Friday, January 21, 2011

Additional Resources To Come

HAPPY FRIDAY ALL! First, I want to be sure that you are invited to several opportunities taking place over the next few days. Tomorrow, Saturday at 2 pm - I will be teaching a class on cancer prevention, based on studies and information from several pioneering doctors in the field of alternative medicine. I do not claim to be an expert, but I have been studying this topic in a desire to avoid going down the cancer road myself, and I sincerely wish to share the information with all my friends so that you can make decisions for your life, not based on ignorance, but on knowledge. Knowledge is power, and knowledge can prevent AND heal. Contact me if you would like to attend the event in Cross Plains, or we can communicate by other means if you are long distance. Because I believe so strongly in taking charge of your own health - I will meet with anyone at their convenience if you cannot attend.
Weight loss and overall well being - important steps of preventing cancer for certain. On Monday and Tuesday evenings I will be giving two classes in my home to discuss nutrition and wellness for the new year. It is amazing how great I feel with changes I have made in my life these past 6 months, and I would love to see everyone greet each morning feeling absolutely refreshed and great! Again, contact me for more.
Some changes to this may notice I have added more resources. A few more links under Cancer Hopes - to help those of you already on this journey in finding information, resources that can help you BEAT cancer. Never give up. Think outside the box of conventional medicine. From the stories I have read - cancer is never a death sentence if you take charge of your own health. Your doctor needs to be ON your team and support you, no matter which form of treatment or combination thereof you decide upon. Before jumping on the chemo bandwagon - take the time for a test that can tell which chemo treatment drug is going to give you the most positive response. Most conventional doctors are not even aware that chemosensitivity testing is available.
Book recommendations - you can see I added a list to my sidebar. I have read many, but not all. Part of the list are books recommended as further reading in resource listings found in the back of the books I read. At least if I include them on my own blog - it gives me a reference for when I am looking to read my next book.
Recipes - be patient with this one. My plan is to include links to healthful recipes for those who wish to join me on a weight-loss journey. I have started a search for recipes that are also considered "clean food" or contain ingredients/foods approved in the 28 Day Jumpstart program. I hope to have links live by mid-February at latest. My hopes is to form a small community that encourages one another as we pursue our 2011 journey to a fit and more healthful new yeaer!

To your health,
Rita S.

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