Saturday, November 13, 2010

Women NEED to stand up for their own health!!!

Ladies, I cannot stress how important it is to do some reading and research and empower yourself to make decisions for your well-being, on behalf of yourself. Today a friend of mine, thousands of miles from me, shared her experience with her doctor. Before I share that with you...
I want to give my friend credit for reading the book I recommended, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre-Menopause" by Dr. John Lee and associates. Since reading the book she is more educated about what is going on with her body. Monthly she experiences symptoms some of you may be familiar with: mood swings, severe cramping, sleeplessness, breast tenderness, severe breast pain, depression, etc. Each month the symptoms vary with no predictable pattern, but the symptoms are predictable in that they point towards "estrogen dominance/progesterone deficient".
She had already ordered the Prolief natural progesterone cream, and had it on hand for when it was time to begin. First, however, she set up an appointment with her doctor as she wanted to have her hormone levels checked and develop a baseline. I think this is a great idea. I just received my own saliva testing report back from ZRT labortories and am only a little bit estrogen dominant/progesterone deficient. I have NO PMS or typical symptoms other than weight gain and development of allergies/sinus issues.
My friend shared her concerns and symptoms with her doctor, and the doc is also concerned and sends her to a GYN. The specialist's answer was to yank out her uterus!  She told him he was crazy and told him how important it is for women to keep their womanly parts, and asked him how that would help as she would still have her ovaries. He didn't respond to that question, and suggested a prescription of Zoloft (I am sure he thought this woman on a tirade needed meds to calm her down), and if it did not help - he recommended birth control pills.
I quote my friend, "If a man goes in and says he's having problems down there they test testosterone, why isn't testing for woman's hormones more readily available?  I go off on him about that, and he finally gives me a prescription for testing, mind you when I left and looked it up its mostly for estrogen. So I am leaving and he says "oh if the Zoloft doesn't work we can give you a birth control pill with progesterone in it." I was so angry that all they wanted to do was sell surgery and sell medications instead of listening to the patients. I started the Prolief last night, I'm done with doctors and I am done feeling horrible every month."

Oh my gosh - I could NOT believe that last one! Do NOT be fooled ladies - there is NO progesterone in Birth Control Pills. Conventional doctors readily confuse natural progesterone with synthetic progestin, and the synthetic form is what is found in birth control pills. Progestin is now confirmed as a cause for breast cancer, not to mention other cancers such as ovarian and cervical. This even made headline news in the latter half of October - so how could this doctor not be aware of what he was prescribing?
I am proud of my friend for speaking up and out, and walking out. I applaud her for sticking up for herself, and very thankful she read Dr. Lee's book on pre-menopause so she could go into that appointment with knowledge and truth vs. treatments as taught to doctors by the drug companies.  Doctors get paid for prescribing prescription drugs and performing surgeries. As I said in my "Focus on Prevention" seminar, "take part in your health treatment, don't just be a part."

UPDATE: My friend's story above has a happy finish - she started the Arbonne Prolief bio-identical progesterone cream and in ONE  month's time much of her symptoms alleviated. She is feeling great and so happy she started on the transdermal cream.

Wishing you all happy hormones,
Rita S.

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