Sunday, October 26, 2014

Digestive Enzymes and Meat Proteins For the Cancer Patient

Cancer is natural to a body that has gone awry - you can be sure of this. If you have reached the age of 50, don't kid yourself. It is likely there...but cancer in a well functioning body exists without notice.

 In an interview with Ty Bollinger, in the documentary series "Quest for the Cures", D. Edward Griffin explains how cancer cells are surrounded by a protein coating which has a negative electrostatic charge.
White blood cells, which are supposed to attack the cancer, have a negative electrostatic charge as well.  As we know - like charges repel one another.

If you eat a lot of meat the digestive enzymes are going to work on the MEAT, and there is very little left over to do anything else.  If the pancreas is functioning normally, the enzymes will digest your food and digest the negative electrostatic coating that is surrounding the cancer cell. This strips away the negative electro static charge and reveals the positive charge. White blood cells, which remember have the negative charge, can now come in and do their work. The opposite electrostatic charge can now ATTRACT.

How do you increase your pancreatic digestive enzymes and which one in particular do you want to increase... Amygdalin,  Also known as B17.  If you are eating organic produce - EAT your APPLE SEEDS, which are very high in B17.  We are brought up taught to not eat toxic apple seeds because they contain cyanide. Scary, right? Pure cyanide in gaseous form - is toxic.  B17 cyanide molecules found in apple and apricot seeds are NOT the same ...but they do kill cancer cells.

You may have read reports on how this is not true... to which I recommend you find the writings of Ralph Moss, a researcher at Sloan Kettering when laetrile was being researched at the institute. The Japanese doctor researching laetrile, and finding tumor reduction in mice, was the victim of having his control groups purposely mixed at the famous cancer research center...for the purpose of discrediting his findings.

If you read my posts do you see a pattern? Cancer treatments are big money makers. Natural cures are not.

To your health,
Rita S.

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