Monday, November 8, 2010

Less 30 lbs and counting!

Today I am celebrating - since September 15 I have lost THIRTY POUNDS!!

I am stoked – and bursting to share my great news! I use my mother-in-laws scale because she has one of those doctor type scales. I weighed in tonight while delivering her girl scout cookies, (of which I am not eating until after my official doctor appointment in one week). At first I thought the scale was broken, the balance bar wouldn’t go “kerplunk” and I had to keep moving the weight back. Now mind you, this 30 lbs. has come off since I first officially weighed in because I found time to go use her scale. However, I started focusing on changing my diet in August, little by little, and judging by my clothes - had probably lost 8-10 lbs. more total. I am digging out pants that have been stored for a couple of years- woo hoo! Just feeling the progress and feeling better overall is incentive to keep working at this. My goal was 25 lbs by Xmas, which I have now surpassed. By my birthday in March I would love to be back where I was before I became pregnant with Kyle – and I have no idea how much I weighed, but I need to drop another 1-2 sizes. I did save a favorite red dress, should I ever be able to get back into it.

No Weight Watchers, Atkins, or real strict diet program… basically I read Dr. John Lee’s book, “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer” – learned that cancer cell mutations are more apt to happen in excess cells, excess cells being fat cells. The more fat I have, the greater chance of giving cancer a place to grow – that was a huge realization for me. I also learned quite a bit about how the body processes sugars and carbohydrates from his book. The carb paragraphs were especially enlightening and a huge turn off for eating anything made from white or processed flours. If I am going to eat carbs (of which I have cut back probably 75%) they may as well be whole grain and beneficial to me.

Here is a summary of what I have been eating:
Breakfast – alternate between a protein shake or bowl of oatmeal.
1. Arbonne Vanilla Protein Shake (2 scoops of powder mix to 8-9 ozs. of water as directed on the container)

With it I add in a heaping tablespoon of Arbonne’s Fiber boost powder, 3-4 whole strawberries, ½ cup plain, organic probiotic yogurt, and a T. of honey to sweeten the yogurt.
At times, for variation and if available, I will add either ¼ c. frozen blueberries, a 1/2 banana, or chunks of pineapple. This shake is VERY VERY filling and I have no desire to snack before lunch.

The combined ingredients make approx. a 16 oz. shake, which I take with me to work. This tastes much more like a fruit smoothie than a protein drink!

2. Oatmeal doused generously with cinnamon, and honey (I follow package cooking directions and find no need to add milk).

Lunch - almost always a salad, of which I will include my dressing below.

If I run out of greens in the house I grab an apple and have an Arbonne “on-the-go” vanilla protein shake. (I keep these stocked in the frig at work.)

Once in a great while I will have a sub from Subway, a yogurt/fruit parfait at Crossroads, or a salad at Culver’s – I figure I am saving lots of money by not eating out, so that’s a bonus, but it is nice to get together with a girlfriend once in a while.

The protein and fiber does a great job of keeping me feel full. If I get bored at work I will have an Arbonne weight loss chew – and that is just to keep my jaw moving because, again, I am not hungry – just in need of a pick me up.

Dinner – whatever the family is having less the carbs, or smaller portions (at least I have them converted to whole wheat pasta), I focus on eating the protein. I am trying to get Jesse to understand what I will and will not eat, since he is home much earlier and starts dinner most days.
I still snack on popcorn 1-2 eves a week, splitting a bag. I continue to have a Crossroads latte on Friday mornings, and maybe a baked good as well. I continue to drink plain water throughout the day, as I have always done. I do find I drink MORE water when I add an Arbonne pomegranate fizzy tab to it – it simply tastes great, plus the fizzy tab gives a boost of energy and suppresses appetite.

Today I began the 7 day detox from Arbonne’s SeaSource line. Now, I’ll be honest – if you have ever done a deep cleanse detox – that stuff is not exactly a Culver’s shake! As I poured today’s little bottle into my 32 oz water bottle, it reminded me of puree’d mud. (LOL) I had taken a friend’s advice to use a Pomegranite fizzy tab in the water as well, to be honest, without the pomengranite flavor in my detox concoction – I would have had a hard time drinking it. After a few gulps through the morning (toasting silently “to my health and weight loss!!”) – it was soon lunch time. I realized my balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing really took care of the aftertaste of the detox drink mixture. Fortunately, one does not need to fast with Arbonne’s detox program – and my salad is quite healthy. I would take a long drink of the detox, and take a bite of salad. Reading a book as I had lunch, I was pleased to have my detox all drank in about 45 min., combining it with salad to offset the taste. It was refreshing to have my plain, tasty water for the rest of the afternoon.
The detox program continues tomorrow. I know it is a great way to jump start ones diet, but since I have been taking the colon cleanse supplement since August and have already lost weight – I am not sure I will lose the 5-7 lb loss one typically would experience from doing the 7-day detox. I figure this will be my last concentrated effort in shedding a few before I have to get on the doctor’s scale.
Thank you for coming by. If you are wanting to lose some weight I encourage you to try some of the great products AB offers. Let me know if you have any questions about my experience.

To your health!

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