or supplement to consider is Curcumin.  Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock has long touted the benefits of curcumin for brain tumors. I personally know a person who saw significant reduction of a hard palate carcinoma tumor in the mouth, in as little as two weeks. An oncologist friend of Blaylocks, as reported in one of his wellenss newsletters, chose to use Curcumin in his wife's treatment for a brain tumor. I do not recall what other treatments this oncologist may have used in addition.

For local people, Green Earth at 6333 University Ave in Middleton, WI carries NOW brand.  I bought my first bottle there, but will tell you I found it for less.  3000 mg (6 a day) is what is recommended for cancer, which means you go through a lot fast. 

There are certain ways to take curcumin to allow the benefits to be more readily absorbed by the body. Blaylock suggests mixing with an Omega 3, and Nikki from Green Earth recommends grinding some black pepper for bio availability.  If swallowing is difficult, blend it into a non-dairy, non-soy smoothie which MUST be low glycemic. I can give tips on the smoothies that I make, or find the recipes in this blog.

Curcumin in high doses also helps with providing natural pain relief.

For advanced stage or aggressive cancer  cessium chloride therapy has a proven track record for many types of cancer, including bone. As I mentioned, I learned about CC from a mom of one of my HS classmates, who had gone through 5 years of traditional treatment at the Mayo, and was sent home. with nothing more to be done..she did not give up. Through a lot of prayer, she learned about cessium chloride and worked with an expert on obtaining and dosing the mineral supplement.  My friend went from stage 4 ovarian with 3 months to live,  to being cancer free in just over 3 months...and 14 yrs later remains so.  It takes at minimum 3 months for cessium to erradicate cancer from the body. Bone cancer can take longer.  You must work with a health care professional and you must obtain CC from a reliable source, of which the experts are well versed. (Remember, there are a lot of people aiming to make money on anything proclaimed as a cancer "cure" - in a matter of life and death...choose reputable and trusted sources by experts.

I have always considered cessium chloride to be the "big gun" in the war against advanced and aggressive cancers. You must work with a cessium chloride expert and a medical doctor must partner in order to monitor with a blood draw every three weeks. The cnacertutor web site provides an organization that helps one find the expert and equipment, and the cessium chloride.

If you have been given very bad news...know that there is still hope!  Those that usually seek cessium experts are those who have gone through the traditional treatments, and have been told their body can no longer handle the chemo and/or radiation.  This makes it more tough for cessium chloride to work quickly, but it can be done.

Lastly, the best, least complicated book I have recently added to my library is "Cancer Free - Your Gide to Gentle, Non Toxic Healing" by Bill Henderson and Carlos M Garcia MD Also recommended by Cancer Tutor website.  This book can help you quickly "cut to the chase" for what is needed upon a diagnosis, to help your body start to heal while you schedule doctor appointments and determine the path of healing that is right for you.

May you experience great health in Spirit, mind and body,
Rita S.

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  1. Wanting to comment on CessiumChloride - although many report positive outcomes, it is a protocol which requires monitoring of blood to ensure potassium is not depleted, or elevated amonia levels. The latter of which happened to my husband. We've learned that CC is not used as often any longer as other protocols have been developed and are not gaining recognition in alternative treatment - such as medical marijuana.