Thursday, November 11, 2010

A rose for each survivor friend...

Six very dear women friends inspired the "Celebrating Women" events I held in October, six pink roses given to me this evening by my Arbonne family. How divinely orchestrated was this?!!
Regional V.P. Rene Huston recognized me this evening at our Arbonne nation meeting (thanks Rene!), for merely doing what I love - which is to educate. This is one reason why I love being an Arbonne consultant ...there is genuine camaraderie and caring amongst those involved. It is not a competition...everyone sets their own pace, and their own goals.
One very important goal, for me, with Arbonne is to help others by teaching them wellness in consumerism. What we don't know CAN hurt us, but sadly, there are so many who do not know...and unbeknownst to them, they are spending their money on personal care and cosmetics that can prove, and are proven, detrimental to their health.
There should be a law against these products being on store shelves, and maybe someday there will be...but until that happens it is up to me and others like me to educate our friends and family. The difficult part about this new role I find myself in, is finding people who will listen... My immediate family gets it, my mother gets it (bless her), and I feel a great sense of peace knowing the petroleum based products are out of our house, as well as those containing carcinogens and parabens. Nothing pleases me more than receiving gratitude from a friend who is hungry and eager to learn about safe products. Please don't hesitate to contact me, or keep checking back on this blog for tidbits on healthy living, and how you can protect your family.
Health and wellness is at the forefront of people's minds right now. Food recalls, cancer causing synthetic ingredients in FDA approved drugs....the general public is beginning to realize that so-called government regulations are not going to protect us, and it is up to each of us to open our minds, learn as much as we can, and make wise choices for the benefit of our own health and that of our family.
During my years in technical college I tutored peers. My instructors wanted me to go on to U.W. Stout and obtain a teaching degree so I could take their place when they retired.  I was offered a job upon graduation to work as a trainer at conferences and trade shows for a major typesetting/print equipment firm. During the time we raised parrots, I researched an uncommon species, discovered how aviculture was inadvertently messing up the gene pool of the species, and wrote an in-depth article which was published, and changed how aviculturists paired up their Jardine parrots around the world. When I took up scrapbooking, I absolutely loved teaching classes and sharing my passion for preserving memories.
So, although I never went on to get my teaching degree, educating has always been a big part of any endeavor I set upon. I am passionate about learning facts, and sharing them with others. What I have learned in these past six months about the cosmetic industry - which is the greatest cause of cancer in the U.S. (yes, more so than smoking) has been astounding to say the least. I won't even get into my feelings of how angry it makes me. If we were not exposing ourselves to such a polluted world every day, through the products we use in our bathrooms...perhaps I would not have six friends who are cancer survivors. I am very happy they are survivors...but had they known about estrogen dominance, carcinogens and xenoestrogens ten, twenty years ago...would their cells have mutated into cancer at all? I can't help but ask myself if I had known two years ago what I know now, and had I shared it with my friend Marv, and had he listened and acted upon the information I shared...would he be alive this day?
I can't turn back time, and indeed, Marv's passing from prostrate cancer, caused by a hormonal imbalance, is what started my in-depth research in the first place. I want to shout it out to my friends, so they can make informed decisions regarding their purchases...but I question, who is ready to step out of their comfort zone and daily routine, to listen? I am willing to teach, are you willing to learn?

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