Monday, November 1, 2010

Must Know Health News Releases

Hi everyone - I had a chance to edit my "Focus on Prevention" powerpoint presentation yesterday. For those of you who attended last Tuesday evening, when we had to speed through it, I will be sending it to you shortly. I decided I should remove my first person comments from the notes as it may be confusing, since I am not actually presenting the talk to you in person.

One person asked if I would be publishing the information on my blog - I have considered this. It would require me posting it in sections, and I would have to post successively for it to be most helpful to readers. It will take some time to get this worked out, so it reads well in blog format and makes sense. I may not get to it until after Christmas.

Meanwhile - please keep educating yourself. Here is a link to several new health watch articles released today - one by Dr. Zava that helps those confused by the claim that progesterone causes cancer - when in fact it is the synthetic progestin. Today I was on the Susan G Komen site and from some of the information I read on the science and research link - I am not sure they are even aware of the media mixing up progestin with natural progesterone. This concerns me. 
Komen also do not seem to be concerned, or aware of, xenoestrogens...found in our hygiene products. The article states parabens do not cause cancer. Perhaps, in itself, parabens, petro-chemicals and other chemicals in our skin care products do not - but they are endocrine disruptors, and all are xenoestrogens according to Dr. Lee which means they are estrogen hormone imposters...and the body can't tell the difference between the imposters and the real thing...they come together inside a cell and it spells trouble!  I pray that Komen for the Cure is putting some of their cancer research donations into hormone imbalance as a cancer cause....oh wait, that's been done - so I hope they communicate with all the research and case studies already cited in Dr. John Lee's book, and come up to date. Cancer cure IS already available.
The foundation is receiving money from our events, and I plan to include a letter in this regard.  I would like to think that they are not funding research solely being conducted by those that produce drugs and make lots of money doing so. I have some issues with that. I was very glad to hear that Susan G Komen helps women who cannot afford screening or treatment receive aid for the services - and in my donation envelope I would like to designate the funds be used for that purpose. I wonder if one can do that....

Please take time to read some of these latest articles...I have to go back and read the one on the elderly and medicine, since I saw the word diabetes mentioned, and it affects my mother and therefore my family.

Focus on purely living,

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