Friday, October 22, 2010

Celebrating Women - Thank You Ladies!!!

Wow...what an amazing evening meeting amazing women. Thank you to the women who came to the first "Celebrating Women" Susan G Komen fundraiser. I also want to thank those that donated items to the silent auction - which I never planned for at the beginning of my venture to organize this event. I love living in Cross Plains - people in this community took notice of the upcoming event and asked if they could donate for the cause - remarkable!! I must say - there were some great bargains had tonight!!

I especially want to thank the wonderful women I met this past spring through Arbonne - who came alongside me to help provide this evening of pampering and education to share with the women. My dear, dear friend Brenda Bunbury Carlson, a survivor herself, who has first hand knowledge of what cancer and the treatments can do to you, and how Arbonne's amazing products can help alleviate and repair the body from the effects of cancer treatments.  To Rene Huston, for her willingness to share her knowledge which allowed me to mingle more than I thought I would have time for - this is what allowed me to get to know some women more that I had previously seen at Crossroads Coffeehouse, but had not had a chance to really meet.

My friend Bernie...she played beautifully on her Native American flutes this evening. It was not until I finished the prayer and remembrance to honor the survivors and those who have died, that I was able sit down, close my eyes and listen. What a peaceful journey!!! Her music took me on a journey - I saw a path with a light and felt a huge sense of peace come about me.

Thanks to Mary Devitt for allowing her place to be the host site for this event. Julie Schultz, an amazing cancer survivor. She shared how Susan G Komen funds are used - such as giving financial aid to women who cannot afford mammograms or receive treatment. How wonderful that this organization is in place so that all women can receive healthcare.

Especially I want to thank my family who has put up with my hours and hours of research and work on the "Focus on Prevention" seminar, which I will be giving this coming Tuesday evening at Coach's Club. I have to thank Dr. John Lee, Dr. David Zava and Virginia Hopkins for all their many hours of research and compilation to publish the "What your doctor may not tell you about..." book series. I am passionate about sharing what I have learned about our bodies and how they work inside, so more women can understand how our bodies rely on us to take care of the temple God has provided. My family put up with a week of having our living room buried in papers, catalogs, product, ribbons and wrapping papers. Jesse helped carry the heavy box of education materials out to the van and into the venue this evening - what a blessing.

The entire evening was a blessing, and I pray the funds we raised will bless the women they are able to help someday. If you missed tonights event please come to Coach's Club Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m.  The information we will be sharing can save your life.

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