Sunday, December 26, 2010

"KNOCKOUT" is a MUST read!!

I really did not expect a book about curing cancer to be a fast page turner, but it is! The first 25 pages were incredulous, shocking with reports of what the FDA has done to respected doctors who are curing cancer. Treating them like criminals, holding guns to their foreheads...I could not believe what I was reading! I suspected that big Pharma is akin to the mafia in the world of medicine from reading Dr. John Lee's books...and KNOCKOUT by Suzanne Somers, is additional evidence that points to the corruption in our government and the healthcare system of which so many of us do not question and hold in high regard.

I want to share with you a few paragraphs that open chapter 3, in hopes that it will convince you to get your hands on  "KNOCKOUT- Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer and How To Prevent Getting It In The First Place".  First, I will state that I received this book for Christmas and am not done yet, but already I can tell it is one of those books that I wish for all of the people I care about to read. As a mom I am grateful that Suzanne has put this information together to educate readers on alternatives to conventional cancer treatments, which usually result in poor quality of life and not such a great long term survival rate. As a parent I need to know this stuff...because if either of my children were ever to receive such a horrid diagnosis as cancer, I would at least have this knowledge to make decisions that will benefit my children and give them a fighting chance. Here is an excerpt...

"We all have cancer in us. For most people the cancer stays at bay as long as we remain hormonally balanced, we give our bodies the proper nutrition, rest, excercise and we manage our stress. A hormonally balanced woman is a reproductive woman. Balance occurs when the body makes hormones in the correct ration and amount every day of the month - in a rhythm - the rhythm of life, our cycle.
Each day of the month is important in this cycle, and when you understand how exquisitely we are formed, imagine what chaos is created when we interrupt this beautiful cycle with chemicals that prevent full ovulation. Imagine the chaos when a period is manipulated to accommodate a hot date or a weekend caper.   We all did that. These pills came with no warning. The doctors never told us the dangers.
Why didn't we hear our bodies yelling (screaming) by way of bloating, weight gain and mood swings? How else can the body talk? Symptoms of any kind are the body's language. We were deaf, we couldn't hear, we were not taught to hear, we did not know what to listen for, and now those of us who walked into this blind and trusting, taking these types of contraception, are getting breast cancer in epidemic proportions.
What puzzles me is that no one seems to be upset. No one is pointing the finger. The pharmaceutical companies are taking no responsibility.  What doctor wants to put his hard-earned career on the line by talking? The pharmaceutical companies and their sidekick, the FDA, are certainly not going to say, "Oops!" In fact, the pharmaceutical response is the creation of a new "miracle" birth control pill, one that gives women only four periods a year. Four periods a year! What are we thinking?! Imagine what havoc that creates with the nature inside us. Seems like a perfect cancer set up to me.
And maybe that's the point.  Cancer is BIG business - approximately $200 billion a year!
When it was announced on Larry King's show that I had breast cancer, a friend set me up on a phone call with a person involved in the cancer industry, who asked for anonymity, and confided in me saying, "The truth is, we don't want to find a cure for cancer. It's too big a business."  Cancer is the disease that keeps the hospitals open; it brings an extra $100,000 each  year to oncologists' practices (and this is a modest estimate).
According to Bill Fallon, founder of the Life Extension Institute, chemotherapy bonuses to oncologists are routine.  There is incentive to keep cancer alive and well. The unnecessary drugs are are being given in unprecedented amounts are one culprit, and we patients are ignorant about the game plan because we have gotten used to the quick fix.  It's easier to take a pill or pump ourselves full of chemicals. And as will all of us women who blindly took birth control pills, a day of reckoning arrives - the day you hear the doctor say, "You have cancer.""

Friends, Suzanne is a 9 year out cancer survivor. She has been where so many of us are, were or will be. The information she has provided in KNOCKOUT is intended to educate and help us make wise decisions on behalf or ourselves. We cannot trust the hospitals to do what is right be us, but we can trust them to do what is right for them...which is to push the drugs and treatments that heavily pad their pocketbook. If you have or know ANYONE who has cancer, you owe it to your life, and theirs, to read this book. KNOCKOUT interviews doctors who are treating and curing cancer with non-conventional methods...some via nutrition, supplements and some who mix conventional treatment with alternative treatments.

Sure, I could have waiting until I was done reading this book entirely to give a review, but I felt an urgency to share what I have read thus far. An urgency to share with people I love because this book could save your life. I am sure I will return with  more to say about this book. But don't wait for me. Please get your hands on KNOCKOUT today and prepare yourself to have your mind blown away, and take control of your own fate, don't let doctors decide it for you.
God has created us with all we need to live a healthy life, but we need to learn about the body in which each of us is created in order to take care of it and allow it to heal itself from the illness and disease so prevalent in our world.

Live wisely, and purely,
Rita S.

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